Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Lunar Eclipse July 27 2018 4 degrees of Aquarius

    Regarding the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27th: "We are living in the shadow and it is important for us to be the change, be the love, and become the shamans. It is time to grow our own souls for we cannot solve these problems at the vibration that they were created." Marilyn Zimmerman....Aquarian enlightener, artist, teacher, feminine guide, visionary, and friend!
    This full moon lunar eclipse on July 27 will not be visible in our hemisphere. Africa, the Middle East and Asia will witness the visual phenomenon of the longest eclipse in this century. Apparently some Christian groups have assigned "end of times" meaning to this Blood Moon eclipse as well as the other blood moons we have been experienced in the recent past. Perhaps instead of the end of the world, the full blood moons of the recent past--and this upcoming eclipse--are an invitation to collective awakening for visionary changes and kindness to one another.The Moon is associated with the unconscious and with all that we experience in our bodies. Let's set an intention for awakening our unconscious blockages and freeing our bodies from the entrapment of worn out beliefs that freeze potential for ourselves and for humanity. The eclipse occurs at 4 degrees in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the Water Bearer....the one who brings watery, emotional enlightenment to humanity. Saturn rules Aquarius and Aquarius is a fixed sign. The energy of this sign can stay stuck in the rigidity of conventional Saturn; if can stay buried in the fear of losing one's own status or position in society; it can attach to hoarding, greed and self-survival. OR it can break free and build new containers and new foundations (both physical and non physical) for evolution on planet Earth. Saturn in Aquarius has the capacity to view reality through a spiritual lens. Truly Aquarius has the potential for the true meaning of Saturn: we are responsible and we do the job because it needs to be done. We don't do it for self interest or to climb a totem pole. We do it because we it is right thing to do for oneself and for all sentiment beings.
    Personal reflection: What is my responsibility to myself and to my family and friends, and to life on this planet? How can I be a part of the enlightenment for a better world? Let's start with kindness, compassion, truth and the offering of intelligent solutions for problems that support what Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, said so many centuries ago (161-180 AD): "Everything is connected and the web is holy." To believe otherwise only contributes to the end of all that has been achieved in human consciousness since the beginning of time.
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    Blood moons have inspired both awe and fear throughout the centuries.