Sunday, December 21, 2014

Astro Tips for December 2014

“Don’t you know yet?
It’s your light that lights the world.” By Rumi
The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day and longest night in the northern hemisphere.  This event has been observed and celebrated for thousands of years. The return of the Sun gives us hope that life will go on.  The days will gradually lengthen.  Sun gods and goddesses come out of their caves.  We light candles during the longest night of the year.  We remember those who have passed on to another realm.  We become the light.

This year the Winter Solstice and the New Moon in Capricorn occurred on the same day, December 21th.  At any new moon, seeds are planted for the next life cycle.  The pinecone and the acorn are symbols of the continuation of life throughout the winter cycle. We remember to have faith. The Winter Solstice also initiates the energy of the next few months (until the Spring Equinox).  The astrology of the New Moon/Winter Solstice is abundant in Capricorn energy, the sign that moves us into the next season.  The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto and Venus are lined up in Capricorn, the last earth sign of the zodiac.  Capricorn can climb the highest mountain.  If you are a Capricorn born between December 21 and early January, these planets in your sign invite you to have a board meeting with yourself!  Make plans, set goals, write things down, and get passionate about your life.

For the rest of us, we have Capricorn somewhere in our horoscopes.  We are motivated in some area of life to make things happen. Capricorn utilizes all that is available to build structures to contain and hold what we value.  The highest Capricorn act is to do the job because it needs to be done, not because we should do it or because we will receive honor, fame or money from it.  Think about your life and ponder what area(s) (family, career, children, health & healing, making a living, finding friendship/community, spiritual development) seems to call you right now for deep concentration and focus.  Capricorn is practical.  Capricorn is not a dreamer sign. It is a ”do it” energy.  Break down any problems or goals into components and take one step at a time.

The other big news here at the end of 2014 is about planet Saturn.  Saturn has been visiting the sign of Scorpio for two years.  This Tuesday, December 23, Saturn steps into Sagittarius.  It will return for a final visit in Scorpio during June, July, August and part of September, at which time it steps into Sagittarius for two full years.

Saturn is about reality. What you see is what you get. Life may be “maya” (illusion) but a wall is still a wall.  Until the discovery of Uranus with the use of a telescope in the 1700’s, Saturn was the last planet visible in the sky. Hence Saturn was the boundary of our known sky and universe.  Saturn still contains this symbology of limitation and boundary, and of course life lessons.  In Scorpio, Saturn’s lessons pertain to life’s mysteries. What can I know? What can I not know? Issues of stagnation, intimacy, resources, elimination, release and the big questions about death can be on the agenda when Saturn visits Scorpio. Where do I stand on these issues?  How do I deal with my own darkness? How do I keep my physical energy alive and pumping?  Can I rejuvenate after loss, defeat, and illness or near death experience?  Saturn in Scorpio tempts us to go inward and to hold on to trouble.  We must learn to let go, breathe, and release what no longer belongs in our life.

When Saturn spends time in Sagittarius, the focus shifts to belief systems, the law, philosophy and religion.  Saturn can make one stubborn and stagnant.  If you are a Sagittarius person, pay attention to what you believe and how attached you are to it.  Can you be open to alternative ways of thinking?  During the next two and one half years, we might see a lot of hubris on the part of people who hold tight to their religious beliefs and their social agendas.  Keeping an open mind will be very important.   It is imperative to make our priority the search for truth. Can we ever know the total truth?  Maybe not, but we can hold the ideal of seeking it.  Sagittarius rules far away places, including space travel.  If we aren’t going to travel in a physical space ship, we might find we are travelling in our dreams or we are becoming more open to the life that exists in this vast universe. These are the higher domains of Sagittarius.  Keeping ourselves locked into our ego beliefs will be tempting during Saturn’s time in Sagittarius. The challenge is to break free of ego and open the mind, heart and soul.

Planets Uranus and Pluto made another exact encounter this month (the encounter is called a square aspect, one of tension and irritation).  In our personal lives and on the collective stage we see irritation; we see sudden death for no good reason; we see flaws in our judicial system; we see the growth of oligarchy and the shrinking of a solid middle class to help keep some balance; we see unimaginable suffering. The fight for change (Uranus) and the struggle to let go of what doesn’t work anymore (Pluto) is slow and painful to watch (and be participating in).  We put our energy where passion calls and hope to make a small difference. Meanwhile, we try to practice kindness to all who come within our realm. 

We close this year with hope and faith, based on strong earthy Capricorn.  But we also enter a new year with the wisdom that beliefs and value systems based on closed mindedness and selfishness are hard to change.

What we can do is remember Rumi’s poem.  It is our light that lights the world. Together our lights are very bright and getting brighter.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Astro Tips for December 6th Full Moon in Gemini-2014

The Full Moon in Gemini occurs on Saturday, December 6th.  A full moon always opposes the Sun, in this case, a Sagittarius Sun.  Gemini is gobs and gobs of information.  Gemini is curious and full of details.  Sagittarius wants to know why, or at least wants to understand the big picture.  The Sun, Mercury and Venus trio in Sagittarius lifts our spirits.  The Moon in Gemini encourages communication. Some of that communication is with others and some communication needs to be internal.

These few days under the influence of the full moon, we may have a busy, busy mind trying to figure out the big picture of our lives.  Neptune gets involved with both the Sun and Moon and causes us to have confusing thoughts AND big dreams.  However, this energy is excellent for meditation.  I just attended Kenny Kolter’s Gong Meditation at Dallas Yoga Center.  Strong energy!  Sagittarius is one of the rulers of music—the celestial vibrations of music. Gemini is the details and the dexterity of making music while Sagittarius is the overall effect and meaning.  I came away from the Gong Meditation full of energy, ideas (there’s the Gemini), visions and love.  Keep in mind that this time of year is full of superb music, much of it coming from higher realms of the cosmos.  In December, while the Sun is moving through the constellation of Sagittarius, it lines up with the center of our galaxy.  Perhaps December is special because we are receiving special energy from our Milky Way galaxy.

Neptune involved with the Sun and Moon might bring beautiful dreamtime to some folks.  Others might be challenged to address problems and/or addictions with this configuration.  We want our holiday season to be fun and happy.  We might fall back on old strategies that help us cope with anything that stands in the way of our expectations and ideals.  This year the old strategies are bigger than usual because Neptune helps us go to a place of self-denial (like my behavior isn’t that bad!). Don’t forget, though, that Neptune also brings inspiration and beauty. It just depends on the situation and the individuals involved. This holiday season has the potential to bring spiritual uplifting.  Neptune is the planetary energy that helps us connect with the spiritual dimension.

There is big triangle in the element of fire.  The Sun, Jupiter and Uranus all in the fire signs give us enthusiasm and optimism.  We feel like we can accomplish any dream.  As the Sun continues it journey it eventually reaches the solid ground of Capricorn.  The Winter Solstice, on December 21, encourages us to embody the beautiful energy of life on earth.  The Winter Solstice holds us in the moment as we contemplate the joy and seriousness of our life.  We begin to understand what ideas and dreams can manifest physically.

Enjoy the full moon in Gemini.  Socializing this weekend brings people together for common goals.  Let the tribes connect!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Astro Tips - New Moon in Sagittarius, November 22, 2014

(With gratitude for all that we have experienced in 2014 IN SPITE OF the crazy fight to heal humanity's karma and create a just world. . . Happy Thanksgiving!)

After months of “drag your feet” syndrome, all of a sudden so much seems to be happening at once.  What is really happening is our awareness.  We are flooded with awareness of where we are and what is truly happening.  2014 has been a year of awakening – a year of clashing with established ways of doing things – a year of rebellion in many odd costumes (Tea Party people are also rebels!)– another year of violence and war – a memorable year of plutocrats looking down on the masses.  For example, in Denton, Texas….the citizens voted to prohibit fracking in their community.  A proposition forbidding fracking easily passed in the November election. Case closed.  Not so fast.  The Republican Railroad Commissioner said, “It’s my job to give permits, not Denton’s.”  The Commissioner plans to continue “fracking as usual” in spite of the ballot box. 

Yes, it has been quite a year.  The New Moon for December on November 22 is in the early degrees of Sagittarius.  Mars in Capricorn has moved away from the darkness of Pluto.  We find ourselves taking action based on our beliefs and our sense of responsibility.  Neptune, the planet most associated with falling asleep and ignoring the practical side of life, is now headed in direct motion. Instead of sleepy denial of reality, we are suddenly obsessed with idealism and aspirations to make things better.  Go with it!  Some people are saturated with creative thoughts and dreams for a better world.  Neptune is the veil that separates us from the other dimensions. This New Moon in Sagittarius make a strong connection with Neptune. We are longing to learn new things.  We are determined to promote what we believe in.  A triangle of fire between Venus, Jupiter and Uranus keeps pumping us with energy to express our convictions.

The Moon at zero degrees of Sagittarius sits close to Saturn in the late degrees of Scorpio.  Somewhere inside we know we can plant new seeds.  Saturn has almost finished its visit to serious Scorpio.  The past has been painfully reviewed. We can stop now and think instead about the future.  The heaviness of the Moon so close to Saturn is just to remind us to tune in to what we truly value.  There is no need for depression.  Saturn will step into the sign of Sagittarius around December 23.  Our focus will be on the future rather than the pain of the past.  Accept the death of all that now passes away and cannot be brought back to this realm.  Say final words of forgiveness for anything that has been a disappointment. Then look into the dark earth for your own new seeds taking root.  It’s time to step out of our narrow emotional well and greet the world with open arms. Open up.  Sagittarius rules the search for higher truth.  With the New Moon in Sagittarius, we take a deep breath and say yes to new opportunities that allow us to expand and grow.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Astro Tips November 2014

Every Moment by Rumi (Ghazal number 26, translated by Nader Khalili)

“a voice /out of this world /calls on our soul / to wake up and rise…

this soul of ours / is like a flame /with more smoke than light / blackening our vision / letting no light through

lessen the smoke and / more light brightens your house / the house you dwell in now / and the abode / you’ll eventually move to

now my precious soul / how long are you going to / waste yourself / in this wandering journey / can’t you hear the voice / can’t you use your swifter wings / and answer the call.”

We will look back on 2014 as a year of awakening.  Uranus has been delivering the stimulus to kick us into consciousness about ourselves and the World we live in.  Yes, we live in difficult times. But we also live in a time of awakening to our connection with all that is.  Every moment we are bombarded with information that tells us that everything has consciousness.  We are beginning to comprehend that we are a part of a Universe that is mysterious, alive and interconnected.  Pluto has been trying to tear away old structures to allow for new growth and new paradigms.  Things that don’t work anymore and belief systems that are dead are slowly corroding, but it takes time.  Planet Saturn represents time.  Saturn has been visiting the Scorpio place all year.  Scorpio is a fixed sign so Saturn in Scorpio has held us back and it has kept the status quo in place. A fixed sign wants to be sure about things before taking a new step.  Judging from current mid-term elections, there is still much hesitation about taking new steps.  As a collective we seem to remain attached to our separation rather than our unity.

Well thank goodness we are about to get more light on the subject of awakening to our responsibilities as a homo spiritus species!  As the November Full Moon approach on November 6th, the Sun, Saturn, Venus and Mercury are all holding hands in the sign of Scorpio.  The fixed nature of Scorpio is about to intensify and shift.  Saturn, the timekeeper, delivers a mature, serious tone and Scorpio planets recognize that the time has come to make some decisions and to commit to the next life chapter. Venus (what we value) and Saturn (what we are destined to do) join together to bring devotion to the soul’s path.  Mercury also joins with Saturn during the month.  Mercury is communication, but it also relates to commerce, the market place and the corporate office.  New decisions regarding career direction could be on coming for many of us.  Our destinies are unfolding.

The full moon time of the month brings increased light to the darkness…the darkness of the psyche, the unconscious, and our hidden agendas.  This full moon on November 6th occurs in the sign of Taurus.  Taurus tells us to value the good life.  Enjoy yourself, and let life be easy. Taurus is about holding on to what we have (the house, our bank accounts, our relationships) but the opposite sign, Scorpio, slowly lets go of what has been acquired and proceeds to die and be reborn into a new life. Rumi’s words in the poem “lessen the smoke and more light brightens your house…..” crystallize the polarity  of Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus is our earthly house; Scorpio holds a hint of the abode that will come later. Scorpio intuitively seeks that next life, whether it is the next life chapter or another dimension of existence. Furthermore, Taurus enjoys the sensuality of life while Scorpio seeks intimacy and the hidden meaning of the sensual life. Taurus is building and maintaining while Scorpio is already seeing the transformation that will come later.

The Sun is transiting Scorpio until November 22.  Scorpio’s rulers, Mars and Pluto, will come into a conjunction this month on November 10th.  When Mars and Pluto face off, we have intense energy that longs to find an outlet for powerful activity.  It could be a football game, an argument, an intense passion directed into romance (or a creative, money-making project), or it could get channeled into war.   Mars and Pluto will hold this space together in the sign of Capricorn, the ruler of the “establishment” (the government) and the corporate world.  Maybe there will be political fireworks or acceleration of aggression/ war activities.   Mars and Pluto together is definitely martial energy.  In addition, Mars will square Uranus during this period and that indicates surprises or sudden events; and it also encourages risk taking.  We need discernment to help us with our risk taking.  And we should be cautious and careful around the full moon and into the next week.  Mars square Uranus is a signature of accidents.  It can also lead to sudden upsets or life changes that are beyond our control. This doesn’t mean disaster.  Maybe somebody gets a windfall or life takes a favorable direction that just happens out of nowhere.

On the personal level, we have excitement, passion and energy.  Of course most of this package will be directed into our current earthly existence. However, when the Sun travels through the sign of Scorpio, we are close to the underworld where our true treasures reside.  Taurus is the earthly life that focuses on physical sustenance, pleasure and abundance.  Scorpio is the shadow life that longs to know the meaning of this life and to experience the deep wonders life offers.

“now my precious soul / how long are you going to / waste yourself / in this wandering journey / can’t you hear the voice / can’t you use your swifter wings / and answer the call.”

For many people, the month of November brings them closer to their soul destiny.  On the collective stage, we have a karmic destiny to address:  how long will we continue to witness people living in fear and bloodshed?  Are we any closer to finding resolution to generational, cultural and religious hatred?  As my teacher, Bhola Banstola said,  “when we undergo initiations we are BEGINNING the process. We are not masters yet, we are initiates.”  Life is one initiation after another!  Every month, in a subtle way, we begin again.  Collectively we begin again to address inequality, conflict and killing fields.  Individually we begin again by gaining another piece of the puzzle of our soul’s journey.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Solar Eclipse October 23, 2014

This Solar Eclipse will encourage us to seek a deeper relationship with our self, and from that place we will know the nature of our outer relationships.

Eclipses happen every six months and they occur in pairs (a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse).  The Lunar Eclipse on October 8 stimulated our passions and gave us a kick to free ourselves of obstacles holding us back.  Now the Solar Eclipse approaches on Thursday, October 23.  We are given additional energy to refine our life journey. 

You might say a Solar Eclipse is a powerful, impactful New Moon.  The Moon steps between the Earth and the Sun.  On a psychological level, this event blocks the ego (the Sun) and pushes us into moments of darkness where the psyche (the Moon) can intuitively grasp new awareness, awakening, direction and truth.  For a few moments the ego “blacks out” and forgets itself.  Something hidden, or something new is available.

This Solar Eclipse is partial, meaning that the Moon does not completely block out the Sun. Perhaps this means that the Sun (the ego part) and the Moon (the unconscious part) have a chance to unite or communicate in some way that cannot be missed. 

Be true to yourself and love yourself.

The Sun and Moon are just entering the sign of Scorpio for this New Moon Solar Eclipse on Thursday.  Planet Venus is sitting right with them at the same degree.  Venus speaks to us about our values (how we value ourselves as well as WHAT we value).  Venus also addresses relationships.  Basically, it seems that this New Moon Solar Eclipse is about being in relationship with oneself. The old adage, “to thine own self be true,” comes to mind.  If we are true to ourselves, then perhaps we can be in healthier relationships with others.  Repeat:  a Solar Eclipse is a New Moon with powerful impact.  This eclipse promises to affect our relationships and teach us about love.

Venus is “relational” so Venus with Sun and Moon is super-relational, charming and loving. The energy of the Sun, Moon and Venus is just slipping into Scorpio. What does that mean?  It means we are going deeper in our search to understand our relationships.  What are we getting from our relationship with our self and others?  Do we have enough self-understanding and self-appreciation? Do we have enough intimacy with others? Do we have enough sharing? Is there passion?  Is there equality in the relationship?  Is there deep love? 

Perhaps this eclipse will encourage us to seek a deeper relationship with our self and from that place, we will know the nature of our outer relationships. This eclipse will also support us in knowing our own truth and in speaking our truth.

The pairing of Mercury and Pluto can be blunt, but full of truth.

Planet Mercury (communication) and the North Node of the Moon (soul purpose energizer) are visiting the sign of Libra together and they are making a challenging connection with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. Don’t be surprised if you or someone else “speaks the truth” without even planning to do so.  The pairing of Mercury and Pluto can be blunt, but truthful.  Uranus in the mix contributes a surprise quality.  The truth will be helpful.  The Solar Eclipse trio—Sun, Moon, Venus—is hopefully kind and loving enough to understand and forgive any harshness.  Furthermore, the North Node stimulates us to develop whatever skills we need to move forward with our purpose here on Earth.  The honesty factor may come from within as an enormous wake-up call from life itself.

We are under the spell of any eclipse for six months.

Remember, we are under the spell of any eclipse three months prior and three month after the actual eclipse date.  The issues we are dealing with--whether relationship, career, money, health, children, or anything else--have been in the spotlight for a while.  This week is a peak moment for examining what is going on in our lives.  The next three months give us a time frame for action, release, resolution, and or creation of something new.  Enthusiasm, integrity . . . kindness and love can take us there.

by Hafiz (Persia, 14th C)

All this time
The sun never says to the earth,

“You owe

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the

(translation by Daniel Ladinsky)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Astro Tips for October Lunar Eclipse 2014

We are approaching the full moon lunar eclipse on Wednesday October 8.  This full moon in Aires will be lined up with (or conjunct) planet Uranus and squaring Pluto. This Uranus square Pluto configuration has been with us all year.  This eclipse period may be giving us a chance to grasp what the first part of 2014 was about. From January to July we were bombarded by continual intense energy.  Whiplash. Eggbeater brains. Mars hammering in the same sign for months. The long transit of Mars in Libra kept us saying “yes ma’am” when maybe we wanted to say something else.  Many of us buried uncomfortable “stuff” and hoped some problems would magically go away.  They didn’t of course. Now here we have the Lunar Eclipse to help us see in the darkness of our minds that what we feared has many names and issues.  However, Uranus in the mix, along with Pluto (and Venus as well), may help us blink our eyes and yell, “freedom”! If we have felt suppressed or silenced in some way, now is the time to stand up and breathe.  We can break free of things that we believed were holding us back.  Aries is the sign of the courageous warrior.  Whether the desire is physical or spiritual in nature, this Aries full moon eclipse can push us further along on our personal journey.  There may be a lot of clatter and waving of fists but many of us will declare some form of freedom this month. 

There is an accompanying configuration in the fire signs that ignites our passion and gives us the optimism that we can do whatever we set our minds to.  The configuration is called “grand trine” and it is actually the formation of an equilateral triangle between planets…in this case, 3 planets in fire signs.  Fire energy is enthusiastic and creative. Artistic projects have a big whistle to get going.  Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo, and Uranus in Aires give us hope.  In spite of all the troubles in the world, we can’t help but want to live life fully right now.  Let us maintain compassion for those who are less fortunate; those who continue to suffer with illness or with revolutions and maniacs at their doors.  If the big grand trine in fire gives you the message to go help in some way, you probably will. If it causes you to get down on your knees and thank the stars above for your good life, that is perfect. If the Venus/Jupiter/Uranus blast shows you an outline for your creative work, say thank you and get going.

In reading about the planetary arrangements for October, I came across one astrologer who reminded us that we have a cellular memory of fear surrounding eclipses.  Only learned astronomers/astrologers knew when these big eclipse events were going to occur.  On some level we may retain our awe and fear of what happens in the sky when the earth comes between the Sun and the Moon causing the Moon to become eerie and red.  We live in a time when powerful telescopes roam the galaxy and send pictures to our computer screens.  We know we have nothing literal to fear from an eclipse. Still, eclipses stir up the psyche.  Whether we believe it or not, we are connected to this phenomenon on Wednesday, October 8, and we will have our own unique great events in the next few weeks. 

When it is time, my star will shine!  (Yoruba proverb)

Linda Sprague


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2014

T-Cross: Pluto in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra.  Life is an eggbeater!

On May 19th planet Mars stood still for a moment at 9 degrees of Libra and then hurried on his way through the sign of harmony and balance.  During this Full Moon Mars is again connecting with Uranus and Pluto (like it did in April). This time we have a T-cross where Mars and Uranus oppose each other and Pluto stands in between them.  Once again we are trapped in a room with irritability, sudden outbursts of discontent, or very big surprises.  As my astrologer friend, Alison, says:  “This is the eggbeater effect.”  Yes, it feels like I am in a mixing bowl and I am the subject of the eggbeater.  This configuration is ultimately about awakening and breaking through to a new life.  We are challenged to examine our thoughts and behavior as well as the behavior of the significant people in our lives. 

Full Moon at 22 degrees of Sagittarius on June 12-June 13: the truth can set you free!

The blender experience (set on maximum speed) is happening during the full moon in Sagittarius.  The full moon occurs close to midnight on Thursday, June 12 (CST).  The full light of the moon in Sagittarius encourages us to have an open mind and to reach for the truth.  The Sun in Gemini is a basket full of information to help us with that truth.  Sometimes Sagittarius is downright full of itself so we must be careful to question our own egos, our opinions and having things our own way.  The good use of this full moon is to open the mind to higher truth.  Remember, the full moon helps us see more clearly in the dark.  The darkness is the stuff we might want to ignore, but with this full moon we cannot escape what our higher self wants us to know.

You are walking down a totally dark street. Finally you come to the streetlight and you stand under it and feel relief

With a T-cross (also called T-square) between Pluto, Uranus and Mars, it is unlikely that we can ignore the shadows lurking in our peripheral vision.  Might as well stand under the street lamp and ask for the truth to show itself.  Revelation does not have to arrive at the precise moment of the full moon. Insights and awakenings have been appearing since the new moon in Gemini on May 28.  Revelation might take the form of better communication, more efficient fact-finding, or clearer life direction.  You will know it when you know it! 

Neptune in Pisces enters retrograde period from June 9 to November 15.  Imagine you live in a multidimensional universe and enjoy it!

In the midst of this pressure cooker and eggbeater experience, we have had an important event. Neptune, ruler of spirituality (and chaos) went retrograde just before the full moon. Retrograde periods intensify the activity of any planet.  Retrograde Neptune intensifies sensitivity, intuitive insight, emotional/spiritual perception, creative imagination/inspiration, meditative/mystical experiences, faith healing, love for the arts and a compelling attraction & connection with all of life (including animals, minerals and especially water).  In spite of the harshness on planet earth that we witness everyday, it is my belief that a majority of folks are awakening to a loving connection with all that is.  I am not suggesting that every sensitive goose bump you get means you have reached Nirvana. We still need feedback and counsel from others to insure we are of sound mind. [Reminder:  Neptune and the sign of Pisces both rule the sublime realms, and they also rule craziness!]  What I am suggesting is share your unique gifts.  Be open to other people’s gifts.  During these next five months, find a way to preserve your experiences with: the extraordinary reality of other dimensions, your communication with animals and nature, and your awareness of consciousness within all of life.  Starting with this full moon in Sagittarius, pretend you are Rumi!

Every Moment
By Rumi

a voice
out of this world
calls on our soul
to wake up and rise

this soul of ours
is like a flame
with more smoke than light
blackening our vision
letting no light through

lessen the smoke and
more light brightens your house
the house you dwell in now
and the abode
you’ll eventually move to

now my precious soul
how long are you going to
waste yourself
in this wandering journey
can’t you hear the voice
can’t you use your swifter wings
and answer the call?

Ghazal number 26
Translated by Nader Khalili

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mercury retrograde June 7 to July 1, 2014

Mercury retrograde June 7 to July 1, 2014.  What, another retrograde planet? Arg.  Mercury entered its second retrograde phase of 2014 on June 7 at 3 degrees of Cancer.  As if we have not had enough retrograde energy this year!  First we had Venus, then Mercury, then Mars, and now Mercury again all retrograde since January 1.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer=I feel
Mercury retrograde in Gemini=I perceive

The sign of Cancer has so much to do with what we need and getting our needs met. Mercury retrograde in Cancer gives us time to ponder those needs, perhaps on a feeling level.  On June 17 Mercury backs into Gemini and that gives us time to be curious about our needs.  Do I really need another pair of sandals?  Do I really need to cut back on sugar and carbs?   We may return to some previous thinking about how to take care of ourselves.  Maybe we have to re-try to communicate to someone what our needs really are.  Maybe we will be re-learning something we didn’t get the first time.  Also we might hear from old friends.  Mercury rules the sign of Gemini.  Mercury in Gemini is about perceiving, gathering data and communicating information.  (Mercury also rules Virgo. In Virgo, Mercury analyzes the data.)  Mercury is also the planet of transportation.  Time to get the car overhauled. During this Mercury retrograde that continues until July 1, we might want to pay special attention to information and signals that come our way. 

Remember, Mercury retrograde is not a bad thing. It happens three times this year.  These retrograde periods give us an opportunity to (1) think out of the box, (2) step out of ordinary time, (3) re-think what we are doing here and (4) refine how we communicate.  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mars goes direct in Libra-May 19, 2014

Mars goes direct today at 9 degrees of Libra.  Mars stepped into Libra, sign of the Scales (balance and justice), in early December.  On the first of March Mars turned retrograde in Libra. Now today that retrograde phase is ending and Mars can pick up some speed and hurry on through this long cycle in Libra.  Mars will not finish the Libra transit until July 25th (when Mars journeys into Scorpio).

Mars is passion and Libra is polite passion.

Every two years Mars makes a retrograde cycle that keeps it attached to one sign for a number of months.  This time it’s seven months in Libra. Mars is associated with desire, passion, survival, action, courage, leadership, assertion, aggression, war, volatility and of course, anger.  In the sign of Libra, Mars holds back on the anger.  Or anger takes a verbal, mental approach rather than a physical approach.  Libra is a relational sign.  Planet Venus rules Libra and therefore the aim is for harmony and balance in human associations.  Libra is one of the signs associated with legal matters.  Balancing the scales and seeking justice belong to Libra.  Libra is the energy that propels us towards relationship.  By that I mean relational interaction, partnering (rather than casual connection), and contractual agreements.  These matters have been in the forefront since December.  For some people Mars in Libra has brought a lot of ups and downs in relationships since December. For some people Mars in Libra has meant legal divorce and it has probably taken time an energy to have a divorce seem right to both parties.

We need new strategies and tools for relating. 

My hunch is that this long, drawn-out attention to relational matters has given us time to gain insight about ourselves and other people.  Perhaps we are trying to find new strategies for managing our relationships.  Now that Mars has become direct we can try to put new thinking and new strategies in motion.  For example, maybe we want to try to talk like adults rather than shut down and sulk.  Or maybe we have learned that we have to be more assertion and less passive.

I’m also thinking that some of us may have re-connected with friends from the past. Whether it’s new people or people from before, this long Mars cycle in Libra makes relationships very important.

Mars helps us survive.

Finally, Mars rules our blood and muscles. Without Mars we can’t get out of bed in the morning.  Mars is the rushing energy that gives us desire to go run, or do yoga or play baseball.  Mars is the energy that in some way determines how well we survive in our lifetime.  These months of Mars in Libra have been terrific for some people. Some people are thriving and getting what they desire. Other people are stuck and suffering.  They have lost jobs. They have lost their homes in tornados.  Some people have been ill. Mars rules sudden fevers and illnesses as well as accidents.  We send good energy to all, but especially to those who have suffered in their level of survival during the past months.  Hopefully Mars returning to direct motion will help all of us with the matters that have been difficult since the beginning of the year.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio, May 14, 2014

THE FULL MOON IN SCORPIO (Wednesday May 14) sits in the lap of transiting Saturn in Scorpio and they travel across the sky.  This gives us the message to consider our situation. The past four weeks have been hectic, fast, intense, and for some folks, downright troublesome/miserable/challenging.  We are living on a fast paced rotating orb of life.   Our social fabric is being rewoven.  Our buildings are being shaken.  Our political landscape is downright bizarre.  The full moon in Scorpio with Saturn in Scorpio gives us a minute to stop and rest.  Settle down and reflect on the past few weeks. 

Watery Scorpio pushes us into the deep end of the pool. Whether you dive down deep or just tread water, it’s time to get in touch with feelings and impulses that have been hiding out in the shadows. Saturn is reality and practicality.  Time to get real. Are you behaving like a grown-up or not? What do you want to do with your time here on Earth (“time” is another Saturn word)? What have you learned in the past months that have flown by like a cascading water fall.  Can you remember January? Time to sit and be quiet.  No hot yoga during this full moon.  Breathe and contemplate.  It doesn’t have to be a silent retreat for a year.  Just ring a bell, or take a walk, or sing a song or do a slow dance and just be.  What are you feeling?  Don’t be afraid.  Something down deep is trying to surface.  Saturn will help you sit with it and turn it into wisdom. 

A full moon in Scorpio sitting with Saturn in Scorpio feels kind of serious. However, after writing that little musing, the info that surfaced for me was pretty simple:  The little voice said, “get your oil changed.”  Seriously this year is flying by. I think I forgot the 5,000 mile rule. In short, the hidden information morsel may be something very practical. Don’t dive so deep you hit your head, ok?

This Full Moon period has some romantic indicators for those who are interested. Venus and Uranus are holding hands in Aries.  This is great for sudden attractions.  Whether they last depends on other factors, but for some people, this is a powerful romantic time.  Mars is still hanging out in the sign of Libra (love and partnership) and that Mars is aspecting the Venus/Uranus duet.  There could be some hot sparks in the relationship/romance department.

Planet Neptune and Mercury are in a challenging line-up and maybe that is good. No matter how far gone you are in love, the Mercury/Neptune tells you to hold on to a few brain cells.  Also Mars makes an uncomfortable connection with Neptune.  So Mars, action and desire, is trying to adjust to idealistic Neptune.  Desire wants to stay cool but holding back is hard. It’s easy right now to get carried away. There is one big obstacle to throwing caution to the wind:  The FULL MOON IS IN SCORPIO WITH SATURN IN SCORPIO AND THAT SPELLS RESTRAINT!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Annular Eclipse of the Sun. April 29, 2014

New Moon joins the Sun at 8 degrees of Taurus
Annular Eclipse of the Sun—Ring of Fire Eclipse

April 29, 2014

On the human, everyday radio station, irritability and short fuse syndrome continue to make many of us feel frazzled.  Routine annoyances like bad drivers, noise, over stimulation and other people’s problems make us want to retreat to a quiet cave. But some of that intense energy is starting to settle down as the Sun has moved into Taurus and the Grand Cross of two weeks ago begins to separate and dissolve.  On a more subtle frequency, we are tuning in to a new seed being planted with this new moon Solar Eclipse occurring April 29th shortly after midnight (8 degrees of Taurus).

This full Annular Eclipse will be visible only in Antarctica.  A partial eclipse is visible over most of Australia and the southern Indian Ocean. An annular eclipse happens when a narrow ring of the Sun remains visible beyond the dark mask of the Moon. It is called a ring of fire eclipse and annular eclipses are very rare.

We can all feel new potential and get hints about our desires.  Some tuned in people may experience new consciousness being downloaded into their cells.  Something new is planted during the darkness, aided by the ring of fire brightening our psyches.

Back to the human dimension, the bigger issue with the eclipse is a quincunx aspect between Mercury in Taurus and Mars in Libra.  The Sun, new Moon and Mercury are all connected during this time.  Mars makes an awkward connection with Mercury (the mind, analysis, communication) and by association pulls in the Sun and Moon.  Relationships are touchy and we keep trying to adjust our sense of self and who with are with another person or even a group.  There is awkwardness on the one hand between digging in our heels and being stubborn in our own needs and on the other hand, being drawn to accommodate someone else. 

The polarity of Taurus and Scorpio is also center stage because Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio opposing the Sun/Moon/Mercury trio in Taurus.  Saturn always wants us to focus on our job and responsibilities. Saturn brings groundedness and stability. Taurus is the tree.  Scorpio is the root of the tree.  This polarity is fixed and earthy but it’s also volcanic! Taurus, ruled by Venus, wants to hold on to all that is solid and precious; Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto, might be ready to explode, change or eliminate something.  The tree could get uprooted. Could be something simple like last year’s summer wardrobe; it could be something major like where you live or who you live with.  Remember that some releasing takes time. Don’t feel like everything has to happen on Tuesday, April 29th.  If all we do is ask the question,  “what is in accordance with my highest good?” we are inviting the energy of this eclipse period to support us on our journey. 

Linda Sprague

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Astro Tips for April 2014


The New Moon in Aries happened on March 30.  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra will occur on April 15th.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus is April 29th.  The Grand Square (also called Grand Cross) is April 21st.  Busy month!  I am mostly writing about the Grand Cross:  Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.  First, about the eclipses . . .

Lunar Eclipse connects with Mars in Libra:  pay attention to all relationships

Eclipses come in two’s, a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.  There are two sets of eclipses each year.  The energy of the eclipse can give a person a particular emphasis or subject for up to 6 months.  If the eclipse connects with your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus or Mars, it might impact your life in a big way that involves struggles or windfalls (it can be either one).  Sometimes the eclipse just impacts a particular department in your life. For example, you might spend several months making a job change or moving to another location.  The lunar eclipse on April 15th is a full moon in Libra (25degrees) where it connects with Mars and the North Node in Libra.  Relationship issues are front and center.  There could be sudden disruptions or endings in relationships.  There could be sudden new relationships that impact your future.  There could be arguments to clear the air. As we move towards the eclipse date, relationships (their challenges or allure) will be stirred up.  We can work with the energy to find a new direction or a resolution.

On April 29th, we have the solar eclipse with a new moon in sturdy, earthy Taurus (8 degrees).  This eclipse looks calmer in spite of the big Grand Square/Cross that is also present.  Maybe the Taurus energy will bring us back to a sense of stability and security.

The Uranus-Pluto Square:  transforming stagnant energy in ourselves and in the collective

We continue to experience the powerful, intense connection with planets Uranus and Pluto.  Remember this is a major planetary cycle that began with Uranus and Pluto conjunct in Virgo in 1965-1966.  Have you noticed how many news items include information about the 60’s, especially with regard to civil rights/voting rights?  This cycle will continue for many years to come.  Currently we are living through the first big challenge to the “revolution” or “awakening” that began in the 60’s.  Pluto is the break down, “get rid of the stagnant energy” agent while Uranus is the inventive, break through planet.  However, Pluto also rules the plutocracy and its wealth controlling system.  Those who have the wealth and are in control want to keep the stagnant status-quo methods in place.  They are not interested in any Uranus, brotherhood of mankind, equality-for-all, experience!  These opposing forces have been doing a fierce battle since June 2012.  The month of April is another moment of intense confrontation between Pluto and Uranus as society continues to struggle to find a new system that will work better on our planet. This time two more planets are in the mix (Mars and Jupiter).  The bigger picture says we are undergoing profound changes in ourselves, in our society and on our planet.

When an astrologer talks like this, it’s easy to think we are suggesting a cause and effect phenomenon.  Not quite.  There is a connection or relationship between big planetary cycles and what goes on here on planet Earth.  How it plays out is, in many ways, up to us.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as we breathe our way through the month of April.  Do not hold your breath. Keep breathing!

Mars in aspect to Uranus means short fuses are everywhere.  Spontaneous eruptions of discontent—on the road, in the grocery store, in the classroom, in the kitchen, bedroom…you get the idea.  The dialogue between fiery Mars and independent Uranus is about impulsive behavior, speech and anger.  Mars is transiting Libra, the sign of balance, harmony and relationship.  How frustrating to have all this commotion upsetting our need to believe we are in good relationships.  Whatever issues are there will surface with this big bang going on.  Mars is aspecting Jupiter as well.  This also suggests big, spontaneous outbursts stemming from irritated egos.

Then there is Mars yelling at Pluto.   Mars and Pluto can produce repressed, unconscious anger coming from the depths.  Pluto can be mean and Mars acts out meanness with words or even violence.  Since Mars is currently in air sign Libra, the anger is more likely to take the form of words.  These insights offered by astrology do not indicate the end of the world or the end of your life.  They are offered as data to help us navigate the river.  One strategy is to hop into your canoe, head for the middle of the river where you can ride the current.

Facing challenges and opportunities is a good idea.  We do need to be conscious and awake.

These spring days are full of more than showers and flowers.  These are days of challenge and opportunity that can generate honesty inside us. We have the challenge to acknowledge our own deep discontent and anger.  We have the opportunity to find ways to breakthrough the old patterns and move to higher ground.  We can experience this months as a “grand cross to bear” or we can ask,  “what is the grand cross to bear good for?”  What can we do with it?  Study something new?  Get involved in a social or political cause? Have an honest conversation with a person we are struggling with?  Make a commitment to change certain life style habits?

With Mars so active this month it is good to have physical exercise to move the energy through the body.  It is also good to express yourself if you are upset.  On the positive side, this intense planetary energy will encourage us to get strong through exercise and self-improvement programs.  One cautionary note:  do not overdo it.
The influence of Mars/Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter can mean we push too hard too fast and end up back at base camp with an injury.  Keep it smooth and pace yourself.

Pluto—the urge to die and be reborn

Clean out closets, the refrigerator and your car.  Get ride of what you don’t need anymore.  The way to live with Pluto is:  first of all, take responsibility for our own negative junk and work on it.  Deep issues may come to the surface now and they need the right kind of attention.  Also, to be on good terms with Pluto it is important to make sure you don’t eat rotten food, or, metaphorically, don’t eat rotten energy.  What does that mean?  If we bump into negative, toxic energy we constrict in our solar plexus and in our heart center.  It could be an environment, a situation, a memory or a person.  It is something that does not align with our energy.  It just feels wrong and we want to get away from it.  Then we need to release it from our energy field so it doesn’t stick around.  Finally, find ways to clean up your act without getting sick if at all possible.  However, don’t beat up on yourself if you do get sick.  Illnesses can be experienced as a de-toxing event:  cleansing and preparing for a new lifestyle or new consciousness about self.  Die and be reborn.  Mantra for Pluto:  I ask for balance between MY will and HIGHER will.

Uranus—the urge to be free

Uranus gives us the urge to be free.  This means something different to everyone.  Find out what it means to you.  What beliefs do you have around the words, “personal freedom”?  Is it allowed in your belief system? Uranus says, be yourself. How do feel about expressing who you are and not always trying to conform to a situation?  Uranus is the rebel, not the conformist.  What is the balance between cooperation and individuality?

Uranus—the call to awakening

“Human consciousness is approaching a narrow point in time when human evolution speeds up tremendously and makes a jump into a new level of consciousness.  We become something greater than what is now called human.” (Drunvalo Melchiadek.  The Mayan Ouroboros, p. 14)

Uranus is the planet of awakening.  If we don’t examine our beliefs, if we aren’t honest about our discontent, if we haven’t learned how to be aware of our unconscious behavior patterns when we are angry and triggered, how will we ever AWAKEN and be members of a cosmic universe?  We don’t have to be perfect. We do need to be conscious and awake.   How can we be a part of the shift in planetary frequency if we aren’t conscious enough to catch a glimpse of it?  In spite of the plutocracy, Pluto is tearing down what doesn’t need to be there anymore.  Maybe we have to see how bad the system is before it comes crashing down.  Maybe it is our consciousness that causes the crash.

Live as if we are entering a new dimension, a New Earth

Delores Canon, author of The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth, works with hypnotherapy.  She has written about people and their past lives and their experiences with alien life.  She has also written about people who are here on planet earth at this amazing time because they want to be here for the new dimensional shift that is occurring.  She maintains that many of these souls have not lived on earth before or they are from other “places” in the universe; and they truly want to be here right now.  Admittedly so many tragic things happen.  How can there be a new positive frequency?  According to Canon and many other metaphysical researchers, we cannot destroy our planet because it would cause too many repercussions in our solar system and beyond.  Hence there are souls here to help lift the vibratory frequency of Planet Earth.  I don’t know if this is true, but during this month of tension and challenge, it’s a good idea to live as if this is true.

Some people are already living on the New Earth.  They see it and they are living it.  For example, there are Tibetan monks chanting everyday to raise the energy frequency on our planet.  Other people are in the trenches of the change.  They are there doing their thing to show us what needs to happen to create something new out of the extreme polarity we are living in.  Maybe watching and observing the polarity and its tense stagnant hold on our collective consciousness is changing us.  Maybe how we change our consciousness is what makes the society change and gives the collective body a new experience. 

It is challenging to live in the tension of all that is unfolding.  This month really gets our attention!  The living Maya elders give us hope.  They . . . “have predicted that as we approach the years between 2012 and 2015, humanity will enter into chaos on a very deep level.  But you will have no reason for fear.  It is not the end; it is the beginning.”  The Mayan Ouroboros, p 15

Let’s do our best to be kind and sensitive to each other.  Watch over children and animals.  They do not have words to express what is happening, but they are feeling the eruptions and disruptions deeply.  Remember, “everything is connected and the web is holy.”  (Marcus Aurelies)

Keep Breathing!