Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mercury Retrograde April 9- May 3, 2017

"Where does a thought go when it's forgotten?" Sigmund Freud
Fun quote for Mercury retrograde. Planet mercury entered its second retrograde phase of 2017 on Sunday, April 9. Time to give our attention to unfinished projects. Be ready for forgetfulness! Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap, but actually, the energy of any retrograde planet invites us to do things differently. It may also trigger intuitive insight and responses. Mercury rules thinking and communication and travel. While Mercury is moving slowly and appears to go backward in the sky, we can slow down our thinking and re-think how to do things. We can change our plans! We can gather new information and change how we do things. We can tune in to a different frequency that snaps us out of some fixed way of thinking. Of course Mercury also brings upsets (printer finally dies or car finally needs new tires). And Mercury brings reconnections with people from the past. If someone from your past is on your mind, reach out and find them. Mercury slowed down at 5 degrees of Taurus on April 9. It will go back into Aries by April 20. Later in the month Mercury will join up with Uranus (bringer of surprises). Shocking information may rattle our worlds between April 20 and May 15. This could be political/collective events or it could be in our personal lives. Try to stay centered and find a mantra that works for you to calm your mind during this Mercury retrograde period. It will be too easy to get scattered and/or distracted by external mental overload. Breathing in........Breathing out........
Since Mercury will be in the sign of Aries during much of this retrograde period, please watch for hot tempers in self and others. Aries is associated with Mars, planet of war. Here's hoping we don't go down that road.