Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Astro Tips for September 2011

We're still here

In the center of our galaxy there is a big black hole. This is what astronomers tell us. The month of August was so intense that I wondered if we were indeed on our way to that big black hole. But here we are. In our country we have survived earthquake, massive heat wave, hurricane Irene and serious wildfires. The loss of historic covered bridges in Vermont is a touching symbol. The past is over. Many of the bridges cannot be repaired. They are gone. Perhaps we have not found our new path yet, but the old one isn’t available anymore. We need to build new bridges for where we are headed.

Mercury is in direct phase until late November

First of all, give yourself a big pat on the head. You survived Mercury retrograde. Because of all the other planetary rumblings, this particular Mercury retrograde phase seemed very difficult. No one seemed to be on my time clock! Mercury is now moving forward in Leo and will then travel through the sign of Virgo until September 14. Mercury rules Virgo. These coming days will be good for completion of tasks that require analysis, organization and/or detail. Do not despair if you didn’t get it all done in August. Set a goal for mid September and carry on.

New Moon in Virgo August 28th

On August 28th, the Moon joined the Sun in Virgo at 5 degrees. This New Moon opposed Neptune (ruler of the seas). Hurricane Irene captured our attention. This Hurricane was given the Virgo treatment for several days in advance. There was plenty of analysis and planning and lots of media coverage. There was a big helpful triangle in the heavens during this New Moon. The Sun/Moon/Venus were sitting together and sharing the same microphone. Fortunately this trio was flowing in an easy manner with Jupiter and Pluto. Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto – all in earth signs in a big grand trine - was helpful for handling physical plane issues. Government officials tried to manage the hurricane in advance. Careful planning would help minimize loss of life, damage and inconvenience. In some ways the preplanning was helpful. However, Uranus, planet of surprise, made an awkward aspect to the Moon and Sun. What wasn’t predicted and planned for was massive flooding further inland. Excessive flooding in Vermont and areas of New York State was not a part of the human plan. It was a strike from Uranus and a message from Neptune: the gods do their own thing. Now that the weather event is over we are subjected to Virgo analysis of who was responsible for not forecasting the flooding! This is a futile exercise. All we can do is adapt and adjust to the unexpected aspects of earth crises.

Jupiter in Taurus in retrograde phase

On August 30th planet Jupiter--ruler of belief systems and all things that expand, including our egos and waistlines--went into its retrograde phase for the next four months. Jupiter is currently visiting the sign of Taurus, ruler of values, possessions and money. Jupiter retrograde will encourage us to be patient as we make big plans for the future. Taurus is careful and that is how Jupiter must behave while transiting that sign. We might expect money matters to be scrutinized excessively in the coming months. Will the banking industry continue to call the shots and prevent the economy from expanding? Taurus is one of the rulers of finance and Taurus likes to hold on to what it’s got.

Venus in Libra/Uranus in Aries

When Venus moves in to Libra we expect harmony and niceness. Venus is so much about relationship and cooperation and in Libra it takes a polished or pretty form. In late August we saw the result of Uranus affecting the New Moon and the Sun during the hurricane. Around September 14th we will experience Uranus upsetting the serenity of Venus. This could mean surprises for people who have Libra or Aries planets in early degrees of those signs. This happens around the monthly Full Moon.

Full Moon in Pisces on September 12

The polarity of Virgo and Pisces is challenging. We want to study and understand the why of something but the full moon in Pisces says just let it go. Pisces requires a kind of surrender. When the Sun travels through Virgo we analyze until the full moon in Pisces says “give it up”! Pisces is the last sign. It is the sign of cosmos and chaos. Virgo dislikes disorder and chaos. Its aim is to bring order out of Pisces disorder. But the full moon in Pisces makes sure that something is still a little bit out of place. Maybe it’s our thinking or maybe it’s the rug on the floor. Virgo perfection is just beyond reach during the Pisces full moon. Meanwhile Venus is beginning to oppose Uranus and that means our expectations about relationship are about to be shuffled or sent for a ride on a roller coaster. Try to stay calm. Uranus is always about awakening. Some message is being given if we can stay steady inside the surprise or the upset. The full moon is in watery Pisces. There is the possibility of another hurricane or flooding. The clean-up from Hurricane Irene will continue through this full moon time.

Autumn Equinox September 23

The Sun moves on to the sign of Libra on September 23. The autumn equinox occurs in this cardinal sign and moves us into the next season. Those of us who have lived through the high heat of the summer of 2011 are ready for the next season. Soon we will know what the intense sun has done to crops and land. Hopefully we will have cooler days and cooler nights. On this Fall Equinox day the Moon and Mars are sitting side by side in the sign of Leo. We may continue to have days of unusual heat but we will have courage and creativity to carry us into the fall.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mercury Retrograde August 2011

Today, August 2, Mercury begins its second retrograde phase of the year. The motion of Mercury appears to go retrograde at 01 degree of Virgo. Mercury will move back through fire sign Leo (to 19 degrees) until August 26. Then it begins to move ahead in Leo and reaches 01 degree of Virgo again on September 9th. Did I just write September? What a rush this year has been.

Perhaps Mercury retrograde will give us a moment to process all that has been happening in 2011. The mind seems to operate a little differently when Mercury is in retrograde motion. We may be more reflective and contemplative. In the sign of Leo, our thoughts may return to creative projects we have been too busy to address in the past couple of months. Maybe there are important projects that must get done and this is a great time to do it. Also, try to take time to think about who you are, where you are, what you want, how you can express yourself more effectively. Leo rules the ego, the self. Mercury retrograde in Leo means review yourself and re-think who you are.

Meanwhile, it also good to remember the “re” words! Recheck your list. Review your finances. Rethink what you are doing. Remember to double-check all appointment times. Re-read the contract before you sign it. Postpone buying new equipment unless it is an emergency. Return to plans that have been tabled for a while. I read on one astrologer’s site: do not get married during Mercury retrograde. If you are already scheduled and the deposit is on the room, don’t worry. Get married this month. Important events are best initiated during the direct motion of Mercury whenever possible. Sometimes we have to take a trip during Mercury retrograde. It is not the end of the world. Remember! Mercury retrograde happens several times a year. We manage to muddle through.

All thing ruled by Mercury require extra attention. That includes all forms of communication and all means of transportation. Many people have reported that they felt Mercury already went retrograde a few days ago. That was my experience too. That happens when the planet seems to slow down before the stationary retrograde phase begins. Of course there are often frustrations when Mercury is retrograde. It goes with the territory. Systems go down. The power goes off. (Oh dear to that one in this Texas heat!) And then the power comes back on. Slow down and roll with the backward motion of Mercury retrograde. Does that help make it sound like a little more fun?