Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mercury Retrograde April 9- May 3, 2017

"Where does a thought go when it's forgotten?" Sigmund Freud
Fun quote for Mercury retrograde. Planet mercury entered its second retrograde phase of 2017 on Sunday, April 9. Time to give our attention to unfinished projects. Be ready for forgetfulness! Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap, but actually, the energy of any retrograde planet invites us to do things differently. It may also trigger intuitive insight and responses. Mercury rules thinking and communication and travel. While Mercury is moving slowly and appears to go backward in the sky, we can slow down our thinking and re-think how to do things. We can change our plans! We can gather new information and change how we do things. We can tune in to a different frequency that snaps us out of some fixed way of thinking. Of course Mercury also brings upsets (printer finally dies or car finally needs new tires). And Mercury brings reconnections with people from the past. If someone from your past is on your mind, reach out and find them. Mercury slowed down at 5 degrees of Taurus on April 9. It will go back into Aries by April 20. Later in the month Mercury will join up with Uranus (bringer of surprises). Shocking information may rattle our worlds between April 20 and May 15. This could be political/collective events or it could be in our personal lives. Try to stay centered and find a mantra that works for you to calm your mind during this Mercury retrograde period. It will be too easy to get scattered and/or distracted by external mental overload. Breathing in........Breathing out........
Since Mercury will be in the sign of Aries during much of this retrograde period, please watch for hot tempers in self and others. Aries is associated with Mars, planet of war. Here's hoping we don't go down that road.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Moon Solar Eclipse February 26, 2017

The Solar Eclipse today, February 27th, in the sign of Pisces was not visible in the United States or in the northern hemisphere anywhere.  Nonetheless, we may feel the impact of this event.  The New Moon and Sun are in Pisces, along with Mercury and Neptune.  Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces, is a big player in the eclipse because it sits in between the Sun and Moon.  When I speak of Pisces, I’m also speaking about Neptune.

This is a day to imagine how we want our lives to be.  What is my life to become?  If I daydream (good Pisces/Neptunian pastime) what happens?   If I stop for a moment and forget about all the troubles, does it look pretty in my dream?

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.  It encompasses just about everything:  The deep blue sea, the vastness of space and Universe, sensitivity to the ugly and the hurting, compassion, rapture for the beautiful in music, art and nature, karma and grace.  Pisces is the mystical sign. Pisces longs to leave this physical plane of man-made complications and live in utopia.  In fact we need to seek moments of utopia through meditation, play, love, movies, sound, poetry, cats and dogs, horses and dolphins. (the list is endless). Other moments of utopia include wine, liquor, and alternative realities!  Maybe the ultimate altered state is induced by shamanism. Shamanic ceremony walks us through the veils separating us from our oneness with life and all dimensions of existence.

These matters all pertain to planet Neptune and its symbology with the veil between all dimensions.  Neptune brushes us lightly and we long to find the divine.  We see something, we hear something, and we feel ourselves shift into wholeness. Neptune shifts us to the right brain and we find ourselves doing something creative/artistic.  Neptune throws a net over us and we are suspended in love glue and can’t get out.  Intoxication, infatuation, love and faith are good Neptune words.

This eclipse gives us a glimpse of our Neptunian urges.  For some it is spirituality, for others, it is longing to do something to make things better for all sentient beings.  Some seek the alternative reality in beauty. . . music, the arts, nature, and in shamanic realms.

With this New Moon Eclipse in Pisces, allow the Neptunian portals to open.  Step into your own personal paradise. Dream a new life and let it unfold.

Of course, there is a dark side to Neptune.  Seeking love and happiness in all the wrong places is a sad manifestation of Neptune.  In addition, deception and lies are dark daggers of Neptunian misuse that permeate everyday life.   We need to be alert to the manipulation of Neptune’s energy.  Neptune is not concerned with ultimate truth. Neptune gives us experiences about our soul.  What do we believe?  What utopia do we seek? What happens if we believe every salesman who offers us our utopia?  Do we realize that utopia is a symbol of something and not a real house or building?   When we begin to think that Neptune is a thing it becomes dark.  We can never really touch something that has the energy of Neptune.  We can feel it though. And we can make something to represent it . . .  a poem, a movie, a song, a home, a relationship, a costume, a family, a garden, a society.  What do you want to create that will represent your utopian Neptunian dreams?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Astro Tips for January’s Full Moon in Cancer. 2017

Full Moon in the sign of Cancer is Thursday, January 12th.  There is a big bad square in the sky.  Think pressure cooker. Overwhelm. Anxiety.  Think being inside a box and you can’t get out and you are suffocating.  Think jack-in-the-box. Scary.  Some of the planetary players have been doing some of this dance for a while:  Uranus (change, chaos, upheaval) opposing Jupiter (bigness, extravagance) while Pluto (executioner, Lord of the Underworld) sits in between those two and harshly pulls the chains to get our attention.  This has been a period of severe power pushing, bragging and serious fighting to win.  Jupiter has added some flamboyant ego parades. What makes this irritable trio more intense at the moment is the involvement of the Sun and Moon.  The Sun is sitting with Pluto, amplifying hubris.  Moon in Cancer is opposing Pluto.  Expect emotional outbursts and irrational whining. When your anxiety level starts to affect your quality of life, it’s time to turn off the news and take the chill pill.  If the drama is in the personal life, same thing, take the chill pill.  If your work place is full of irritation or family dysfunction is out of control, it’s time to chill.

Fortunately this Full Moon period offers a good dose of chill. Neptune, Venus and Mars are sitting snuggly together in the sign of Pisces.  Watch a movie. Dance. Meditate. Make music. Make love. Go help somebody. Turn off the TV and focus on your surroundings.  Take a scan of your own energy field. Are you nervous? What do you need to do to relax and return to a place of centeredness?  This full moon is perfect for mindfulness meditation.  It’s a fine time to contemplate the value of love and the mystical manifestations of our collective existence. 

Meanwhile, the big planetary tension in the sky pushes us to take a stand and to be prepared to participate in civic matters and collective troubles.  Our society is involved in a great transformation.  Maybe the transformation is a serious make-over. Maybe it is a totally new direction. Astrologically, the transformation has been unfolding for a number of years and it is still in process. Numerology gives us perspective for this particular New Year. 2017 is a number that adds up to 10 and reduces to 1.  We are entering a new nine-year cycle, and we are all responsible for what happens in the next nine years.  What can we do to secure the safety and viability of our planet and our species?

This month there in an dynamic interplay of extreme weather, extreme societal tension, extreme entitlement on the part of plutocrats, surreal human behaviors, traumatic manifestations of brutality against all of nature, and shocking disregard for the search for truth.  So this is what we as a people have created. Surely we have the intelligence and emotional spark to create something magnificent that honors our planet and the unity of all sentient being.

This is where the Pisces trio can help us.  Neptune is illumination and inspiration; Venus is beauty and also relationship; while Mars is the desire to survive and thrive. With this Pisces package of cosmic energy we can join together and dream a New World.