Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Moon Solar Eclipse February 26, 2017

The Solar Eclipse today, February 27th, in the sign of Pisces was not visible in the United States or in the northern hemisphere anywhere.  Nonetheless, we may feel the impact of this event.  The New Moon and Sun are in Pisces, along with Mercury and Neptune.  Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces, is a big player in the eclipse because it sits in between the Sun and Moon.  When I speak of Pisces, I’m also speaking about Neptune.

This is a day to imagine how we want our lives to be.  What is my life to become?  If I daydream (good Pisces/Neptunian pastime) what happens?   If I stop for a moment and forget about all the troubles, does it look pretty in my dream?

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.  It encompasses just about everything:  The deep blue sea, the vastness of space and Universe, sensitivity to the ugly and the hurting, compassion, rapture for the beautiful in music, art and nature, karma and grace.  Pisces is the mystical sign. Pisces longs to leave this physical plane of man-made complications and live in utopia.  In fact we need to seek moments of utopia through meditation, play, love, movies, sound, poetry, cats and dogs, horses and dolphins. (the list is endless). Other moments of utopia include wine, liquor, and alternative realities!  Maybe the ultimate altered state is induced by shamanism. Shamanic ceremony walks us through the veils separating us from our oneness with life and all dimensions of existence.

These matters all pertain to planet Neptune and its symbology with the veil between all dimensions.  Neptune brushes us lightly and we long to find the divine.  We see something, we hear something, and we feel ourselves shift into wholeness. Neptune shifts us to the right brain and we find ourselves doing something creative/artistic.  Neptune throws a net over us and we are suspended in love glue and can’t get out.  Intoxication, infatuation, love and faith are good Neptune words.

This eclipse gives us a glimpse of our Neptunian urges.  For some it is spirituality, for others, it is longing to do something to make things better for all sentient beings.  Some seek the alternative reality in beauty. . . music, the arts, nature, and in shamanic realms.

With this New Moon Eclipse in Pisces, allow the Neptunian portals to open.  Step into your own personal paradise. Dream a new life and let it unfold.

Of course, there is a dark side to Neptune.  Seeking love and happiness in all the wrong places is a sad manifestation of Neptune.  In addition, deception and lies are dark daggers of Neptunian misuse that permeate everyday life.   We need to be alert to the manipulation of Neptune’s energy.  Neptune is not concerned with ultimate truth. Neptune gives us experiences about our soul.  What do we believe?  What utopia do we seek? What happens if we believe every salesman who offers us our utopia?  Do we realize that utopia is a symbol of something and not a real house or building?   When we begin to think that Neptune is a thing it becomes dark.  We can never really touch something that has the energy of Neptune.  We can feel it though. And we can make something to represent it . . .  a poem, a movie, a song, a home, a relationship, a costume, a family, a garden, a society.  What do you want to create that will represent your utopian Neptunian dreams?