Thursday, March 7, 2013

Early March offers invitation to swim in our whole brain!

The sign of Pisces is associated with the surrender of the personal ego.  When ego falls away doors open:  we connect with the collective unconscious, we experience acute empathy for those who are suffering, we speak from a place that transcends judgment and analysis, we translate beauty into the earth plane and most importantly we hear our own inner voice.  Early March is full of invitations to experience surrendering to something bigger than oneself.  The Neptunian realms reach a peak at the New Moon on March 11 when the Moon and Sun join Mars, Venus, Chiron, Mercury (retrograde) and Neptune in Pisces.  We will be swimming in our whole brains by then.  One of the things I’ve noticed is an uncanny knack for finding things that seem to be lost.  It makes sense that stuff gets lost during Mercury retrograde (especially in spacey Pisces, ruled by Neptune).  On three occasions I found myself being able to visually track what happened to the missing “thing.”  What are you experiencing during this heavy Pisces-Neptunian time?  Are you planning a cruise into deep waters???  Are your dreams plentiful and unusual?  Are you drawn to beauty and creativity?  Are you longing to escape this earth pad?  Are you reading people’s minds or seeing into the future?  Are you suffering too much?  Are alcohol, drugs, food, or other addictions on your radar? Have you reconnected with a soul mate? Are you communicating with your pet in a new way? The Science Channel has a program running right now on what might happen if we learned a space ship was on its way to Earth with a cargo of aliens.  Interesting.  Pisces is about the great beyond—outer space, the Universe, and the many dimensions that exist (without gravity and density) simultaneously with what we know. 

The Spring Equinox March 20th : time to walk in many worlds

On March 20, the Sun enters Aries and we celebrate the Spring/Vernal Equinox.  Some have speculated that this Spring Equinox signals the end of 3D life as we know it.  It is time to walk in many worlds.  Time to master that Pisces thing!  It is time to hold the space of divine equality and connectiveness even in the midst of strange happenings in Washington, D C.  A Supreme Court Judge minimizes the Voting Rights Act on the same day that a statue is unveiled to honor Rosa Parks, a pioneer civil rights icon.  With the big oceanic energy of Pisces, we are asked to hold the tension of this strange polarity.  We become witnesses without judgment.  We just stare and look at it.  When the Sun rolls into Aries, the first sign, we ignite and step into our warrior costume.  The softness of Pisces begins to fade.  However, Mercury retrograde in Pisces continues to keep our attention on our unconscious.  Take time to examine that unconscious.  It’s easy right now to use the Pisces Mercury to grasp what is going on in the collective unconscious.  It seems to me that the political arena is the outer-most manifestation of our collective unconscious.  Don’t go to sleep.  Look at it.  Feel the energy of it.  Then breathe and let it go, or, join an organization to let your conscious self be heard.

The Earth is our Mother we must take care of her

The astrological impact of the Spring Equinox is seen in the union of Mars and Uranus forming a T-cross with the Moon and Pluto.  The Moon/Pluto duo brings intense emotional experiences and reactions.  Mars and Uranus together always suggest upheaval, battles, unexpected violent events and sudden awakenings.  We are shocked into awakening this spring. We cannot postpone waking up and seeing the horrors of human behavior.  This does not mean we should ignore the blooming of the flowers.  Of course we should be grateful for an armload of tulips.  Again, we experience the strain of beauty existing side by side with angry, hostile humans.  The spring equinox is about Mother Earth and the renewal of life, so please take some moments to honor the process of life and to awaken to what is really important here on our planet.

The Full Moon in Libra March 27th:  welcome to the conscious transformational journey

By the time of the Full Moon on March 27th, Mercury will be direct in Pisces and still sitting close to Neptune and Chiron.  We are capable of great compassion at this moment on Planet Earth.  We are also capable to going to sleep and being taken over by scam artists.  We are capable of going into a trance and floating off.   We are capable of “talking” to beings in another galaxy. 

The Full Moon has good news and bad news.  The good news is that Sun and Venus are holding hands at 6 degrees of Aries.  What a lovely start to the spring.  However, Mars and Uranus are also holding hands right there by the Sun and Venus.  It’s all opposing the Moon.  The Sun and Venus together should be loving, friendly, relational and creative.  The Sun and Uranus together says big inventions and creations are possible.  Mars hanging out with all these “deities” gives an enormous punch.  It’s all in Aries, the fire sign of initiative and new beginnings.  The bad news:  impulsive actions, accidents, eruptions and fires, sudden illnesses and lots of ego prancing in Washington and other political arenas—even in your own home!  The Moon opposing in Libra offers the light of cooperation and negotiation.  Let the light of the Full Moon bring wisdom and understanding.

The Full Moon also delivers a Jupiter Yod in Gemini.  Opportunities for some people will be life-changing if they can be managed appropriately.  A Saturn Yod in Scorpio means we must adjust to some new responsibilities or some losses (perhaps the economic cut-backs are indicated by this aspect).  The Full Moon day is powerful. There could be talk of war because Mars is in Aries, home base for Mars the warrior.  There could be unexpected violence.  On the positive side, Mercury and Saturn offer some sensibility to the other planets so hopefully there will be thoughtfulness before action.  Patience does not come easy around March 27th.  Watch out for road rage freaks.  Watch out for your own temper.  Stay close to loved ones where you feel safe.  It is not easy to live in our 3 dimensional neighbors and be sensitive to all the energies that are stirred up in those arenas.  That is the hard part of the shift that is happening.  There are fewer boundaries between us and other living fauna and flora!  We are indeed more sensitive to each other, to our environment, to animals, to intangible energies, and we are more sensitive to our inner selves. We are going to learn how to trust and utilize our sensitivity. We have a lot to learn about being “humans without boundaries” who can also function wisely in the 3D earth plane. We have much to learn about being multidimensional.  In the 1979 Dr. Brough Joy published a book titled, Joy’s Way: A Map for the Transformational Journey.  Dr. Joy said,  “You are not inside your body. Your body is inside you.”  Welcome to the new frontier. Welcome to the conscious transformational journey.