Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Astro Tips Full Moon in Sagittarius June 17, 2019

         Mental health is a commitment to reality 
Scott Peck, psychiatrist and author of  The Road Less Traveled, wrote another book,  People of the Lie (1983).  Peck’s book had a profound effect on my thinking and on my trauma recovery practice that began around 1990.  The fundamental message of his book is this:  mental health is a commitment to reality.  I feel pretty certain that statement is a direct quote but I don’t have the book in front of me to check that out.  There are people who seek reality and truth and there are people who turn off the lights and live in dark rooms of confusion and untruth. They are motivated solely by self-interest and self-preservation. Currently we are being lead and governed by many people of the lie.  This full moon period gives us another chance to wake up and shake the reality tree. The signals are clear that we must commit to reality in order to stay health individually and collectively.

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius. The underlying motivation of Sagittarius is the search for truth. We reach that truth by using the energy of Gemini and Mercury. We are curious. Curiosity leads to openness, research and the accumulation of enough information to finally have the sense that we have reached some degree of truth, upon which we can make decisions. It is difficult to get anywhere on the truth train when people of the lie are in charge of the data and the dissemination of information.

Neptune has strange ways of teaching us what is real.

The Sun is traveling through Gemini and the Moon is full in Sagittarius. One would think that everyone would be jumping up and down to find some truth during this full moon.  And many people are doing just that.  But Neptune blurs the boundary between truth and non-truth. On the one hand, Neptune shows us that everything is good and with time everything will be ok. We long for perfection and believe eventually we will get it. On the other hand, Neptune drags us into a hall of distorted mirrors and contradictions.  During this full moon period, Neptune sits like a neon sign in between the Sun and Moon.  Neptune is either inviting us to stay content in our little make-believe world or it is signaling us to reach beyond illusion and find some truth. Neptune says there is more going on here than you realize. Neptune says the masses, (and that means all of us) are confused and living in a cloud of illusion. I do not propose that I know what the absolute truth is or where we are in our search for truth.

We accept darkness and we welcome the light.

Here’s one possibility though. Truth is a process.  Mental health is a process of committing oneself to reality. Likewise the search for truth. The accumulation of information and experience takes us on a journey to uncover what we can of our inner and outer truth.  To journey into truth requires that we stop lying to our self. We give up our addictions. We stop believing someone will save us from our self. We stop living in a belief system that has no open doorways. We DO seek exit signs to take us beyond of our denial and confusion. We accept our darkness and we are grateful for all the light we can get. 

Neptune means compassion for all sentient beings.
What is happening is this: the inside is turned inside out for everything to be revealed.

This full moon is yet another chapter in the ongoing essay of facing reality.  Our collective situation grows graver and graver. Every individual is asked to face reality.  We are asked to integrate Saturnian common sense with our Neptunian spirituality.  If the spiritual world cuts us off from reality too much, then we may never clean up the oceans. If spirituality cuts us off from compassion for the living, then we are headed for a twisted social order.  What we face as a collective is the outer manifestation of what is held inside the collective. What is happening in our world is just the inside of us has been turned inside out.  We see the messiness now: a world of lies, deceit, mean-spiritedness and manipulation on a massive scale. The lessons of the past are distorted. The drive for greed overrides the desire to face the bigger realities: like we are one, there is enough for everybody, we are citizens of a universe.  These bigger realities are held in Neptune’s fog and we have to use a different kind of sight to see them.  Scott Peck advises in his book to be aware that there are people incapable of looking at their own darkness, people who can never admit they are responsible for something. They cannot even see the relationship between themselves and what is happening around them. There are people of the lie.  They are trapped in their fear and their willful drive to be in control. Their life strategy is to be in control of others in order to survive. We cannot surrender to living in a world of lies.

We can hope that Frodo is on his way to toss the gold ring into the blazing volcano so these control freaks don’t take over. Or, we can realize that we must go together to throw the ring into the fire. There is plenty of room for leaders and heroes. But this is a collective march to make sure that the people of the lie do not have their way.

We’ve been here before.  How can we do it differently?

In addition to this powerful full moon, some astrologers consider June 18th the most difficult day of 2019.  Just after the full moon we face a strong roadblock with Saturn, Pluto, the Moon and the south node (all in Capricorn) in a stand off with the Sun still in Gemini and Mercury, Mars and the north node all in Cancer.  The nodes can be indicators of the past and the future. We have been here before. People of the lie have always been among us. How can we make different decisions? If we get through this week without finding our country in a war with Iran, can we rest a little easier?  Hopefully wisdom will prevail and leaders will breathe and reflect and remember that we have been here before. How can we do it differently?

Same is true in our individual lives. Look around yourself and inside yourself. What truth about your life journey do you see? Is this the reality you want? Are you pretending (that would be Neptune)?  Are you going with the crowd just to belong (that would be Saturn).  Are you suggesting a revolution or change (that would be Uranus?  Just something to think about.

Despite “the heavy” this is a time of enthusiasm, optimism and hope. For many people, a new life is unfolding and Neptune is showing the way.

Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, the full moon.  There is enthusiasm, optimism and hope this month. This Full Moon period has happiness and enlightenment.  The Sun is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury.  Water planets have been making happy trines in the sky. We are asked to use our mind and all we know to help us stay grounded in reality, while we move on to a new place.

Then quickly we move from full moon to a strong dose of Capricorn:  Saturn and Pluto and the Moon and the south node. Capricorn rules governments and banking and big corporate entities.  All of them want to keep the status quo. They want to stay in control. They will use any Plutonian means to stay in control of the Plutonian wealth they have acquired.  This is NOT true of all corporations, wealthy individuals or all members of government.

Then we have the Summer Solstice on Friday June 21. The longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere allows us to bask in the light. The Sun enters Cancer and moves us into warmth, comfort and growth. Needless to say we are living in powerful times.  I will stop before xaplanets.  As this Inuit Song announces: “there is only one great thing….to live to see in huts and on journeys, the great day that dawns and light that fills the world.” Happy Summer Solstice!

         INUIT SONG:
         And I thought over again
         My small adventures
         As with a shore-wind I drifted out in my kayak
         And thought I was in danger.

         My fear,
         Those small ones
         That I thought so big-
         For all the vital things
         I had to get and to reach.

         And yet, there is only one great thing.
         The only thing:
         To live to see in huts and on journeys
         The great day that dawns,
         And the light that fills the world.

Astro Tips by Linda Sprague June 2019

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Astro Tips for March 20 2019 Full Moon

Happy Vernal Equinox and Full Moon in VIrgo. Moon is connected with the Sun in Pisces, Mercury retrograde in Pisces, and Neptune in Pisces. Wow. Neptune is the planet that rules Pisces. We have lots of blurry, foggy energy to deal with. For some of us this takes the form of fatigue. Don't hesitate to take naps. Escape into movies, not drugs. meditate or take a walk and celebrate nature. Virgo Moon brings some left brain clarity after days of weird inner thoughts and feelings. Am I crazy? Virgo says NO you are not. Just relax and connect with your brain cells. I keep losing things in the house. What about you? Mercury retrograde in Pisces. Dreamy. Remember Neptune tends to dissolve what it touches.In this case, it's the BRAIN and communication. Boundaries are a serious issue. We are one and we are all connected but we are each an individual person. Keep that in mind. Watch out for manipulation in the news and from other people as well. Don't fall for sales pitch. Easy time to buy without thinking it through. Think it through. It's all good. We are on our way to rebirth and renewal. Say yes to that!

Linda Sprague

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Astro Tips. New Moon in Pisces March 6, 2019

New Moon in Pisces. March 6, 2019

Planet Neptune is featured in the New Moon event.  Neptune tends to dissolve what it touches.

Hold on to your Ego!  The New Moon in Pisces this week , on March 6, was sitting beautifully with the Sun and Neptune. Neptune tends to dissolve whatever it touches.  The ego, the mind, the body, the truth, your energy, and your motivation may get softened, blurred, diminished or weakened by Neptune’s touch.  The Sun/Neptune togetherness has continued throughout the week. Big yawn. The Sun and Neptune together is great for a silent retreat, yin yoga, long naps, movies, petting your cat and most anything that doesn’t require super expenditure of energy. Neptune tends to dissolve what it touches.  The Sun is our vital energy and also our conscious ego (who we think we are).  Neptune and Sun joining together can bring confusion, self-doubt (about that ego), and diminished energy. Take note please that this period is short for most of us.  Please don’t blame Neptune for being totally lazy. The people most affected by this New Moon in Pisces with a big hit of Neptune are those affected by Pisces and Neptune.  Born under the sign of Pisces or you have Pisces as rising sign or you have the Moon in Pisces? You are seriously affected by this New Moon.  Especially people born this first week of March need to see this as a time to slow down and not over commit.  These folks need extra rest.  People who are under big Neptune transits also need rest.

Is Neptune transiting Pisces testing us, putting us through a collective initiation about truth and reality?

Neptune and Sun together also brings confusion in our society. What is the truth, for crying out loud???? Neptune seems to connect us with mass hysteria and drinking some odd kool-aide. Perhaps we could do our own research on news flashes if they seem outrageous.  Neptune rules trends, like fashion and popular TV shows. Unfortunately Neptune is beginning to affect the collective political climate in an extreme manner.  We are living in a reality-show world. I’m sure there is something super important to be learned from this.  Neptune teaches us compassion. We experience continual updates about the suffering of humanity and all sentient beings and this gives us opportunity to stretch and have compassion for things beyond our domicile and neighborhoods. In addition, Neptune teaches us to discern reality from deception and sabotage.  Is this a test?  Is Neptune transiting Pisces testing us, putting us through a collective initiation about truth and reality? 

Neptune and Pisces are embedded in the 12th house of the zodiac.  The 12the house is mysterious. It is full of everything. This earth plane and all its institutional hallways are included in the 12th house of the zodiac. People get lost in hallway corridors and sometimes open the wrong door. Other Neptunian departments of the 12th house are: dreamtime, other dimensions of reality, the cosmos, sound currents from the Universe, sacred geometry, the Divine and LUNACY.  It’s no wonder we have a complicated existence.  No wonder we want to escape with alcohol, TV and religions that give us a pat answer to everything.  The 12th house is a lot of take on. This New Moon in March is full of 12th house, Neptunian, topics.

Higher Truth Requires Humility

Right now with Neptune and Sun (the solar energy that feeds us and keeps us alive) traveling together in the sky, we have an opportunity to explore our own complexity. Think about how you escape to make things simple. Our country wants to escape the complexity of oneness by building a wall. Will that work? How can we embrace the bigger, awesome panorama of existence?  Remember:  As above, so below (Hermes Trismogistus) and Everything is connected, the web is holy (Marcus Aurelius). Higher truth requires humility and this is something the ego struggles with. Hold on to your ego. Ego is a good thing but it needs to safely expand to understand the self in relationship to everything else.  This requires that we be open to the fullness of experiences, rather than closed off by mental beliefs.   By Linda Sprague

“God is not a concept, but an experience.” J. Pittman McGehee, Episcopal Priest and Jungian Analyst.