Saturday, September 26, 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries September 27, 2015

Here we are, the eve of the Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries. This is the 4th Total Lunar Eclipse in a row, going back to the eclipses in 2014. All 4 of these eclipses are in the sign axis of Aries/Libra. Total Lunar Eclipses are often called "Blood Moons" because the Earth's shadow turns the luminous full moon into intense shades of reds, browns and grays. We have been learning about the balance between self and others. Old beliefs and patterns around love and relationship have dissolved. Understanding and harmony can exist along side a strong sense of self and being able to stand up for oneself. We have been on a journey to find our unique path. Along the way, we are finding our kindred spirits and our tribe. According to some astrologers and many metaphysical writers, we are going through a strong shift. There is a gateway into a new world: a deeper understanding of humanity and our purpose in life. We are learning to allow life to live through us. These Lunar Eclipses have given focus to the Uranus/Pluto cycle we went through for several years: trying to break things down and then create a new way of being as we balance self with others. Eclipses bring big events. The visit of Pope Francis to the Americas is a big event. We could ask ourselves how Pope Francis is helping us change our beliefs and patterns about "us versus them." He is definitely a change agent because so many politicians are criticizing him!! Our individual "big events" are also very important. Your big event could be internal or external. It does not have to be a negative event. It could be a major insight into your life and the direction you are going. Aries and Libra people as well as Cancers and Capricorns (all the moveable/cardinal signs) are especially affected by the eclipse. If you know your horoscope, look for planets in early Aries or Libra, or just look for the houses for Aries and Libra. This is where the action is!! Have a beautiful day and enjoy the sky show tomorrow night.