Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Astro Tips for New Moon in Libra, October 12, 2015

Yesterday’s new moon occurred in the sign of Libra.  Every October the Sun passes through the sign of Libra and most people know that Libra is the sign of the scales: balance and justice.  Venus is the ruler of Libra so the sign also rules the domain of relationships.  We say Libras want to be in a relationship. Libras don’t want to upset the apple cart. They want everyone to just get along.  We all want good relationships but we live in a society that encourages us to put our own interests first. We are given permission to be selfish and to fight for what we want in our relationships.

Here is a quote from Philip Shepherd’s book, New Self, New World. I’m hoping this quote will give you something to think about while the Sun travels through the sign of relationship:

            “Anthropologist Wade Davis, … reports that in the language of the Penan
            tribe of Borneo—one of the last nomadic rain-forest societies on earth—
            there are no words to distinguish between he, she or it, but there are six
            words for we, the pronoun that discloses the relationship.  He also noted that
            ‘they measure wealth not by the extent of their possessions but by the
            strength of their relationships.’”  [P 38]

Is your relationship a “WE” experience or a “me” experience?  What is the strength of your relationships? How do you define “strength of relationship”?

This new moon time also offers a trio of energy in the sign of Virgo.  Venus, Mars and Jupiter are sitting at the same table throughout the week.  Maybe sitting is not the right word.  Mars gives great enthusiasm and motion to Venus and Jupiter. It’s a time for love and action, so first of all there is the pursuit of love and romance.  In addition there are successful athletes rejoicing in their accomplishments.  Some people may grab this energy and kick off a new health-wellness program.  Others may focus on a work project and make great strides. For some Virgos, this trio of planets in their Virgo sign gives the opportunity to excel in all endeavors.  The trick is to harness the Mars energy and really know where to direct your enthusiasm and desire.  Enjoy the upbeat days of Venus, Mars and Jupiter as they give us a big dose of optimism, idealism and physical energy.  Not even Saturn sitting in its T cross can smother the hope of this configuration.

Planets Uranus and Pluto are once again starting to irritate each other. We now have a repeat of intense, rapid-fire energy that we’ve had going back for several years.  The Uranus/Pluto interaction is part of the planetary shifting and acceleration that is bringing our world to the brink of collapse and transformation.  I’m not saying it will collapse; just saying it feels like collapse as we see things fall apart and witness new life emerging from the rubble.  Stay awake if you can, and do what you can to help in the process of creating a new world.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries September 27, 2015

Here we are, the eve of the Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries. This is the 4th Total Lunar Eclipse in a row, going back to the eclipses in 2014. All 4 of these eclipses are in the sign axis of Aries/Libra. Total Lunar Eclipses are often called "Blood Moons" because the Earth's shadow turns the luminous full moon into intense shades of reds, browns and grays. We have been learning about the balance between self and others. Old beliefs and patterns around love and relationship have dissolved. Understanding and harmony can exist along side a strong sense of self and being able to stand up for oneself. We have been on a journey to find our unique path. Along the way, we are finding our kindred spirits and our tribe. According to some astrologers and many metaphysical writers, we are going through a strong shift. There is a gateway into a new world: a deeper understanding of humanity and our purpose in life. We are learning to allow life to live through us. These Lunar Eclipses have given focus to the Uranus/Pluto cycle we went through for several years: trying to break things down and then create a new way of being as we balance self with others. Eclipses bring big events. The visit of Pope Francis to the Americas is a big event. We could ask ourselves how Pope Francis is helping us change our beliefs and patterns about "us versus them." He is definitely a change agent because so many politicians are criticizing him!! Our individual "big events" are also very important. Your big event could be internal or external. It does not have to be a negative event. It could be a major insight into your life and the direction you are going. Aries and Libra people as well as Cancers and Capricorns (all the moveable/cardinal signs) are especially affected by the eclipse. If you know your horoscope, look for planets in early Aries or Libra, or just look for the houses for Aries and Libra. This is where the action is!! Have a beautiful day and enjoy the sky show tomorrow night.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

August New Moon in Leo

August New Moon
August 14, 2015

This New Moon in Leo promotes love, creativity, joy and kindness

The New Moon sits with the Sun at 21 degrees of Leo.  Venus joins them at 23 degrees of Leo.  This new moon can promote love, creativity, joy and kindness with a trio of positive energy.  The Sun rules the sign of Leo giving us an emphasis of solar energy, life force, warmth, love and optimism.  We may think of Leo people needing to be center stage. After all the sign of Leo rules the performing arts. Leos share that stage with their generosity of spirit, warm glow and readiness to engage with others.

[Note to those following the political drama:  This new moon in Leo is sitting closely with Donald Trump’s Mars and Rising Sign, both Leo. He has plenty more to say and he will continue in the spotlight for some time to come.  This new moon fires up his Mars in Leo and at the same time gives him confidence to soften his language.  The new moon will not soften his ego.]

For some people this positive line-up of planets in Leo is damped by the presence of Saturn retrograde in Scorpio throwing suspicion and cold water on happiness and sunshine. People who are 59 or 60 years old are going through their second Saturn return—a time of reflection and confrontation with reality. Saturn in Scorpio squaring the New Moon in Leo with Sun and Venus is not all sparkles for everyone.  It might be a time of tests.  Will I have enough money?  Will I ever experience love again?  How do I sort out what is most important for my future and my growth?

Jupiter leaves Leo and steps into the sign of Virgo.  Can we learn to distinguish between criticism and discernment?

Meanwhile, planet Jupiter has said goodbye to the sign of Leo and stepped into Virgo’s house.  This happened on August 11.  Jupiter makes whatever it touches bigger.  In Virgo (ruler of analysis, ruler of health and wholeness), Jupiter helps us learn how to be discerning rather than critical of self and others.  This is excellent when applied to our work, problem solving, service and self-care.  Jupiter sometimes is the bringer of gifts and opportunities.  It is important to remember, however, that Jupiter can also make problems bigger.  Right now Jupiter sits close with Venus (late Leo) and Mercury in Virgo.  This can give us big feelings of love and can help us think things through better.  It can also give us an inflated sense of self. 

We are moving beyond arrogance. We get honest with self. We think bigger and embrace more spiritual moments.

Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct.  Together these planets can produce big thinking or big arrogant outbursts.  Planet Neptune opposes Mercury and Jupiter. One the one hand this is beautiful spiritual energy:  full of compassion and full of Divine manifestations.  If our ego self can step out of the way, this energy brings gifts of understanding, healing and conscious awareness. 

The sign of Leo is connected to the Sun. The Sun is connected to the ego. Moon is connected to the emotional flow we swim in every day. Venus is connected to what we value and what makes us happy.  Mercury is connected with our mind and how we think and communicate from that mind. Jupiter is connected to growth, expansion, enthusiasm, dogma, and belief systems.  Neptune is connected to confusion and lack of boundary.  When we let go of our boundary we can step into other experiences and dimensions.  Those dimensions include compassion for others and all sentient beings, connection with the bigger picture, creative expression and communion with the Divine.

As the new moon begins its monthly journey towards fullness, we have the opportunity (Jupiter) to connect with loving ourselves and knowing ourselves. We can also make time to let go of rigid boundaries that prevent us from loving others.  We can step into a bigger consciousness of love and compassion.  We are getting ready for a full moon coming together with Neptune on August 29th. 

Enjoy the happy energies of this New Moon.  Also, we can meditate on the words of Dalai Lama:  “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.  Without them humanity cannot survive.”

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Full Moon in Aquarius July 31, 2015

Friday’s Blue Moon in air sign Aquarius calls our attention to balancing our desire for freedom with our need to a part of family and community. All signs are complicated and Aquarius is no exception—on the one hand a savior of humanity and the other hand a free-thinking anarchist!

All the air signs are represented not by animals, but by human-like beings. Aquarius is the water bearer, a being nurturing humanity from an overflowing jug of water.  Aquarius cares about humanity.  On the one hand Aquarius is committed to helping our species evolve so we can share resources and treat each other with kindness.  However, planet Uranus rules Aquarius, and Uranus is about freedom.  Aquarius people need freedom in order to reach their full individuation, in order to create and invent, and in order to be involved in the advancement of humanity. We all have Aquarius somewhere!  There is a place in your horoscope that screams to be free! Be yourself so you can express your soul purpose.  Do it your way. Forget the rules! For most people that need for freedom must find a way to balance with family, career and society’s mores.

This full moon stirs up our conflicts about freedom to do what we want to do and our need to be a part of relationship, family, organization, or corporation (something that requires our commitment on an everyday level).

Planet Saturn is finishing its retrograde phase and will go direct at 28 degrees of Scorpio on August 2.  Saturn repeats the emphasis on commitments and duties.  In fact, Saturn makes a strong connection with Venus and Jupiter, implying that we cannot break away from the ties that bind us, at least not right now.  Venus and Saturn together remind us that we have pragmatic reasons to stay in a job or a relationship.  We are not totally free!  At the same time, full moon in Aquarius fills our hearts with a desire for freedom.  We long to express ourselves.  Maybe you wish you could join the demonstrators in Portland and go hang from the bridge to protest Shell!  That is definitely an Aquarian event going on.  Maybe you are remembering being a kid who wanted to run off and join the circus.

The full moon energy surrounding us stimulates our psyches to come to some balance and/or decision-making about our lives.  This can lead to planning and life changes as the weeks unfold.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

July Astro TIps

Venus is retrograde July 25 to September 6 in the sign of Leo
Venus makes extended journey through Leo (July 25 to October 9)

Our passion for love, abundance, creative expression and fun just got bigger. Venus began a retrograde phase today, July 25.  Approximately every two years Venus gives the appearance of moving backward in the sky.  From today until September 6 Venus will be in this retrograde period.  Anytime a planet is retrograde it seems to become stronger and more prominent in our lives. After the retrograde, Venus will continue through Leo until October 9.

There are many meanings associate with Venus: self worth, love, relationship, abundance, and beauty.

The most basic meaning of Venus is VALUE. What do we value?  Do I value myself?  What do I value and NOT value about my relationship(s)?  Do I value my work? Do I value my life style? Do I value my place in society (position, prosperity)? Do I value where I live? Do I value what I possess?  Do I need all this stuff?  Do I value how I am expressing myself?  Is my life force flowing? Do I feel creative?

During a Venus retrograde phase, we will experience the Intensification of some area around what we value.  For some people it may be our property and possessions and finances. For others, issues of relationship may be the focus. For other individuals, creative projects may be the center of attention.

What to Expect:  Deep Examination of our values.  Seeking Corrections. Rectifying what isn’t working.  Resolving where we are off-course.

Between now and September 6 AND into October when Venus moves into the next sign (Virgo),  we have the opportunity to identity where we are struggling with our values.  You might say we cannot avoid the problem and will diagnose what needs our attention, reflection and correction in the areas I have discussed.  It begins with asking if we truly value who we are and where we are in life.  Are we living in a place of integrity? Can we continue with the path we are on?  Is our life force and creative direction in alignment with our soul purpose?

Check in with your Inner Knowing.  Care about yourself.

How can we answer these questions?  First and foremost we have to connect with our inner self (or higher self if you prefer).  If you can’t do that on your own, there are guides, healers, tools, workshops, retreats etc. to help you.

Check in with self. Check in with intuitive, knowing place. Ask big questions. Be patient. Be loving with yourself. Venus is about love, right?  How am I loving myself?  With sugar? With buying pretty things? With being with friends? With connecting with nature?  With meditation? With making more money?  There are many ways to connect with love.

Venus retrograde gives us
·      Intensification of any issue we are engaged with that falls under the domain of Venus. 
·       Next this period brings inescapable motivation to correct or rectify what isn’t working. 
·       We will seek the right course of action to bring our life into alignment as best we can.
·       We will be asked to keep the focus on the self, not the other person, not our boss or company, not on who is running for president.

Finally this Venus retrograde period is in the sign of Leo.  Leo is associated with the heart, with love, loyalty, joy, vibrancy, and creativity. Creativity doesn’t just mean being on the stage. It is cooking a good meal, fixing an unusual summer salad, singing in the car, being silly and laughing at our own messy lives,

During this retrograde period, each person will experience Venus retrograde in a unique way. The fundamental meaning has to do with value. WHAT DO YOU VALUE AND CAN YOU AFFORD IT?  Some of us will try to get very clear about what we value in a relationship.  If the relationship is not doing an adequate/fulfilling  “relating job,” then some adjustment must be made. What do you value in relationship? 

Do you have enough support and earthy financial flow in your life?  Some people will examine the issue of security and finances.  Maybe we need a different career path.  Maybe we need a different budget.

Remember, this Venus retrograde period is just one moment in our lives. It supports us and motivates us. It does not require that we become perfect between now and October.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Solstice June 21, 2015

You know from gazing at the sky that Venus and Jupiter are sitting close (in the sign of Leo).  On the eve of the summer solstice, the Moon joins Venus and Jupiter and that gives us a touch of joy in the midst of life’s ongoing travails. 

Mars is nearing the end of its visit to Gemini (28 degrees of Gemini), so it hangs close to the Sun as the Sun enters Cancer and the solstice day unfolds.  The Sun-Mars  conjunction is great for increased energy and assertion, as well as getting clear about our desires.  The only hitch is a quirky connection with Saturn, the planet that calls for restraint and carefulness. The Summer Solstice is the event that moves the season along and sets the tone for the next few months.  The arrangement of Sun/Mars sitting uncomfortably with Saturn means we want to assert but we feel compelled to wait. There is some frustration because we know what we desire but we might be asked to sacrifice something to get what we want. Furthermore, we might find that it takes a great deal of work to bring our desires into the material world!

The Moon opposes Neptune, and Mercury sits in between them.  We are sensitive, vulnerable, and psychic and having a hard time finding logic to explain it all.  Mercury opposes Saturn and the MOON sits in between them.  If we get too rational, our mental bodies will get depressed.  Time to let go and trust the second brain, “the gut,” as we wade through all the chatter in our own minds and in the collective mind.

Speaking of the collective:  Mercury fiddling with Neptune means you won’t know what to believe when you hear things from the media.   Confusion, half-truths, propaganda, manipulation.  It cannot be said enough!  Neptune is the mass media, the collective fog.  Turn the volume down. Study the body language.  What is that body communication telling you?   Using our refined abilities to observe what is going on in our life and in the bigger collective world is good. Observation is a wonderful tool. Dogmatic thinking will limit our ability to gently bend and be molded into a new species.

The Summer Solstice is beautiful. The Sun returns and we soak in that Sun. Nonetheless, there is much to be done during the next few months. There is clean-up from torrential rains.  There is re-building in Nepal.  In our everyday lives, the solstice chart indicates increased clarity and that’s a gift.  But there is also frustration that we can’t get it fast enough and there is anxiety that so many things keep getting in the way of making our dreams come true.  

Sabien Symbol for 0 degrees of Cancer, the point of the Summer Solstice:  “On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one.”   We seek to re-organize, re-stablize and reorient our consciousness as the days of summer unfold.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Astro Tips. Full Moon in Leo February 3, 2015

Whatever Jupiter touches (in this case, the Moon, our emotional temperature!), it makes it bigger than it usually is.
The moon is full in the sign of Leo on Tuesday, February 3.  Jupiter sits close by the moon, our emotional temperament.  The duo of Moon and Jupiter is emotionally happy and expansive.  Jupiter touches our creative expression and we feel excited and elated.  However, whatever Jupiter touches, it makes it bigger. Jupiter touches our full moon emotional state and we will feel it strongly. If are in a good, expansive mood, Jupiter will help that expansion. If we feel down and out, Jupiter will amplify that mood. Jupiter brings opportunity and optimism today.  Jupiter can also bring a tendency to over-reach.  Jupiter can take us out of bounds.

The Moon/Jupiter connection is in a YOD formation with planets Mars and Pluto. A YOD means finger of God. The deities are pointing their fingers at us and saying, go be BIG. You can have fun, and be creative, optimistic and happy. However, we must pay attention to the potential of overdoing the fun, OR overdoing our expectations of life, OR over-promising what we can deliver to people or projects.  It is important to take a moment and reflect on what is reasonable and practical before putting a down payment on a $10,000 cruise!  Jupiter is connected with our prosperity. Take care not to over spend or to spend the money before it is in your bank account!  Same with our energy!  Take care not to promise more of our energy than we can give.

At the Full Moon Women’s Gathering, held yesterday at Dallas Yoga Center, we got a jump-start on this full moon happiness.  The energy of the gathering was light and joyful. We tried a little belly dancing along with a devotional meditation on Goddess, Isis.  I suggest dancing and any other form of movement that makes you feel good. The living room of your own home can become your dance floor. Anywhere you are can be a creative, fun place during this full moon. 

Of course there are always aggravations.  Mercury is retrograde and that brings confused communications. The combination of Mercury retrograde and Jupiter sitting with a full moon might suggest that we hold off taking action on any ideas that pop into our heads today. Things that are already in motion are different. But if someone calls you today and asks for a loan, think about it for a few days.  Go into discernment mode before taking action.  Also Venus is making an unhappy connection with Saturn. Some people will feel too stressed, overworked, sad or inhibited to jump on the joy wagon.  Venus is also sitting close to planet Neptune. This arrangement can lead to beautiful music or loving compassion. However, its connection with Saturn can mean that this week brings some disappointment for some people. Even if life is not exactly what you want it to be, or if you feel disillusioned in some way, try to appreciate the emotional enthusiasm and optimism of the Full Moon and Jupiter in fire sign Leo.  Leo is full of heart and willingness to extend love and good will to all.

Of course, the Sun in Aquarius opposes the full moon.  Aquarius Sun connects us with community. Aquarius encourages us to think about how to share our gifts with society.  These days around the full moon are great for networking and seeking out kindred spirits.  The combination of Aquarius Sun and Full Moon with Jupiter in Leo will help some people expand in their careers.  Another word for Jupiter is generosity.  Be generous in spirit with those you love and respect and good things will be catalyzed for the good of all.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Astro Tips: New Moon in Aquarius, January 20, 2015

New Moon in Aquarius
January 20, 2015

New Moon – Zero degrees of Aquarius: 

The Sun has just entered Aquarius and is joined by the New Moon at 0 degrees of that sign on January 20th.   Aquarius is an air sign ruled by two planets-- Saturn (the original ruler) and Uranus (the first planet discovered with a telescope).  Aquarius and Uranus give us storms, electricity, all things technical and things from the sky and the great beyond.  I tried to make a call from my cell phone today. I touched the phone icon but the call went through as face time.  I tried again. Same thing.  There is overabundance of technology right now! Mercury and Venus are also in Aquarius and Mercury is getting ready to enter its first retrograde phase of the year the day after this new moon.  There is a lot of “air” and technology to deal with and we might expect this while the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon all reside in Aquarius PLUS the retrograde event of Mercury in Aquarius. 

Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius January 21 to February 12. 

 Missed phone calls, misunderstandings, software foul-ups, delayed mail are common Mercury retrograde occurrences. They might be magnified with all the energy pile up in Aquarius. Be careful not to hit the “send to all” tab or your entire community will know some secrets!!  Some of us will connect with old friends, especially friends who have shared interests in social causes, because Aquarius is about the advancement of justice and freedom for humanity.  We are living during a time of increased enlightenment (under the domain of the last signs of the zodiac—Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) for planet earth and all inhabitants.  Mercury retrograde brings more talk and examples of where we are with our collective enlightenment. Of course we are all over the place.  Extreme injustice exists alongside outstanding compassion and awareness of our spiritual identity as a species.  It’s all happening at the same time.

Mercury and Venus in the sign of Aquarius:  focus on friends and common interests.

Mercury and Venus in Aquarius are shouting across the court at Jupiter.  We have big expectations and full lungs to announce our arrival!  Jupiter is expansion. This is a perfect time to think big and to promote yourself and your projects.   Aquarius is a sign of friendship. Consider this a perfect period to join with kindred spirits for fun and to advance shared interests.

Mars and Neptune are together in Pisces:  Practice moderation and good self-care. Don’t over-do it.  Be patient with your body.  If it says to slow down, slow down.

We started the New Year with planet Mars in Pisces moving close to planet Neptune (transiting Pisces for a couple of years now).  Remember, Mars is assertion. Wherever Mars is in a horoscope, we see the drive to survive and thrive. We can tell whether a person will be aggressive or cooperative, patient or impulsive.  Neptune is the energy of confusion and fogginess.  Consequently our physical, assertive energy may be diminished as Mars draws close to Neptune this week.  Perfect atmosphere for viruses.  Neptune is the strange transmission of illness anyway. Many people have had some variation of virus, flu, colds, or just the blahs!  We will all feel stronger when Mars finishes its transit through watery Pisces and kicks into fire sign, Aries. We have to wait until after mid February for that to happen.

What is the union of Mars and Neptune good for?
Neptune’s energy is the portal between our worldly life and our homo-spiritus life that connects us with the Universe.  When Mars joins Neptune, especially in the sign of Pisces, we are drawn to our spiritual life, whatever that means to us as individuals.  Some of us feel spiritual when we go fishing or take a walk by the lake.  Others feel spiritual in yoga practice or in a meditation group or in the sanctuary of our church.  Other people connect with spirit when engaged in creative work.  Some need to dance to plug in to something greater.  Mars and Neptune in Pisces open the doorways to other dimensions.  The next few weeks are ideal for meditation, creative endeavors, voluntary service, and inspirations of all varieties.

Don’t forget Saturn.  Right around the December holidays, Saturn completed its two and one half year visit in the sign of Scorpio.  Saturn teaches us to be practical and hence to recognize our limitations.  By acknowledging these limitations we become more mature, we accomplish more and we attain some wisdom.  Saturn in Scorpio taught us about our resources.  Not just our financial resources, but also our energy resources. Where should I direct my energy? What do I want to do with my energy until my time is up?  How much energy do I have and what is reasonable to do with my energy?  What are my energy limitations?  What do I want my legacy to be?  Scorpio, a deep-water sign, has brought deeper awareness about the meaning of life to many people.

Now Saturn turns its attention to the fire sign, Sagittarius, the ruler of our belief systems, the law, and our ethical behavior.  Bottom line:  It is not practical to continue on a path of arrogant attachment to outmoded belief systems that threaten life on Planet Earth.

Every sign has its shadow.   One shadow characteristic of Sagittarius is hubris. Sometimes Sagittarius thinks its way is the only way.  It becomes entrenched in its own belief system and closes eyes and ears to new understanding.  The gods could be downloading vital data for peace on earth and the download could go in the trash due to hubris.  Saturn traveling through Sagittarius will teach us about the limitations of our so-called “high minded beliefs” and we will need to examine our closed minds.  We can expect some suffering from this.  Some religious beliefs lead to the killing of humanity and the planet.  Hopefully Saturn in Sagittarius will bring some awakening to all of us.  Big headedness about what is right and wrong is on the agenda now.  On the individual level, each of us will need to examine where our beliefs keep us closed off from seeking the truth, because ultimately Sagittarius is about the search for truth.  The problem is we all think our truth is the only truth. How do we reach consensus about “the truth?” I don’t think that will happen in two and one half years (a Saturn transit through a sign), but hopefully we will reach some agreements about how to live with our differences and our differing beliefs.  Of course, if you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, Saturn will be a big player in your life for a couple of years.  But we all have Sagittarius somewhere in our horoscope.  All of us will be examining what we believe and whether or not what we believe stands up to scrutiny in a very complicated world.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Astro Tips January 4, 2015. Full Moon in Cancer

Judith Kusel:…..”  Frequencies and vibrations are rising and we have to keep up….” From her spiritual channelings and writings on her Facebook page

The New Year begins with a powerful full moon in the sign of Cancer. This big moon is lined up with (i.e. conjunct) the brightest star in the heavens:  Sirius, The Dog Star. The Sun is in Capricorn connecting us to earth.  The Moon is in Cancer, reminding us that we are 50-65% water.  We are bridging our earth/water “humanness” with a spiritual, cosmic beam from Sirius. 

Here are some specifics.  The Capricorn Sun is joining planet Pluto (currently going through the sign of Capricorn).  This is intense, amped up ambition.  We are off and running. I want to plan my whole year and at the same time, clean my entire living space, purge everything I never want to see again, and I want to see the results ASAP.  Of course this is humanly impossible.  All teams will feel like they will win the game. Some people will have “offers from the devil”! The Sun holding hands with Pluto is seductive and compelling.  Many people will feel a bit invincible during this full moon.

While this earthy power surge is going on, the moon becomes full in the soft, watery sign of Cancer. You would think Capricorn Sun and Pluto would overpower this moon. No. The full moon in Cancer is hooked up with Sirius and holds its own magic and power.  Ask for messages from your home planet!  Ask for guidance, inspiration, a clean break with the past, and a gift from your ancestors. Ask for what is in accordance with your highest good and the highest good for all.

The axis/polarity of Capricorn and Cancer connects us with home and family.  It is patrifocal/matrifocal, mother/father; nurturing/building; receptive/projective; sensitivity/defensiveness. Cancer is the need to give birth and nurture and contain and keep safe what we love. The sign of Cancer is about the home, our heritage and our lineage. Capricorn is about the need to be responsible and to venture out and utilize all possible resources that will ensure the survival and continuation of the family and society.  Capricorn does the right thing because it is right to do the right thing. 

Judith Kusel (check out her Facebook page) reminds us that frequencies and vibration are rising.  How are we to keep up?  This full moon period challenges us to stay calm, grounded and balanced.  It’s easy right now to get out of control.  Planet Mars (energetic force that keeps us in survival mode) is connecting with planet Jupiter.  Whatever Jupiter touches, it makes that something bigger. So when Jupiter connects with Mars we are energized and ready for adventure and risk taking.  It is easy to go to extremes and easy to fall off the bell curve!  During this full moon we need to take many moments to slow down, breathe, consider our options, and get present with body and soul. Otherwise, we won’t be able to keep up with the acceleration of mental and spiritual energies.

Also with this Full Moon, the Uranus/Pluto square continues to irritate my existence!  As some of you know, we have been under the influence of a major planetary cycle for over a year now.  That cycle involves planet Uranus (ruler of revolution, upheaval, sudden change, awakening, invention) challenging Pluto (ruler of the underworld where the riches lay buried for the privileged few to dig up).  Pluto is much more than what I just said. Pluto is about secrets, decay and the death of things that are no longer viable.  Uranus is standing by to help bring about some rebirth via inventions and new social mores.  Gender equality is a Uranus awakening matter.  The revolution for freedom and equality is made manifest by the legalization of same-sex unions.  The old secrets (Pluto) about sexuality and love had to be dug up and paraded about.  Finally, people looked at the same gender love matter and decided, so what?  No longer a secret.  Just let it be (an awakening that Uranus supports). 

This Uranus/Pluto cycle began back in 1964-65.  Either you lived through that rock and roll revolution or you are listening to the music of those years.  The changes that were initiated in the 60’s are now under review.  There is rebellion against the changes that came about in the 60’s and there is rebellion to maintain the changes that happened during that decade.  Therein lies the irritation and tension.  There is an awakening regarding equality and fairness. There is an awareness that the plutocracy has still managed to maintain control.  Democracy is still a long way down the road.  Remember, astrology is not about an exact cause and effect. It is more about the reflection of “as above” (Uranus squares Pluto), “so below” (mankind struggles along and fights many battles to attain freedom and conscious awakening).   Perhaps there has always been a lot of disruption on planet earth. It seems though that there is either more disruption or there is no escape from disruption wherever it occurs.  We are one people now.  What happens in Indonesia happens to everyone, everywhere.  What happens to one person, happens to me.

Meanwhile, on the emotional, mental and spiritual planes, life is evolving.  There are thousands of web sites devoted to metaphysical, spiritual information.  There are millions of people clearing their chakras with hot yoga!  There are hundreds of people channeling messages from angels and beings from other dimensions.  There are shamans teaching us the old ways of stepping into other dimension and connecting with the pulsing life force of our planet.  What we pay attention to grows and expands. The full moon in Cancer is lined up with the Star Sirius, The Dog Star (a star heavy with mythology).  The Dogon people live in Mali, West Africa.  Their oral tradition states that they are connected and possibly from the Star, Sirius. The Dogon knew of the existence of Sirius B, the star next of Sirius, before the star was viewed through a telescope in our western society. Sirius B is too dim to be seen with the naked eye.   We are paying more and more attention to esoteric information. Think about those programs on the History channel and that wonderful web site: ancient-origins.  Another way of stating this:  more and more people are aware of esoteric information and that gives a richer picture of our earthly heritage than our everyday textbooks!

The tensions that exist on our planet are not about to abate in the near future.  Uranus and Pluto began a new cycle in 1964-65. This cycle will continue for many years.  Perhaps we have chosen to be here during these days of collective suffering and disruption. We are changing and our world is changing.  Some of us will begin this New Year with an urgent sense of duty, while others will have an urgent sense to live a life of serenity. The full moon in Cancer aligned with Sirius gets us off to a powerful new beginning.

The main lesson from this full moon is to focus on the ground we stand on and to feel the watery vulnerable essence that we truly are.  During this full moon period, some people may feel like they are holding on to a lightening rod. Others may feel that they are being emotionally turned inside out. There will be some who experience the empowerment of the Sun/Pluto duet during this full moon. Others may feel the chaos and upheaval of Uranus. Uranus is like a hurricane. It is an act of God that we did not instigate.  Yet it changes our lives forever. We are living in times that change our lives. We each respond to that phenomenon in our unique soul-printed manner. Hopefully we can love and respect each other regardless of our different paths.  “We are family…I got all my sisters with me.”  (Song by Sister Sledge)