Friday, August 10, 2018

Partial Solar Eclipse/New Moon August 11, 2018. Leo 18 degrees

Solar Eclipse August 11, 2018. Leo, 18 degrees.

There is a download of energy containing truth and knowledge about how quantum theory affects us personally. This knowledge is a part of our awakening.

The eclipse chart for August 11--New Moon and Sun at 18 degrees of Leo-- suggests unstable energy. We need to center. Whatever happens, take time to visit the still place inside. From that inner still place we can find the guidance to be adaptable to our surroundings and to the people in our lives. Be an example for others who are spinning out of control. If you are spinning out of control, sit down and breathe.  If you can help those who are suffering, of course you will do that. There is a download of energy containing truth and knowledge about how quantum theory affects us personally. This knowledge is a part of our awakening. The download looks like it is in a container of multi-colored fluidity shaped like a sacred rectangle. Sacred knowledge is raining into us.  It will affect our DNA and nervous system.

The downpour from other dimensions has been going on for a long time. This is just another installment.  Energy showers have increased in intensity since the full solar eclipse last August, 2017, and acceleration has continued with each eclipse event. One activity leads to another activity so quickly.  Every day there is new information to absorb and integrate.

We have one foot in this tangible realm and one foot somewhere else!

What is the truth? Perhaps it depends on what frequency you are standing in.  We have one foot in this tangible realm and one foot somewhere else. We are getting more accustomed to “somewhere else” and we are learning how to be in both locations at the same time. This is a new experience in wholeness.  When you do a shamanic journey, you are in two places simultaneously, on an energy level.  When you sleep you are in two places at the same time. When we make love we sometimes experience another dimension sitting right inside the physical body space. Psychoactive plants open portals to other places. Music, prayer, meditation, dance, ritual, contemplation and creative expression are all doorways to other spaces and places. Now we are really learning that we are always living in two or more places simultaneously. Awareness is getting bigger.  Once we become comfortable with living in many energy places/spaces simultaneously, our attachment to life is different.  How we behave will transform.

Pretend you are on your life stage. What kind of performance are you giving? This is your solo theater hour.

This eclipse is in the sign of Leo. Leo is the king.  We are all kings and queens. Pretend you are on a stage. This is your life stage, your life performance.  What kind of performance are you giving? Does it feel authentic? If yes, big smile! If no, just stand on that stage and ask what you need to do next to bring yourself into alignment with your life performance.  No one else can do that for you. This is your solo theater hour.  It is you stage time. What do you want to give to your audience?

During a solar eclipse, the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. The Moon obscures the Sun.  In astrology language we say that the Sun rules an individual’s ego. So, a solar eclipse snatches away our usual ego focus and ego tendencies.  For a brief time we may feel blocked from our usual course of action, thought, personality tendencies and belief systems. If we are lucky, we are presented with options outside our familiar boxes.

We are all being asked to adapt and grow.

Some people are forced out of comfortable boxes due to traumatic events. The fires in California push people into a new life chapter.  Floods, fires, hurricanes, and tornados—any extreme act of nature requires we let go and leap into the unknown. If we survive, we are forced to adapt and grow.  We are all being asked to adapt and grow, but some of us are lucky because we aren’t dealing with a life-threatening situation.  Perhaps the growth is internal, or softer, like moving to a new location or changing career.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on Saturday, August 11, in the sign of Leo, is the third eclipse in the past month.  It is visible only at very high latitudes, like Siberia and far northeast Canada. Usually there are two eclipses together (solar and lunar). This time we have three eclipses.   During this eclipse period, planet Mars has been retrograde in Aquarius with the South Node sitting close to it. The South Node has a lot to do with the past, with karma, and with how things affect us on a body level.  All three eclipses have brought up either past issues, karmic difficulties (like the fires) and body issues (perhaps some folks are feeling physical/emotional pain from the collective and Mother Earth herself (!)  in their bodies).

Everyone is impacted by the eclipse. Wherever you have the signs Leo and Aquarius in your chart, you are affected. The Leo/Aquarius polarity deals with the interplay between the self (the Leo part) and the community (the Aquarius part).  It also shows us what is happening between Leo leadership and Aquarian humanity.  Aquarius rules the people and the brotherhood/sisterhood of mankind.  Leo rules the king, or the leader and leaders. People born under the signs of Leo and Aquarius are greatly affected by the eclipse. Scorpios and Taurus people also are impacted in a big way. We need an individual reading of the horoscope to address how the eclipses might affect any particular individual.  I want to make one important clarification about the word karma. When I mention the karmic impact on people going through the trauma of fires, I do not mean all those people have bad karma from living in California. I just mean the catastrophic earth event has thrown them into a serious, karmic situation that has to do with our earth and our society. Some type of earthly karma is causing those people great suffering. There is no blame here. 

The World is changed by our example, not by our opinions.

One of the things we are learning during these three recent eclipses is how the world is changed by our example, not by our opinions.  The outpouring of bizarre opinions that we are assaulted with everyday should be teaching us that all the different frequencies of beliefs and opinions is just chatter.  When we begin to change internally and know we are multidimensional beings, that we belong to the Universe and to each other, then life on earth will change as well.