Thursday, April 23, 2020

Astro Tips
April 22, 2020
Linda Sprague

Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  Thank you Mother Earth. Today is also the day of the New Moon in Taurus, the-most-earthy of the earth signs!  New Moons are connected with new beginnings, planting seeds, setting goals.  Some people will be planting crops and flowers. Others will be setting tangible goals related to values and finances.

The Sun and New Moon are conjunct Uranus, all in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of awakening and revolution.

The Sun and New Moon in Taurus are lining up with the planet Uranus, currently transiting the sign of Taurus for seven years.  All planets have a variety of meanings. Uranus is associated with shocking change (like the Rune of Disruption: due to bad weather, a tree may fall on your house).  There is another meaning for Uranus that is very fitting for Earth Day and for this time of ordained quietness. We associate planet Uranus with awakening.  Awakening leads to revolutions.  Uranus was discovered in 1781.  It was the first planet identified with the use of a telescope, thus symbolizing a new age of enlightenment and technology.  Both the American Revolution and the French Revolution awakened humanity to a new way of life.  Our Republic grew from the revolution against Great Britain.

Everything is interconnected and the web is holy. Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor

I am going out on one of the tree limbs in the forest outside my window here in the Ouachita wilderness to say this:  The Earth is re-awakening and we are reconnecting to the Earth.  The NBC evening news paid homage to Earth Day with scenes from all over the planet showing the positive effects of humans staying home, for example no smog in LA and diminished pollution in New Delhi, India. Then there was a rainbow in the sky and the song, Over the Rainbow. Earth is looking good. It’s feeling good. Can we keep it that way?  Maybe we don’t have to get in a car and go to work every single day.  Some astrologers say that Uranus brings events that are irreversible. Once the tree falls on your house, you must get a different roof.  Now that we have been silenced by a pandemic, can we find a new road to walk down? It should be a road that includes our awareness of the interconnectedness of humans and planet earth and all sentient beings. It might even include our awakening to our connection with the entire Universe!

Michael Moore has been on several talk shows this week to announce his new documentary,  “Planet of the Humans.”  This documentary about humans and the environment makes its debut during this New Moon in Taurus. The timing of the film is perfect. 

Life is inter-relational. We are moving beyond the cause/effect paradigm.

The planets do not make things happen. They are a part of everything else. There is truth in the esoteric phrase, As above so below. We are connected to Earth, our solar system, the Milky Way and the Universe. And the entire Cosmos is connected to us. It’s an ongoing relationship with cycles, evolution, destruction, rebirth and on and on. We sit with our family, we hold a crystal, we ask what it means to be a Taurus, a Gemini or any sign.  We learn from these connections and we find meaning in the cosmic relationships.

All of these current events are connected:  NBC honors Earth Day with uplifting visuals that touch us with humility and gratitude;  “Planet of the Humans” offers insight on the environment and the need to find new ways for sustainability; there is a rainbow in the sky on Earth Day; an organization reaches out to ask us to sing to trees for a month; nature offers solace during a time of fear and uncertainty; the Sun and Moon meet up with planet Uranus and insist we reflect on our connection to magnificent planet; our hearts open as we receive love from Mother Earth and we give love back to her.

We are walking down a new road. Listen to the wind for further instructions.

Sun. New Moon. Uranus. Beautiful day. A population has returned to the cave to wait out an epidemic.  This is a cluster of events that brings hope, clarity and determination. Taurus is a fixed earth sign. We can commit to a different path. Tuning into the natural world and allowing its inhabitants to speak to us and inspire us, is part of our Earth Day awakening. Allowing the energy of the Sun, Moon and Uranus to guide us through the transformation we need at this time is a gift from the heavens. Let this energy flow beyond one day. Let is become our new life style.