Thursday, December 27, 2012

Full Moon in Cancer, December 28, 2012

December Full Moon 2012

The Last Full Moon of 2012

The end of the year is marked by strong planetary configurations.  The Full Moon in Cancer opposes Sun in Capricorn sitting on the same chair with Pluto.  This trio is challenging Uranus to hurry up and start a revolution.  Of course we know the revolution is ongoing and this full moon is just another invitation to join force with those who want to change the world.  Friday’s full moon (12-28-12) at 7 degrees of Cancer is a strong moment in the continuing upheaval here on our planet.  Uranus and Pluto are in a harsh, challenging angle that continues into 2013.  Keywords for the Uranus/Pluto struggle are:  awakening, revolution, transformation, and evolution (just for starters).  Whenever other planets connect with this Uranus/Pluto square, there is more opportunity for outer manifestations.  Powerful emotions are associated with the Moon and Pluto during this full moon.  Take care this week to acknowledge your feelings.  Not a good time to bury them in the ground.  Uranus will be sure to stick a firecracker on them and announce everything you are trying to hide.  What do we do with all this intensity of emotion?

How to handle a T cross

A T-cross is a challenging aspect.  The Sun and Pluto oppose the full Moon and then they all square Uranus.  A T-cross is hard but it is also an opportunity to push on through.  People who have T cross aspects in theirs horoscopes do not give up and they often achieve a great deal.  With this full moon we can work a little harder and get things accomplished.  As I already mentioned, the Sun/Pluto/Moon connections indicate powerful emotions.  The psyche is stirred up and wants to do something with all that complicated muddy stuff.  But the Moon also connects in a pretty way with Neptune and Saturn delivering compassion, creativity and inspiration that long to be embodied in something tangible. Meanwhile, Mercury, the communication planet, is angry with Uranus.  We want to be gentle but it might not come out that way.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself in spite of the mixed bad of big energies. Emotions are flowing easily and gracefully:  the full moon trines Saturn and Neptune.  Deep caring and a genuine sense of responsibility need to be expressed this week even if it is difficult.  There are volatile energies whipping around us but we still need to go inside and feel what is real.  That reality will be different for everyone.  We can express from a powerful place of centeredness without tearing down someone else.

Mars is changing signs from Capricorn (earthy, stern, security oriented, worker) to Aquarius (air, communication, people oriented, humanity, causes).  Mars is not so physical in an air sign.  In Aquarius, Mars is righteously right (!) about what it believes and it communicates those beliefs.  Whether you are an Aquarius person does not matter.  Let those opinions flow!  Mars is stifled a bit by its current connection with Saturn.  We want to stick a sock in whatever bothers us and just stuff it.  The dynamics of this full moon suggest it is time to be a catalyst for awakening and for change. Open up and share.  You may be the one who needs to be changed by hearing yourself speak!!  Remember the old saying:  change begins with me.

How to handle a YOD 

Jupiter is the focal point of a YOD formation with Saturn and Pluto.  Remember the Sun is in a conjunction with Pluto.  The Sun is about our ego and identity; Pluto intensifies the ego; Jupiter inflates the ego.  Saturn is the other angle of the YOD.  Saturn is the mature one.  So the Sun/Pluto are sitting nicely with Saturn. The ego is strong and intense and acting with maturity. Then Jupiter kicks the door down and some adjustment must be made:  shut up and clam up or express in a very big way.  A YOD requires adjusting.  During the full moon we may go back and forth between feeling and being wise and mature and the next moment behaving like an egomaniac.  This is a time full of potential for expression and growth. Let’s don’t waste it. 

Reflections on a year about to end

This full moon provides ample stimulus for reflecting on 2012 and projecting ourselves into the New Year.  We are getting ready to say goodbye to a year that has been famous:  2012, the year the Maya calendar came to an end.  From all the drama we have learned about powerful cycles in our solar system, about our connection with the galactic center and about the brilliance of Maya astronomers. 

2012 was an interesting year in this respect:  Mars was retrograde in Virgo for months—January 23 to April 13.  And since Mars rules energy and action, most of us felt we couldn’t quite get on the right highway.  We were resolving old issues/ projects and searching for our way until July, when Mars left Virgo and moved into Libra.  Furthermore, Venus was retrograde in Gemini from May 15 to June 27 and we found we had to deal with more stuff from the past before we could go on.  Both of these planets retrograde together brought big events for a lot of people.  Crises or important life events had to be managed before we could get on with it!  It wasn’t until we finished a Mercury retrograde phase from July to early August that the year really started to roll forward and you know what happens when September rolls around?  The year winds down. We are done. And here we are now.  Fast year.

Time to TRY to live in many dimensions simultaneously

It will be interesting to look back and get a sense of what we did accomplish in 2012 in spite of the retrograde handicap.  Meanwhile we were headed for December 21st, the end of the calendar, the end of the world as we have known it.  The pressure was on.  We had to perform in this physical world and somehow get ready for the ascension energy.  Planets Uranus and Pluto began their important configuration that signifies changes in governments, upheavals in societies, and a big fight between the status quo plutocracy and an awakening humanity demanding civil rights and equality.  Meanwhile we were inundated with spiritual channelings regarding the changes we might expect (a visit or collision with planet Nibiru for example).  We are headed into the 5th dimension where some of us will be living in many dimensions simultaneously.  The troubles in Egypt and Syria will continue.  Our struggles regarding gun control will continue.  We will still get a cold and pay our car payments.  And yes, we are stepping into our place in the cosmos. We are joining with All That Is; we are becoming genuine participants in the Universe.  Are we ready?  The Sabian symbol for the current full moon in Cancer is:  “A group of rabbits dressed in human clothes walk as if on parade.”  (An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar, 1973 page 115)  Does this mean we are dressing up and trying to take on the next costume and the next consciousness?  Are we ready?   One possible implication of the symbol is that we are like rabbits that want to become humans:  we are humans ready to try on new attire that gives us a different consciousness and upgraded identity.  We are ready to parade our new evolutionary status! 

“There is a force in me,
pushing, pushing,
beginning its outbreath
after a long sleep.
Sacred darkenss slowly yields
to newborn light.”

December 28 from The Essene Book of Days 2012  by Danaan Parry

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Astro Tips: December New Moon, 2012

As Swami Beyonanda (Steve Bhaerman) always says, “shift happens.”  Here we are, December 2012, the much written about and talked about moment in time--or the end of Maya time--or the moment of ascension. We are always shifting and evolving, but this time the shift seems to ignite our conscious membership in the Universe.  Perhaps we are still young in our understanding of what it means to step into our place in the Universe but all it takes is emotional and mental intention.  We can grow into the full meaning as the years unfold.  We talk so much about the Maya calendar from earlier times, but let us not forget that it is also the astrophysicists who are expanding our knowledge and encouraging our ascension!  The more we learn about outer space, the more awesome it is and the more we have to contemplate about our existence.

Every December the Sun travels through the sign of Sagittarius. Later in the month, during the winter Solstice, the Sun transits the area of the center of our galaxy, 26 degrees of Sagittarius.   Every year during the winter solstice, a portal opens for us to receive energy from the galaxy.  Planet Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius.  Jupiter is big, expansive, enthusiastic, protective and dogmatic.  Jupiter and Sagittarius combined rule the higher mind, philosophy and the law.  Sagittarius is on a quest for truth. It has domain over the heavens and space exploration.  The best thing a Sagittarius human can do is keep on the quest for truth.  If a Sagittarius person decides he or she has a grasp of the truth, then all is lost.  Sagittarius is not meant to stop the quest. The journey continues out into every universe.  When Sagittarius becomes dogmatic, as in religious dogma, the mind tends to become rigid, dark and unconscious.  While the Sun makes its annual journey through Sagittarius it is good for us to think about ascending to other dimensions.  When the Sun passes through the degrees of the Galactic Center we can tune in to the miracle of our short, little lives.  It takes our Sun 250 million years to orbit the center of our galaxy and our Sun has made that big orbit thirteen times (see www.calendarinthesky). Meditate on that.

Okay then. Back here on beautiful planet Earth, politics goes on as usual.  It’s all kind of trippy if you ask me.  Ascending into the 5th dimension (awareness/consciousness beyond space and time) while Obama is President of the United States, and Congress is still fighting like junior high schoolers.  Corporations are still too greedy.  Republicans call Medicare entitlement, but tax breaks for oil companies is just good business for the deserving. For those of you who are still young, here is the scoop: Medicare is a single payer system.  Medicare participants pay for that insurance. It is not an entitlement. It is not free!  Okay back to trippy.  So here we are trying to get the consciousness of planetary citizens to elevate and join up with the Universe. Meanwhile, we sit on the brink of so many problems to solve that the mind reels. If enough people ascend, does that mean we will be able to solve our problems better? Maybe. Meditation leads to a different brain usage….more synthesis of information and creativity.  The shift that is happening does not mean our problems evaporate. Hopefully it means we will be better equipped to handle the mess we have collectively created.  Potentially it means living in many dimensions simultaneously.

Footnote: How cool is it that the 12-12-12 concert for Hurricane Sandy relief coincided with the shifting consciousness of humanity?  Many of the performers were from the mid-60’s when this current shifting all began.  During the dark of the moon (as we waited for the moon to catch up with the Sun and give us a New Moon day), Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, The Who, and The Rolling Stones sang the songs from the transformative days of the 60’s. That has got to mean something!

Meanwhile, revolutionary planet, Uranus, is finishing its retrograde cycle and turning direct during this new moon.  The inventive musicians from the past appear out of a time machine to remind us to wake up!  Uranus rules all things that are unpredictable and out of our control.  Interruptions and disconnections; electronic music and the inter-net; revolution and change (from mild to chaotic to violent).  Each individual has seeds of change erupting internally everyday while a nation like Egypt is the collective stage for strong, violent revolution.

The New Moon on December 13:  Sun and Moon in Sagittarius make only minor aspects, but Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, sits in a powerful YOD formation. What are we to believe?  With a YOD, we are compelled to make adjustments.  Jupiter quincunx Saturn makes us struggle with our belief systems.  Jupiter quincunx Pluto says adjust and change.  Jupiter in Gemini gives us a continual stream of information and we have to adjust to all the new information and make  “sense” of all that information.  This will be hard if you are too rigid in your thinking, so loosen up and lighten up.   Jupiter in this YOD might trigger “big ego syndrome” in some people.  Jupiter in Gemini—humor please.

Neptune at zero degrees of Pisces sits in a challenging position between Mercury and Jupiter (again!).  This is interesting.  On the one hand Neptune invites us to stretch our minds into that 5th dimension.  Use your Neptunian imagination and jump right out of this solar system.  Let Neptune soften your mind and open your heart.  Neptune in this T cross gives us a window to open:  try to look at all information on TV and the inter-net in a new way.  Is it symbolic?  Is it a movie? Is it a lie? Is it real?  Is the truth? What kind of story is being told?  This Neptune with Mercury and Jupiter can cause us to fall under the influence of propaganda and lies.  It can give us prophetic dreams, beautiful cinema (Life of Pi), inspiration and hope for a better world.  Some of us will be too idealistic though…Neptune is irritating Venus.  What we want in this earthly realm may be impossible (or so it seems).  More than anything, Neptune is visual, as in artistic media and especially photography and filmmaking.  During this new moon period make art, go see art, take pictures, and watch movies.  Neptune connecting with Mercury allows us to integrate left and right brain functions more easily.  There are many ways to enter the temple--many ways to experience ascension.

New Moon rituals have magic this month.    

“As I enter the sacred temple of inner knowing,
I purify my being to prepare myself for the initiation
That I have longed to find.
I cleanse my mind and heart
As I strip away
Whatever stands between my spirit and the source of All.
I make myself ready.
And I wait.
And it will come to me.”

December 13, 2012
The Essene Book of Days 2012 by Danaan Parry.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, November 28, 2012

November Astro Tips continued

Lunar Eclipse November 28, 2012
Full Moon in Gemini

Eclipse in Gemini hides communication and I’m not happy about that.

I hope your eclipse party is more fun than mine.  The full moon in the sign of Gemini is joined by planet Jupiter.  What Jupiter touches gets bigger.  Jupiter with the Moon means bigger emotional responses.  When I could not access my email this morning (the day before the eclipse) I thought I might cry.  How would I write my astro tips about the Lunar Eclipse and send them out? The Moon in Gemini most definitely is one’s attachment to communication and email. I knew I was in for a very bad day.  Eclipses are associated with hidden matters.  Here I had a situation that was certainly hidden from me.  Turned out it was hidden from the computer tech who came to help.  No matter what he did, he got the same result.  No connection to pull in those emails.  Finally it was time to consult the experts: those faceless ones at AT&T who know everything. Unfortunately they did not know anything.  When they couldn’t solve the problem, they just said, oh well, you have a software problem you need to fix.  By the time they figured out they couldn’t help,  I had lost all the emails in my In-box and the connection on my iPhone.  Now I had zero email.  Hyperventilation. NO IPHONE?  NO EMAIL?

I forgot to tell you that this Full Moon/Jupiter is sitting right on planet Uranus in my chart.  What does Uranus rule?  technology, computers, the Internet, unexpected happenings out of one’s control, rebellion, awakenings.  I was born with Uranus in my 6th house, the house of work, service, and health.  I need a fair amount of Uranian freedom/independence in my work day in order to do Uranus work: astrology!  The eclipse today told me to wake up and learn more about computers!! I can no longer count on AT&T/Yahoo to help me.  I digress.

When AT&T said it was a software problem, my computer tech friend said, “this is beyond my skill set I’m afraid.”  Bless him. I would have wanted to get away from me as well. Uranian electricity was getting stuck everywhere in my body and that’s not good. It gives a person back aches and makes a person mean like a snake.  So I wrapped up my injured mac pro and headed for the Apple Store where I waited two hours for the next available agent.  By now I felt certain that the problem would be solved.  The geniuses would know what to do.

Uranus rules the genius gene.  Remember the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is highlighting information, communication and (in my case) technology, computers and the genius element.  Sure enough a nice Apple genius geek reconnected my email service on both my phone and my mail software in about 5 minutes. There was nothing wrong with my mail software and he restored my inbox.  The Apple man also told me what to do if this happens again. I wrote it down.  More importantly I learned to not call AT&T.  If I cannot solve the problem in a timely manner, I should be smart and head for the Apple Store.  This is the right emotional response. 

What happened to you during the Gemini Lunar Eclipse? 

The Moon rules our emotional responses.  Write your own story or tell a friend about what happened to you during this eclipse week.  What happened and how did you feel about it?  How did you respond?  Were you changed by the events of this week? As you experience this eclipse, pay attention to your body and your feelings.  The Gemini Moon rules the shoulders, arms and hands.  Mine are pretty tense from my computer/connection ordeal.  Gemini is an air sign so we tend to try to think our way through the emotional experience instead of expressing it directly.  Gemini says, get more information and you can solve your problem.  That may be true to some extent but it is also good to check in with our intuition, our higher mind and our gut feelings. 

Pathetic Confession

What kind of astrologer am I?  I looked at my tech friend’s chart and what did I see?  This eclipse is right on two of his Gemini planets, including his Sun.  Another lesson.  Look at the clues.   I would call this eclipse a true learning experience for me.  Moon is the emotional mind and Jupiter is the expansive mind. Both were sitting on my genius planet, Uranus, to help me wake up and be a better astrologer and get some techno savvy! The day was not a complete ruinous mess, however, thanks to this Gemini tech friend, Tim Wardell.

A hidden problem is exposed and resolved

A serious hidden matter has plagued me for several months.  My blog provider changed its platform leaving me blog-less.  They had my money but I had no blog.  It took computer genius Tim to resolve this matter.  He was subjected to my bad eclipse energy but still managed to give my blog back to me and then he even gave it a beautiful overhaul.  Have a look and let me know what you think about the blog’s new look:

This Eclipse is about YOU: step out of your box and look at life differently.

Somewhere in your natal chart the sign of Gemini is being activated by this eclipse.  The Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Gemini (information) opposes the Sun in Sagittarius (synthesis).  You may get stuck in the Gemini “give me more information” mode and forget to synthesize (go to the Apple Store where they synthesize for you!).   In other words, this eclipse demands that we step out of the box and look at things differently.  At the same time the Moon/Jupiter union is making very tough connections with Venus and Saturn and Mars and Pluto.  One astrologer called this  particular YOD configuration something like a hand grenade.  It is potentially explosive.  If you have the ability to do some intense physical work or work-out, you will be able to drain some of the explosiveness out of your energy field.  Dancing could be an excellent outlet for the explosive vibes of this eclipse.  Venus/Saturn wants to feel safe and secure but the Lunar Eclipse does not feel settled at all.  On the other hand, Venus/Saturn can contain the eclipse energy.  Emotions are up for grabs.  Mars/Pluto is highly energetic and possibly volatile.  People could get very mad during this eclipse period.  In other words, we want things to flow but everything feels unsettled, unpredictable and irritating.  Keeping busy might help and staying out of other people’s business will prevent emotional upsets.

What to DO?   Use your imagination

Don’t forget to breathe into your shoulders and arms and hands.  Pull that life force in through your fingertips!  Ask for guidance on any issue that is upsetting or strange.  Pay attention to weird thoughts.  Don’t buy into everything your mind is suggesting.  Make note of it but don’t act on it. Try to be patient with yourself and with others.  Planet Neptune is sitting in between the Sun and Moon.  Some people will feel very confused and upset.  Some people will find new avenues of creative expression during this eclipse.  Some people will have outstanding meditative experiences.  Some people will expend tons of energy on important projects.  Some people will want to drink and/or do drugs to escape the vibrations of this eclipse period.  We want to understand and make sense of vibrations that seem untouchable.  To touch this energy directly feels dangerous. 

Even though they are involved in the volatile YOD formation, Venus and Saturn are singing a nice duet to Neptune (planet of the sublime).  If we can tune in to this part of the eclipse equation, we may find ourselves on a beautiful creative path that leads to gratifying tangible results.  Use your imagination.

Be good to yourself and to others.  Try to avoid being sharp and short with people.  Most people are feeling excitable, nervous, confused and tired.   Send some positive rays of energy out to help others feel calm while we ride these strange and somewhat violent currents. I’m going to pretend I am out galloping on a horse somewhere on the mesas…. riding with the Gemini wind.

P S:  Planet Mercury left its retrograde phase Monday afternoon (November 26).  It took a direct station at 18 degrees of Scorpio.  There are still 13 days to use the Scorpio Mercury for solving mysteries!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 2012

“The world is not to be put in order.  The world is order.  It is for us to put ourselves in unison with this order.”  Henry Miller (Zen Calendar November 6, 2012)

Solar Eclipse November 13, 2012.  Scorpio 21 degrees

Election Day is behind us.  We are still a divided people and Texas  (where I live) has enough signatures to send a petition to the White House to secede from the Union.  We are a long way from putting our nation in unison with the order of things.  Most teachers remind us that harmony all begins with the individual. Today, November 13, there is a Solar Eclipse at 21-22 degrees of Scorpio. We can start right there with trying to put ourselves in order.  The Sun and Moon are together for the New Moon Solar Eclipse. Sitting nearby are the North Node in Scorpio and Mercury retrograde (getting ready to back into Scorpio tomorrow!).  The interesting thing about Scorpio is this:  it is a fixed sign.  Scorpio doesn’t want to budge, but it rules transformation. It is ruled by Pluto, a small, far away body that orbits slowly around the Sun.  Transformation takes time.  Scorpio takes its good old time making changes.

Scorpio and Taurus acutely affected by the eclipse

This eclipse acutely affects Scorpio individuals born November 7-17.  Scorpio’s opposite sign, Taurus, is also impacted strongly (May 6-16 birthdates). The big important events for everyone affected by this eclipse could range from wonderful to unfortunate.  Some people will have success in their undertakings. Some people may have big losses to deal with. 

Eclipses bring big events

Scorpio symbolizes birth, life, death, and rebirth.  We are always in the midst of birthing something, living something, changing something, killing something off, dying or being reborn.  An eclipse represents big events.  Eclipses also reveal things that have been hidden. The day of the eclipse is just a peak moment in the total event.  It started a few months ago. It will continue for a few months.  What big event is going on in your life?  Are you birthing something?  Are you letting go of things that no long work, that no long fit, that are no longer useful, that no longer reflect your soul path?  Are you dealing with a health challenge or a money issue?  Is your relationship struggling to reach another point of intimacy or is it dying?  Is it time to say goodbye to someone or something?  Do you have some new information that redefines everything you are doing?  Did you get caught in your own personal scandal? Perhaps your big event is different. Maybe there is major transformation in your life. Just when you thought it was over, everything changed for the better.  Whatever we are doing, we are trying to find our place within the larger order of the world.

General Petraeus is a Scorpio
The collective body always shows us how off track humanity is.  The Petraeus scandal started months ago.  Now, around the eclipse moment (with Mercury retrograde), information is revealed.  Speculation and fact-finding are paramount.  Whenever a major situation is uncovered, we are all attentive.  The facts and fantasy of the scandal will unravel over the coming weeks.  Underneath the information is the meaning.  Underneath the meaning we find whether or not we are in harmony with life.  It seems that the collective body is almost always out of harmony.  Perhaps the only way to get there is on the individual path.

All signs have many meanings.  One way to remember Scorpio is to think “archeology” because Scorpio deals with what is hidden away.  Fortunately when an archeologist finds something, it is usually something of value. It either contributes to our knowledge of the past or it is something beautiful and desirable with a monetary value attached.  One might also use the word “detective” because Scorpio energy tracks down clues to bring the truth out into the open. Another thing to remember about Scorpio is “intimacy” because sexual interaction is the yearning for connection and intimacy.  People are different in what kind of intimacy they want.  It could be sexual, physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual intimacy.   Intimacy is the result of relationship. Our current archeology is of a social nature (the Petraeus scandal).  Something has been dug up. The information is instructive and life changing for many. It will eventually have monetary value because someone will get a book out of it!  The unfolding scandal about Petraeus, now former head of the CIA, and Broadwell, teaches us about the power of our need for intimacy.  Humans will risk so much to have a chance to touch another soul. Whatever you think about Petraeus and Broadwell and their behavior, the fact is that an Eclipse in Scorpio is certainly the time to shine a light on it: sex, intimacy, seduction, manipulation, power, secrets, betrayal, letting go, and transformation.  For Petraeus the Scorpio eclipse is tragic and full of loss. His birthday: November 7, 1952. Yes, he is a Scorpio and he lost the trust of his nation.

An Eclipse belongs to everyone.  You are affected!

Somewhere in your horoscope there is a Scorpio house.  There may be planets in that house.  In some area of your life you are experiencing the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.  It could be something simple like loss of energy (feeling tired and worn out).  It could be the beginning of a new romantic interest.  It could be the culmination of some project you have been working on.  It could be a windfall; it could be an audit from the IRS!  Some hidden information may come your way. It could be that you have some issue that you are finally ready to resolve and be done with.  Maybe you are ready for total transmutation.  It’s your event and I hope for you it is a good one.

On November 28th there will be a Lunar Eclipse at 6 degrees of Gemini. More about that next time.

Linda Sprague
Astro Tips
November , 21012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 2012

Your “astro tips muse” will be on vacation until Labor Day.  The dog days are upon us and I am getting out of town!

The New Moon occurs on August 17th  at 25 degrees of Leo.  The Sun rules Leo.  This New Moon is good for “Sun” issues: expression and development of confidence.  The New Moon in Leo gives us a moment to return to persistent human questions: who am I and what am I doing here? What is my being-ness? What is my purpose?

Then the Sun rolls in to Virgo on August 22 and the energy shifts to another question:  What am I supposed to do with my gifts, talents and abilities?  How can I serve Planet Earth and all sentient beings?  Virgo Sun analyzes and reaches for perfection on planet Earth. The Full Moon in Pisces is an ocean of love and mercy. The polarity of Virgo and Pisces is challenging.  Virgo dislikes disorder and chaos.  Its aim is to bring order out of Piscean disorder. But the full moon in Pisces is about surrender. We surrender to disorder, to chaos, to imperfection. We extend compassion to all that is. Virgo wants to serve, but must transcend its tendency to over analyze and criticize.  Virgo’s challenge is to surrender to Piscean compassion and mystery.  Pisces’ challenge is to bring concreteness to human existence (not just float along).

The Pisces Full Moon on August 31st is a BLUE MOON.  Once in a blue moon we have TWO full moons in a month. The moon was full in Aquarius on August 1st; now we will have a Full Moon in Pisces on the last day of the month.  The Moon is conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer) and Neptune (imagination, inspiration). The Sun (our ego identity) illuminates this trio in our consciousness.

“’Thy Will Be Done’
is the name of the river
that carries me along.
This day, I surrender my ego
to that eternal river
as I will surrender my spirit to it
at the last breath of this body.
The river will carry me then
until my next work is clear.”

From Danaan Parry.  The Essene Book of Days 2012, page 272 (August 31st).

Have a peaceful August. 
Linda Sprague

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Full Moon in Aquarius August 1, 2012

Full  Moon in Aquarius August 1, 2012

Step into your own revolution and have faith in your journey

“I thought about the way moonlight enfolds the world in a unifying glow.  While we’re down here beating the hell out of each other, the old moon hangs there knowing and silent, bathing us all in the same cool light.”
Elle Newmark, The Sandalwood Tree, p. 35

These are fine words for a full moon in Aquarius, the ruler of the brotherhood/sisterhood of humanity.  Uranus, planet of revolution and liberation, rules Aquarius.  Blood is usually shed in the act of liberating humans from tyranny and stagnation.  During the act of revolting there may be no clear idea of what is on the other side of revolution’s wall, but the urge to revolt and break free seems to be hard wired in our cellular program.  Many of us are trying to break free in our own personal lives.  We do not have to be living in Syria to struggle with inner demons and the need to liberate our body, minds, and souls.  The full moon gives us opportunity to tune in and realize what we are doing with our lives.  Examine the past and discard worn out beliefs and behaviors. Step into your own revolution and have faith in your journey.

Accentuate the Positive/Eliminate the Negative

This full moon occurs late on August 1st and into the early morning hours of August 2nd.  Pluto sits in a challenging position with Mars and Uranus.  The struggle to evolve is pushing us along. Many people are going through extreme challenges.  Some people are angry as hell.  In spite of the stresses though, this full moon period is filled with grace and opportunity. This week is perfect for the Olympics because a Pluto/Mars/Uranus aspect gives high drive to athletes and the trine and sextile aspects give many participants the ease to enter the zone and win the prize. We will witness some spectacular achievements.  There are big grand trines to help us articulate what we need and want.  This is a relational full moon!  Grand trines are in the air signs and this means lots of communication:  Moon in Aquarius; Venus and Jupiter in Gemini; Mars and Saturn in Libra.  The week is special for many reasons and here are some of them:

·      Communicate with your partner, your family members and your friends. Generous energy abounds for sharing, spreading good will and for meeting up with kindred spirits.  Are you ready to partner up with a kindred soul?  Tell your friends. Socialize. Check out on-line dating. A grand trine in air is perfect for electronic mating!
·      Explore all your opportunities to grow and expand your world.  Get excited about your future and the many possibilities in your life basket.  These are days of inspiration.  Be ready to do what it takes to realize your potential.
·      Relax and enjoy the journey.  In spite of all challenges and in spite of the gravity of this millennium, try to relax and enjoy the journey.  Sometimes it is good to remember that the process, not the product, is what truly matters. Of course we want a beautiful product, but there is no way to have that beauty without fully engaging in the process.

Meditate on this!

 “During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life.”  Dane Rudhyar,  An Astrological Mandala.   This is the Sabian symbol of the degree of the Aquarius full moon.  Meditate on that! 

Linda Sprague

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Moon in Cancer July 19, 2012

Uranus/Pluto/Mars form a T Cross:  Irritation and Shock

The New Moon occurs in the wee hours at 26 degrees of Cancer, just a few days before the Sun slips into Leo.  The big news regarding this New Moon period is about Uranus, Pluto and Mars forming a T cross.  Mars (desire, action, assertion, aggression, anger) is opposing Uranus (unexpected events, shock, uprisings, rebellion, uniqueness, freedom and invention).  Anytime Mars and Uranus comes together in aspect we have the possibility of sudden upsets, angry drivers, and irritated people.  In a T cross the planet sitting in between the opposition (in this case that planet is Pluto) makes a square (translate difficult aspect) to each planet. When Mars squares Pluto we get anger in addition to the Mars/Uranus anger. This could be new anger or anger that has been buried for a while and needs to erupt in order to transform some situation.  Uranus and Pluto are forming a square that corresponds to major societal changes.  The addition of Mars to both planets suggests an increase in uprisings and outbursts.  We could experience this in our own homes and we will probably see outbursts reported in the news.  For the next few days (and up to a week) anger and upsets might be bigger than usual, if that is possible. We already see so much that is shocking.  

On the individual level the outcomes could be positive in the short or long run.  Personal matters that have been suppressed will certainly come to the surface. Mars/Uranus/Pluto should bring precious stuff from the underworld.  Think about when you dig for a quartz crystal. When you pull it out of the ground it is covered in dirt that must be cleaned away.  Mars/Uranus/Pluto will help you dig up your crystal, but then you have to clean and polish it to find the beauty.  This week we should do our best NOT to get discouraged.  With Pluto in the middle of a T cross it is good to remember this wisdom about Pluto:  Not my will but THY will be done. It doesn’t matter if THY will is the Universe or God, just remember not everything is under your control.  Pluto is the archetypal energy that teaches us we are not in charge of everything.

Saturn squares the Sun and Moon:  Practice Patience and Maturity

The Sun and Moon are making a square aspect to Saturn during the new Moon. This says try to be mature and patient no matter what is going on around you.  Venus is connecting gracefully with Mars and Saturn. Whatever is happening in your world, look at it as INFORMATION.  Venus and Jupiter are in the sign of Gemini, information!  Viewing the news and the angry driver as information will help. 

Minor aspects stimulate change and creative adjustments

The chart for this new moon is dynamic and challenging.  There are at least ten minor aspects that denote change and creative adjustment to new situations.  The good news is some important discoveries or inventions (that we learn about much later) could occur this week because of unusual upsets or creative adjustments to experiments, systems or designs.  Some of the discoveries could be within us.   We may be surprised to discover new strengths, hidden needs, and forgotten awareness.

Mercury retrograde in Leo July 14 to August 7:  The mind should be nowhere in particular (Takuan)

Zen Buddist Takuan (1573-1645) sums up Mercury retrograde for me. If you are comfortable operating from the right side of your brain, if you are happy being intuitive and not afraid of making mistakes, then Mercury retrograde is just fine.  Of course it is not fun when the computer freezes up or when the printer messes up or the auto breaks down or we forget an important appointment or we go to the west side of town and our significant is waiting on the east side of town.  The list could go on. These things happen during Mercury retrograde. However, if you need a new printer go ahead and buy one.  The reason we are told to be careful when Mercury is retrograde is simple:  it is harder to focus on the fine print.  We might miss some important detail because our brain is not interested in details at this time. We want to go with the flow and be anywhere but where we are. Anyhow, you get the point. When Mercury is retrograde be attentive to details when you need to be. But also realize that these weeks with Mercury traveling backwards in Leo are great for creative work/expression and perfect for letting the mind wander and be nowhere in particular.

Do expect to hear from long lost friends wondering why you have been so out of touch.

Uranus retrograde July 13 to December14, 2012:  Who Am I and What am I doing here?

One of the archetypal meanings of Uranus is freedom. So many people speak about wanting to be free. Free for what? To do what? To be what? When Uranus is retrograde we have the impulse to probe into our need for freedom.  What will we do with our freedom?  Uranus is currently transiting Aries, the sign of the individual, the pioneer, the initiator, and the courageous warrior.  Uranus in Aries, at its highest expression, is the spiritual warrior.  A spiritual warrior may be a physician working for Doctors Without Borders or perhaps a researcher studying the mystery of our DNA.  A spiritual warrior may chant every day for serenity and kindness on planet Earth.  A spiritual warrior may dance to express the complex range of human emotion.  A spiritual warrior may be a big wig or a little wig, that doesn’t matter.  While Uranus is retrograde we can continue our research into our individuation.  What are we doing? Where are we going? What do we want to do with our freedom, assuming we attain it?  And what do we have to share with our community? What kind of spiritual warrior are you going to be?

“As the tree shares its gifts of fruit
So I, too, share the gifts of me.
For in me is the facilitator
Of a more loving world.
In me is the catalyst
For a greater social awareness.
In me is the power of the Word,
And I share that gift with all.”

The Essene Book of Days 2012
July 17th, page 226
By Danaan Parry,

Linda Sprague

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Full Moon in Capricorn July 3, 2012

This full moon delivers emotional intensity

The moon is full on July 3rd at 12 degrees of Capricorn, the sign of stability and maturity.  The planetary arrangement is rich and complex.  Pluto joins the Moon in Capricorn.  Remember, Pluto has ruler ship over the underworld and things that hide in the dark. Pluto is connected to the shadow (the unconscious aspects of our psyches).  Individuals have shadows and our society has its shadow.  The full moon might make some shadows real big.  When this happens people get emotional.  The full moon sitting on the same chair with Pluto produces emotional intensity.  Transformation and growth can come from confrontations during this full moon. Emotional interactions with others or simply internal emotional upheaval can lead us to more truth.  Pluto is forming a Yod with Mercury and Venus.  A Yod translates as The Finger Of God.  It might be difficult to avoid emotional outbursts.  Words can trigger dark explosions from the psyche.  Many relationships are destined to implode or explode while some may fracture from truth that falls out of the shadowy realms.  Other relationships may mature during this period because Capricorn rules maturity.  Pluto is also forming a T cross with planets Mars and Uranus. Expect the unexpected!

Mars changes signs from Virgo to Libra

Planet Mars has finally completed its long (almost 8 month) transit through the sign of Virgo. Due to its retrograde phase, Mars spends a long time in a sign every two years.  Assertion and aggression have taken a Virgo style for many months.  Virgo emphasizes critical analysis, organization and methodology.  Details and more details – that’s Virgo.  On the day of this full moon, Mars moves out of Virgo and into Libra, the sign of the scales.  Balance, harmony and fairness in human relationships will be emphasized for the next eight weeks.

Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Gemini

Venus has recently completed its retrograde phase and is moving direct in the sign of Gemini where it is sitting with Jupiter (also transiting Gemini).  Venus and Jupiter together always give a lift to the spirits. Venus is relational and Jupiter is the generous teacher. No matter how emotional we might feel around this full moon period Venus and Jupiter in Gemini will help us have a sense of humor and urge us to stay light hearted.  Relationships that are grounded in loving generosity, and the desire to communicate and be playful, should do well. 

Linda Sprague

Astro Tips:  Uranus square Pluto on June 24th

On June 24th planets Uranus and Pluto reached an exact 90-degree aspect.  Astrologers have been writing about the energy of this aspect for many months. Uranus squaring Pluto is a cyclic phenomenon.  In the 1960’s Uranus and Pluto came together in a conjunction in the sign of Virgo.  Now 50 plus years later these planets are forming an aspect that symbolizes friction and challenges.  Uranus is about the unexpected, revolution, change, freedom, and adjustment.  Pluto symbolizes slow evolution.  Pluto is the underworld, both literal and figurative. Literally, there is oil in the underworld.  Figuratively, there is an underworld that tries to control the social fabric of our civilization.  Call it Plutonian power if you like.  Those in control want to stay in control.  Pluto is the compulsive heartbeat that resists evolution even though evolution is happening with every tick of the clock.  Uranus is the archetype of mankind awakening.  Uranus is the voice of humanity responding to evolution.  Those who are holding on to Plutonian power do not want to hear the awakening of the masses.  But Pluto forces humans to clean out their closets and to make way for the next manifestation of life.  This could be a new life chapter for some people.  Perhaps a new career, a long awaited move, or a surprising change in one’s relationship status.  On the collective level, this Plutonian change looks like falling dictatorships and the evolution to free elections. In the western world (United States and Europe) the change wheel has focused on the economy.  Pluto rules money.  Uranus opened up the Plutonian vaults and its many secrets and unethical dealings.  Where this will lead us remains to be seen.

This exact aspect between Uranus and Pluto occurred on June 24th, the same day that the Egyptian election results were announced.  There was the election and then the run off election and then the final announcement of the winner.  This is an excellent example of Uranus aspecting Pluto.  The voice of the Egyptian people shook the Plutonian throne of power.  After weeks of revolution and after months of waiting for elections and then weeks of waiting for the results of the run-off election, Egypt has its first President elected by the people.  Mankind awakens and insists on being heard.  Hurrah for humankind!

Linda Sprague

Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Astro Tips

“I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.” [from “Open Mind” by Anahata Joy Katkin]

Neptune enters Pisces: Prepare to Dream!

On February 3, 2012 Neptune left the sign of Aquarius and began its fourteen-year visit to Pisces (2012-2026), the sign that Neptune rules. In the early morning hours of February 3, I dreamed I was locked out of the building where I live. Someone was telling me how I was going to get back in. First I would have to put my thumbprint on some pad. Next I would draw a series of pictures, all Egyptian hieroglyphics and symbols. In the dream I said: Isn’t that interesting….Neptune is right now moving into Pisces. There must be some connection between this dream and the new energy of Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune is about dreams and imagination

A funny dream! I woke up thinking, get ready to dream everybody cause here comes Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is dreams and imagination. Neptune is a Hollywood movie. Neptune is the veil separating physical reality from the numinous realms. Neptune is the ocean of love and mercy that can dissolve pain and suffering. It can also dissolve the ego and throw a person into psychosis.

The combination of Neptune and Pisces is the loss of boundaries; it is a dream world that lets us be creative; it is a land of addiction and escapism; it is fanaticism based on faith and belief; it is religion gone crazy; it is expansive compassion and service to humanity; it is sacrifice; it is the unconscious; it is confronting the mysteries of the Universe.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Virgo is the polarity of Pisces. Think Virgo—organized. Think Pisces, disorganized. Think Virgo, analytical. Think Pisces, feeling. Virgo tries to tidy up everything that is contained in Pisces: mystical experiences, suffering and pain, incomprehensible dreams, the clutter of the psyche. Virgo tries to understand and explain the mystery that comes from the Piscean experience. Pisces makes sure that Virgo never gets it quite right.

Keys for Pisces are compassion, universality, faith, renunciation and sacrifice. We have been living in the Piscean Age for 2,000 years. Pisces is a spiritual sign that seems to have gone crazy over the past two millenniums. Perhaps Neptune transiting Pisces is part of the final dissolving of The Piscean Age. Pisces is the sign of compassion and goodness. It is also the energy of fanaticism and sacrifice. It is the sign of addiction because so often we want to escape from this earthly reality. Sometimes we just can’t cope with what is going on in our lives. Finally, our interest in other realities, in spirituality, in Egyptian symbols (!) and all ancient knowledge is connected in part to the sign Pisces. We are always trying to understand life’s mysteries, as well as who we are, where we came from and our place in the cosmos.

Saying goodbye to Neptune in Aquarius

Neptune in Aquarius (1998-2012) brought us the web of connection through electronic media. Neptune dissolved the barriers between people. We are now connected globally through the internet. Planet earth is smaller now that Neptune travelled in the sign of Aquarius. We are closer to understanding that “we are one”! And since Neptune also rules illusion we might say we live in the illusion that our lives are better because of technology. When I call customer service and interact with a telephone menu, I am not convinced!

Neptune and Pisces rule the oceans

Neptune and Pisces rule the oceans. While Neptune spends time in its Piscean home, we can expect a lot of attention to our oceans and to water. Neptune tends to dissolve what it touches. Will the ocean be able to dissolve the radioactive waste from Japan’s damaged nuclear reactor? Neptune cannot dissolve all the petroleum products that have been dumped into the ocean. Perhaps the future years of Neptune in Pisces will bring awareness and action to clean up our oceans. New ways to manage our water supplies are on the agenda. New discoveries about the oceans are certainly going to be in the news.

Neptune’s downside: lies and manipulation

The challenge of Neptune in Pisces is this: How will we know what the truth is? Aquarius may be the hardware of the media, but Pisces is the message within the message. Think how crazy it already is. There could be more and more lies and manipulation in the media and on the internet. It could become increasingly difficult to decipher the collective, social reality. Maybe more and more people will tune out the media and begin to get information through other means: ESP!! Seriously, strange things could happen with Neptune in Pisces.

Another grave concern is the role of religion. Pisces is about faith and spirituality. On the one hand we will have more understanding and connection with the mystery and awesomeness of our galaxy and the universe. This is going to open us up spiritually in ways we cannot yet imagine. But Pisces is also organized religion based on faith in certain beliefs. Beliefs may have no reality base, but tie them up with faith and you have a weapon. Neptune in Pisces could make the weapon of religion stronger (for those who—consciously or unconsciously--use religion in this manner). At the same time Neptune will expose the negative impact of religion.

Neptune dissolves what it touches

Bottom line for Neptune: it dissolves what it touches. In Aquarius, Neptune dissolved boundaries between people through electronic and wireless communication. Aquarius is about fairness, freedom and liberation for all people and Neptune has been dissolving conditions that hinder the evolution of humanity. What will Neptune dissolve while it transits its home sign, Pisces? Will it dissolve spiritual boundaries so we can respect differing faiths? Will it dissolve the physical plane entirely, allowing us to connect with others without even using the internet? Will we begin to be able to know what another person is thinking and feeling? Will we all become psychic? Will Neptune dissolve the boundaries between humans and other species in the animal kingdom? (Let’s face it: some people already talk with the animals!)

When Neptune went into Aquarius in 1998 the internet was getting cranked up and look at it now. Can you imagine a world without email? According to Wikipedia, by 2007, more than 97% of all telecommunicated information was carried over the internet. With Neptune transiting Pisces we may begin to communicate in some new and unusual ways. In Pisces, Neptune may dissolve the clutter in our minds. It may dissolve our self-doubt about our intuition. It may also dissolve our need to sacrifice ourselves for strange, fanatical reasons. Perhaps Neptune transiting Pisces will open our feeling channels and we will begin to more deeply comprehend that we homo sapiens are morphing into homo spiritus, homo luminous, and home pacem.

“I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.” [from “Open Mind” by Anahata Joy Katkin