Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Astro Tips: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. January 31, 2018

January 31, 2018. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Super Moon (close proximity of Moon to the Earth makes it appear very large). This is a Blue Moon (the second full moon in this month).

“On the journey to myself, I’ve been so many people.”  Indigo Williams 

Today’s lunar eclipse at 11 degrees of Leo is about the qualities of the sign of Leo: the individual’s capacity to love and to create.  Leo is the sign of the big heart because the Sun rules Leo.  Leo’s job is to send out warmth to others without expecting non-stop applause and without expecting to be the ongoing center of attention.

Leo is also associated with the child.  We all know people who never grow up! If we are honest, we realize there are parts of us that never grow up. For example, to be creative requires the capacity to honor that child place in us that just doesn’t care what the teacher thinks.  We also have blind spots where we behave like children.

Leo’s opposite sign is Aquarius (where the Sun is sitting today), associated with the community. How do we engage our Leo energy with the collective?  Are we performing to get something from the group? Or are we engaged to give something and to have an exchange?  Do we put forth our Leo fire to make a difference for everyone, or do we grab what we can from our friends and any audience at hand and suck it in for our personal gain?

This beautiful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse gives us another opportunity to explore who we are and to awaken and honor our unique self.  We are born with uniqueness, a creative core of solar power that moves us through our life journey.

We are learning to be authentic.

Knowing who we are allows us to interact in the Aquarian collective with authenticity. We will avoid being captured by the mob energy or by separative-driven movements.  Leo is ruled by the Sun, the unique unconscious individuality we possess.  Planet Uranus, our unique conscious individuality, rules Aquarius.  Aquarius awakens and propels humanity into another evolutionary step.  It needs the heart energy of Leo to do its job.

Perhaps this eclipse in a Leo/Aquarius package opens the door to discernment.  Are we motivated by love as we interact with others and with community, or are we motivated by self-interest?  Sometimes we need to have self-esteem and self-interest as our focus. Other times we need to be altruistic. Discernment is the key.

Our collective body--humanity itself--is struggling to make that next evolutionary step into Aquarian awakening. We are all here together in this Earth terrarium.  We are all one species.  Can we share? Can we be respectful of each other? Can we open our hearts to suffering? Can we move beyond fear? Can we learn that greed will kill us?   Can we begin to believe that there is enough for everyone? When people take to the streets and march in a collective body, they are expressing the interplay of Leo and Aquarius.  The heart motivates the individual to join the group in order to bring shared truth and vision to everyone’s attention.  We are engaged in a revolution. Revolution is about changing the status quo in order to bring freedom and quality of life to everyone.  Revolutions are passion driven, truly a Leo function directed for the betterment of humankind, truly one of the jobs performed by Aquarius.

We are multifaceted individuals. We have been someone who reflected what our parents wanted us to be. We have been someone who took on the qualities of our peers, in order to be accepted.  We are always asking the question, who am I? This eclipse gives us a beautiful blast of energy to find out more about ourselves, and to become more authentic.  We each participate in the ongoing movement and evolution of humanity. Whether you dance, write, teach, meditate, sell insurance, distribute good food, sell cars, write computer programs, create games, sing at church, abandoned animals, march for refugees . . . whatever you do, do it from the heart for the good of all.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Astro Tips New Moon January 16, 2018

New Moon in Capricorn-26 degrees—January 16, 2018

Instead of dreaming about a vacation to the beach, this New Moon guides us to focus on building a life that supports what we need and what we understand is in our best interest and the best interest of our loved ones.
 This New Moon in the sign of Capricorn awakens us to embrace reality.  The Moon, the Sun, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto are all in the sign of Capricorn with this New Moon. Saturn just entered Capricorn in December and Saturn rules Capricorn. Saturn, planet of practicality, regularity, hard work, time keeping and the honoring of ancestors, is totally at home in Capricorn.  The down-side of Saturn in Capricorn is “clocking in” for a job.  Too much structure, too much authority, the critical parent, and a rule-book that is too heavy, leads to sourness and discouragement. Mercury is also in Capricorn and sitting right beside Saturn. We have a choice. Be depressed and overwhelmed by reality, or face it squarely and give life your best, no matter what mountains you have to climb.  Pluto has been traveling through Capricorn for a number of years. Pluto in Capricorn is forcing us to look at the secrets of our collective psyche and hence the secrets of our government and the systems we have been attached to. Many systems are in upheaval and chaos, trying to transform into more workable systems. Venus is finishing its short visit in Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn causes us to value substantial items and ways of doing things.  We are less attracted to what is popular in the moment and more drawn to methods and items that are proven to work and to be helpful and enduring.  And now the first New Moon of 2018 is, of course, in Capricorn.  The Moon in Capricorn puts the focus on security. How secure do we feel?  We want to feel physically, financially, emotionally and mentally secure in our lives.

If we have areas where we don’t feel secure, this New Moon will motivate us to find our way to be and feel more stable and confident. Sometimes the energy of Capricorn is laced with fear . . . fear of authority, fear of the future, fear of not meeting our responsibilities, and fear of not being good enough.  If you have a lot of fear, this New Moon is a good time to address it. Put that fear out in the open at home, with friends, and with a good listener. Saturn can turn into feelings of burden, heaviness and fear. Lay your burden down and find a new path.  Being responsible doesn’t have to be a drag.  Saturn in Capricorn can show us our highest potential.  Capricorn invites us to do our job because it needs to be done, not because we are expecting a reward.   We can end up feeling very good inside when we do something because it’s the right thing to do.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Astro Tips: Full Moon in Cancer January 1, 2018

ASTRO TIPS by Linda Sprague

 New Year’s Day begins with a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer , balancing out the yearly movement of the Sun through Capricorn.  Saturn has domain over this time of the year. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn with references to Father Time, aging and winter.  There is a cluster of planets in Capricorn—Sun, Venus, Pluto and Saturn (again the ruler of Capricorn). That’s a lot of cold air in the northern hemisphere.  Staying at home (the sign of Cancer) is a good way to balance the Capricorn coldness.

The Meaning of Cancer and Capricorn

The polarity of the signs Cancer and Capricorn brings up the conversation about what we need versus what we can do about it. We begin 2018 with this Full Moon in the sign of Cancer (what we need) opposing the Sun in Capricorn (the drive to set things in order). Both signs have to do with family and tradition. You might think of Cancer, with its association with the Moon, as representing the mother:  physical and emotional nurturing, honoring the feminine and the home, growth and summer, being dependent, being a child, being emotional and pre-verbal, and creativity. And you might think about Capricorn as the father: structure, pragmatism, learning to be responsible, honoring the masculine, striving to be logical, finding one’s place in the world, how to work with authority, learning how to be a grown-up, and how to age with dignity and maturity.

If you think about this polarity of Cancer/Capricorn, you can see that we are constantly flipping between being a kid and being an adult. We are “thinking” that we are rational and logical but actually the pre-verbal Cancerian baby part of us is also driving the bus.  This can be a confusing combo.  The trick is to be conscious of both parts of our psyche and our behavior.

Another opportunity to practice Mindfulness presents itself

Maybe this Full Moon at the beginning of 2018 will give us some insight into our own individual complexity.  Full moons offer insight into the unconscious and intuitive realm.  Do you try so hard to be a Capricorn grown-up that you forget about your inner child needing to laugh and play?  Are you so busy trying to be the perfect grown-up that you forget who you really are?  Ok, now fess up! Are you so needy that you resent all the grown-up responsibilities that rattle your little red wagon?  Knowing when we are behaving from an “unconscious toddler part” and when we are behaving from an “acquired rational grown-up place” is hard to discern.   Here is quote by Dipa Ma to help give us some perspective: “The whole path of mindfulness is this:  Whatever you are doing, be aware of it.”

May the Whole Wide World become Mindful!

What does a healthy human being look like anyway?  Good question to start off this New Year.  We look at political dialogue in Washington, DC and it is obvious that some people who think they are responsible, rational grown-ups are actually behaving like babies (irrational and unconscious).  I’m sure we see this confusion at the family dinner table as well!  Sometimes people do not realize that they are not being logical at all.  Again, the mindfulness approach is a huge component of maturity.  This Full Moon gives us some energy to be conscious of where we are in our soul maturity.

So much Capricorn.  So much to do!

We begin 2018 with a heavy emphasis in the sign of Capricorn. Today, The Sun, Venus and Pluto are sitting together in Capricorn and opposing the Moon in Cancer. The impulse to find structure and order in our lives is very strong right now.  Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, has just stepped into the sign of Capricorn. Saturn likes to visit Capricorn. Saturn is about structure, order, time, reality, and responsibility. Capricorn covers these same attributes. We can let the light of the full moon in Cancer show us how to emotionally approach our need for structure and order.  Hopefully we will be able to organize and build what we need and want to build.  If it feels overwhelming, remember to pace yourself.

Fly your Kite.

The astrological configuration of this full moon is in the shape of a kite. Get your kite off the ground and you can really fly.  Mars and Jupiter holding hands in the sign of Scorpio give us emotional, passionate energy to take charge of the kite and accomplish our goals.  The sign of Scorpio has a lot to do with secrets. Jupiter makes things bigger; so don’t be surprised to get in touch with some of your own hidden material, especially information about secrets surrounding intimacy, relationships, and money.

A Reminder

Finally, we are still under the influence of Mercury squaring Neptune. Don’t believe everything you see or hear on the news. Don’t believe everything you think in your own head!  Neptune is illusion.  Manipulation and brainwashing are under the headline of Neptune. If you are suspicious about something, dig a little deeper until you find the reality of the situation.  Fact checking is a good thing. Use the Mars/Jupiter detectives in Scorpio to help sort out the overload of babbling and information that streams into your energy field (that includes body, mind and soul!).

Happy New Year

Capricorn is the sign that helps us create structure in our lives and that leads to a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  Let the Full Moon in Cancer on this New Year’s Day give you the integration you need for healthy goals and focused endeavors in 2018.