Saturday, December 3, 2011

Astro Tips for December 2011

“doors of perception”

The sign, Sagittarius, is about the higher mind and the search for truth. The end of 2011 gives us ample opportunity to expand our thinking and gain new perceptions about our reality. The “doors of perception” are highlighted with the Solar Eclipse (November 25 New Moon in Sagittarius) and the Lunar Eclipse on December 10 (Full Moon in Gemini). Eugene Ionesco (French playwright) said, “It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” This is a time to ask good questions.

The Sagittarius/Gemini polarity

We have learned from quantum theory that the observer shapes what is observed. What we believe and what we assume color the data in front of our eyes. Sagittarius is a fire energy that boldly seeks to step beyond the given box of reality. The opposite sign, Gemini, is about curiosity and perception. Mercury rules Gemini. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. During December these planetary energies are highlighted. A Sagittarius person can sink into the status quo and fatten. Or that same person can open his Gemini eyes and take in expansive information. The challenge is to ask the right questions about your life and to keep your eyes open. Trust your perceptions. Start with your own subjective knowing but stay open to new information and feedback.

Do we believe it when we see it or do we see it when we believe it?

Astrologist Stephanie Austin (who writes every month for Mountain Astrologer) grasped the heart of the Sagittarius/Gemini polarity. In her discussion of the Gemini Lunar Eclipse (in the current December/January issue), Stephanie Austin suggests that we see things when we believe it (rather than believe it when we see it!). Yes. How true. There are historical accounts of indigenous people not being able to see a large sailing vessel because they could not, at first, believe such a thing was possible. This is a lot to think about. When the Sun travels through Sagittarius and the Moon reaches its fullness in Gemini, we have the opportunity to shuffle our beliefs and see things we never thought possible. Maybe there are aliens among us but we cannot imagine or believe this. Hence we cannot see it. Okay maybe that is extreme. Perhaps we are waiting for enough people to believe that we can live differently on our planet and then we will see it. The idea that all things are connected is not a new idea. We are still waiting for enough people to BELIEVE everything is connected so we can see it manifest in front of our eyes. We are waiting for enough people to really believe that we can be good earth citizens. Then we will see it. These are matters that pertain to Sagittarius and Gemini.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius

Mercury is currently retrograde in Sagittarius. When Mercury has a retrograde period in a sign, that sign’s energy is emphasized for a longer period than normal. Examining our beliefs and reaching for a new truth (even if it is subjective) is part of the Mercury in Sagittarius experience. Of course the usual Mercury retrograde issues are with us too. Computer problems, car repairs, and misunderstandings due to communication mix-ups are to be expected with Mercury retrograde. But please remember that retrograde Mercury brings the ability to think deeply and differently. Mercury goes direct on December 13, just after the full moon, but it will continue its passage through Sagittarius until January 7th. Sagittarius thinking can get stuck in its own ego perception or it can open up and expand and reach a new level of comprehension and seeing. If we are tempted to close our doors of perception we will miss out on the expansion and the joy of new believing and seeing.

Saying goodbye to 2011

Every year is intense and unique. 2011 has been special because it has been the culmination of all nine Underworlds alluded to in the Maya calendar. According to many impressive researchers (who are also intuitive-thinkers), billions of years of evolution and creation have culminated in 2011. Have we interpreted the Maya Calendar accurately, or is the Maya Calendar a metaphor to help us understand our evolution and our partnership with the Universe?

Meanwhile we are in a period of irritability. Planets Uranus and Pluto are the archetypal energies demanding that irritability lead to awakening and growth. Impatience and dissatisfaction will continue for years as humankind struggles to let go of old beliefs as well as outworn systems and structures. We are at the end and we are at the beginning. Scientists are learning so much about our history and about our cosmos and universe. Our beliefs are being challenged and refined. Our minds are being blown not by LSD but by discovery. Those who cannot open their minds to beautiful discoveries will be living on a different planet than those who embrace reverence for planet Earth and the entire cosmos. We are all here together but our beliefs and perceptions divide us and this is frustrating and confusing. We will continue on. The journey isn’t over. It’s just entering another cycle of unfolding.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Astro Tips for November 2011

The New Moon in Scorpio on October 26th nearly collided with the October 28th date assigned to the completion of the Nine Waves of the Maya Calendar. We are on our way to realizing our connection with the entire Universe. We are beginning to get a glimmer of being co-creators with that Universe. Billions of evolutionary years have lead to this time. How appropriate that this moment of evolutionary culmination and awareness occurs during Samhain – the time of the year when the veil between dimensions of reality is thin. How appropriate we reach the top of the Mayan pyramid during the time of year associated with death and transformation.

During this New Moon period, planets Jupiter and Pluto made a graceful connection. In spite of the intensity of this time, the Jupiter/Pluto connection gives us energy to work with. Jupiter helps us expand our energy into the Plutonian darkness. We get glimpses of what we can do to make things better. The Occupy Wall Street [Et Al] movement is one example of this aspect. Jupiter is in Taurus and Taurus is a stubborn sign. Pluto is the plutocracy (absolute authority) and does not want to give up power. Jupiter trine Pluto initiates a dance of change. The protestors expand with tenacity. They are squatting on the concrete and they refuse to go.

There is a famous saying: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” President Obama said it in a speech. Alice Walker has a book with this title: We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For: Inner Light in a Time of Darkness (2006). Alice Walker’s words are chillingly fitting for these Scorpio days:

“It is as if ancient graves, hidden deep in the shadows of the psyche and the earth are breaking open of their own accord. Unwilling to be silent any longer. Incapable of silence. No leader or people of any country will be safe from these upheavals that lead to exposure, no matter how much the news is managed….”

The Hip Hop group, The Visionaries, has an album called “We Are The Ones (We’ve Been Waiting For)”! The Visionairies wrote: “Our love is bigger than the strongest of arguments/We are the ones we’ve been waiting for/We won’t believe what we’re told to believe/We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Good for them. The Visionaries are announcing the transformation in thinking and being.

This famous saying, however, goes back to 2001 (or earlier) when the Hopi Elders told us: “There is a river flowering now very fast….let go of the shore, push off in the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. See who is there with you and celebrate…. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” [To read the entire Hopi Elder proclamation, google the phrase, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.]

Scorpio is famous for contraction and for holding in emotions. But sooner or later Scorpio must face the feeling function openly. Sooner or later Scorpio shines the light into the shadows and has a bit of an “aha”! That’s where we are this month. A light is being directed into the shadows, just as it was in the 1960’s with political demonstrations that lead to profound cultural changes. The Hopi Elders also said that the time of the lone wolf was over. It is time for people to come together for conscious change. Are the days of charismatic leadership soon to fade away?

Planets Mercury and Venus have been traveling together for a while. During October they were together in Scorpio, so Mercury gave voice to collective values (Venus), especially as they pertain to money (Scorpio). Occupy Wall Street is the expression of emotions that can no longer be held in. 99% of us have something important to say. Anger is being expressed in appropriate political fashion. We cannot call protests in the Middle East a step towards democracy and turn around and call protests here some kind of communist plot.

In November, by the time of the full moon on November 10th, Venus and Mercury will be conjunct at 10 degrees of Sagittarius, the truth-seeking sign of the Zodiac. We can expect more open expression. The Occupy Wall Street movement will probably grow. Tear gas and rubber bullets won’t stop the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Scorpio is a deep, psychological sign. While the Sun moves through Scorpio until November 22, do your best to turn the flashlight on yourself. Do your best to communicate your inner feelings and desires in appropriate ways. Everyone has Scorpio somewhere in his/her chart. In some area of life we all have a tendency to hold back and go to sleep. We are not dead. We are just sleeping. Wake up. Time to wake up and be a partner with the Universe.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Astro Tips for October 2011

New Moon 4 degrees of Libra on September 27, 2011

The Sun’s entrance into the sign of Libra at the autumn equinox has moved us into the next season. Now the New Moon in Libra on September 27th encourages us to focus on relationships, harmony and justice. We think of the Libra scales. October is the month to contemplate balance and to expect diplomacy and fairness. Alas, this October’s New Moon in Libra opposes upsetting Uranus and squares transformative Pluto. Expect some relationship surprises. Maybe it’s good to shake the sweet Libra relational brain cells. Some people may wake up and realize they are in the wrong relationship. Others may be surprised to suddenly find a partnership when they least expected it. What we can expect in the relationship department is excitement, rebellion, change and awakening. Planets Venus and Saturn are also in Libra. This can bring commitment for some, for others disappointment. Since Venus is one of the indicators of money, the presence of Saturn does not help our economy this month.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all in Libra. One would hope that this strong collection of balancing energy would help the divisiveness in our country. With Uranus opposing and Pluto squaring the Libra group, we are reminded that justice, harmony and balance are not static moments in time. Justice is always changing and evolving. Harmony and balance are achieved individually in various ways. Some chop wood and carry water. Some meditate. Others sing or recline in Savasana in yoga class. Whether or not we can expect harmony and balance in Congress is debatable. It is hard enough to have harmony in our inner selves so why do we expect it of our leaders? We want them to model appropriate diplomatic behavior, but we seldom see it. Leaders are the outer manifestation of who we are as a collective.

There is some good news with this configuration of four planets plus the Sun interacting with upsetting Uranus and powerful Pluto: we will most likely see graphic images of the violation of justice (at least on MSNBC). Look there for the reports of what happened to the protestors on Wall Street. In the past we have seen videos of Rodney King and other people whose rights were violated. In order to have a better society we have to be conscious of the violation of Libra justice and Libra scales. Watch for more exposure of lack of justice during these days of stressed out Libra. It’s all part of our human process of reaching for a better world.

Full Moon 18 degrees of Aries on October 11, 2011

There is always tension between opposing signs. Libra wants to get along and wants to be liked. Aries wants to assert its will and personality. Aries is a little selfish. Of course we all have Libra and Aries somewhere in our horoscopes. In some area we need to be selfish; in another place we want to belong, get along, and be liked. We want to cooperate. During this Full Moon, the stress between self and others is magnified. Hopefully the full moon enlightens the shadow of both of these signs. If we have gone too far in pleasing others, we will be challenged during the full moon to stand up for self and say, “me first!” If we have been too selfish in our Aries ways, life may demand we pay attention to how our behavior impacts other people. On the collective level, politicians want to be liked in order to win but that must be balanced with some Aries charisma. We want leaders who are strong individuals, not just people pleasers. This month we will see leaders trying to balance the polarity between being seen as unique but also being seen as someone who fits in and can be likeable. Not an easy balance these days. Everyone is so picky!!

Special Message for all you Libras!

Planet Saturn is visiting your sign and has been traveling through Libra since early 2010. Saturn often brings struggles, hardships and limitations. The outcome, however, is maturity and wisdom. Saturn pushes us to become more and more responsible. We face the realities of life when Saturn affects our lives. The young person assumes more responsibility for the self; the older person assumes more responsibility in the world. Libras born prior to October 10th have already learned from Saturn’s visit. Those Libras born around October 12th are now facing the practical lessons of Saturn. Astrology says Saturn does not deny us what we want. However, Saturn may delay the timing. Saturn takes time. We want it now; Saturn says, be patient!

Saturn in Libra teaches us to be responsible in relationships. That same Saturn in Libra may ask us to wait a long while before we have the right relationship. Meanwhile, Saturn in Libra gives the opportunity to be in relationship with the self. The shadow of Libra is an over-dependence on being liked and being in partnership. Saturn is an aspect of that shadow. Saturn in Libra helps us learn the balance of being our own good partner and being a good partner to someone else. This is a lot to master.

The collective Libra-Aries Energy

One thing we can do during this Libra month is to remain attentive to the notion that everything outside of us has something to teach us. Everything is energy and information. Our ultimate relationship is with our self and with life and with what we conceive of as Divine Energy. What we do with our conscious relationship with our self is the mystery of how we express our Libra/Aries energies.
I am all order of being,
the circling galaxy,
the evolutionary intelligence,
the lift and the falling away.
What is and what isn’t. You
Who know Jelaluddin, You
the One in all, say who I am.
Say I am You. (Rumi)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Astro Tips for September 2011

We're still here

In the center of our galaxy there is a big black hole. This is what astronomers tell us. The month of August was so intense that I wondered if we were indeed on our way to that big black hole. But here we are. In our country we have survived earthquake, massive heat wave, hurricane Irene and serious wildfires. The loss of historic covered bridges in Vermont is a touching symbol. The past is over. Many of the bridges cannot be repaired. They are gone. Perhaps we have not found our new path yet, but the old one isn’t available anymore. We need to build new bridges for where we are headed.

Mercury is in direct phase until late November

First of all, give yourself a big pat on the head. You survived Mercury retrograde. Because of all the other planetary rumblings, this particular Mercury retrograde phase seemed very difficult. No one seemed to be on my time clock! Mercury is now moving forward in Leo and will then travel through the sign of Virgo until September 14. Mercury rules Virgo. These coming days will be good for completion of tasks that require analysis, organization and/or detail. Do not despair if you didn’t get it all done in August. Set a goal for mid September and carry on.

New Moon in Virgo August 28th

On August 28th, the Moon joined the Sun in Virgo at 5 degrees. This New Moon opposed Neptune (ruler of the seas). Hurricane Irene captured our attention. This Hurricane was given the Virgo treatment for several days in advance. There was plenty of analysis and planning and lots of media coverage. There was a big helpful triangle in the heavens during this New Moon. The Sun/Moon/Venus were sitting together and sharing the same microphone. Fortunately this trio was flowing in an easy manner with Jupiter and Pluto. Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto – all in earth signs in a big grand trine - was helpful for handling physical plane issues. Government officials tried to manage the hurricane in advance. Careful planning would help minimize loss of life, damage and inconvenience. In some ways the preplanning was helpful. However, Uranus, planet of surprise, made an awkward aspect to the Moon and Sun. What wasn’t predicted and planned for was massive flooding further inland. Excessive flooding in Vermont and areas of New York State was not a part of the human plan. It was a strike from Uranus and a message from Neptune: the gods do their own thing. Now that the weather event is over we are subjected to Virgo analysis of who was responsible for not forecasting the flooding! This is a futile exercise. All we can do is adapt and adjust to the unexpected aspects of earth crises.

Jupiter in Taurus in retrograde phase

On August 30th planet Jupiter--ruler of belief systems and all things that expand, including our egos and waistlines--went into its retrograde phase for the next four months. Jupiter is currently visiting the sign of Taurus, ruler of values, possessions and money. Jupiter retrograde will encourage us to be patient as we make big plans for the future. Taurus is careful and that is how Jupiter must behave while transiting that sign. We might expect money matters to be scrutinized excessively in the coming months. Will the banking industry continue to call the shots and prevent the economy from expanding? Taurus is one of the rulers of finance and Taurus likes to hold on to what it’s got.

Venus in Libra/Uranus in Aries

When Venus moves in to Libra we expect harmony and niceness. Venus is so much about relationship and cooperation and in Libra it takes a polished or pretty form. In late August we saw the result of Uranus affecting the New Moon and the Sun during the hurricane. Around September 14th we will experience Uranus upsetting the serenity of Venus. This could mean surprises for people who have Libra or Aries planets in early degrees of those signs. This happens around the monthly Full Moon.

Full Moon in Pisces on September 12

The polarity of Virgo and Pisces is challenging. We want to study and understand the why of something but the full moon in Pisces says just let it go. Pisces requires a kind of surrender. When the Sun travels through Virgo we analyze until the full moon in Pisces says “give it up”! Pisces is the last sign. It is the sign of cosmos and chaos. Virgo dislikes disorder and chaos. Its aim is to bring order out of Pisces disorder. But the full moon in Pisces makes sure that something is still a little bit out of place. Maybe it’s our thinking or maybe it’s the rug on the floor. Virgo perfection is just beyond reach during the Pisces full moon. Meanwhile Venus is beginning to oppose Uranus and that means our expectations about relationship are about to be shuffled or sent for a ride on a roller coaster. Try to stay calm. Uranus is always about awakening. Some message is being given if we can stay steady inside the surprise or the upset. The full moon is in watery Pisces. There is the possibility of another hurricane or flooding. The clean-up from Hurricane Irene will continue through this full moon time.

Autumn Equinox September 23

The Sun moves on to the sign of Libra on September 23. The autumn equinox occurs in this cardinal sign and moves us into the next season. Those of us who have lived through the high heat of the summer of 2011 are ready for the next season. Soon we will know what the intense sun has done to crops and land. Hopefully we will have cooler days and cooler nights. On this Fall Equinox day the Moon and Mars are sitting side by side in the sign of Leo. We may continue to have days of unusual heat but we will have courage and creativity to carry us into the fall.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mercury Retrograde August 2011

Today, August 2, Mercury begins its second retrograde phase of the year. The motion of Mercury appears to go retrograde at 01 degree of Virgo. Mercury will move back through fire sign Leo (to 19 degrees) until August 26. Then it begins to move ahead in Leo and reaches 01 degree of Virgo again on September 9th. Did I just write September? What a rush this year has been.

Perhaps Mercury retrograde will give us a moment to process all that has been happening in 2011. The mind seems to operate a little differently when Mercury is in retrograde motion. We may be more reflective and contemplative. In the sign of Leo, our thoughts may return to creative projects we have been too busy to address in the past couple of months. Maybe there are important projects that must get done and this is a great time to do it. Also, try to take time to think about who you are, where you are, what you want, how you can express yourself more effectively. Leo rules the ego, the self. Mercury retrograde in Leo means review yourself and re-think who you are.

Meanwhile, it also good to remember the “re” words! Recheck your list. Review your finances. Rethink what you are doing. Remember to double-check all appointment times. Re-read the contract before you sign it. Postpone buying new equipment unless it is an emergency. Return to plans that have been tabled for a while. I read on one astrologer’s site: do not get married during Mercury retrograde. If you are already scheduled and the deposit is on the room, don’t worry. Get married this month. Important events are best initiated during the direct motion of Mercury whenever possible. Sometimes we have to take a trip during Mercury retrograde. It is not the end of the world. Remember! Mercury retrograde happens several times a year. We manage to muddle through.

All thing ruled by Mercury require extra attention. That includes all forms of communication and all means of transportation. Many people have reported that they felt Mercury already went retrograde a few days ago. That was my experience too. That happens when the planet seems to slow down before the stationary retrograde phase begins. Of course there are often frustrations when Mercury is retrograde. It goes with the territory. Systems go down. The power goes off. (Oh dear to that one in this Texas heat!) And then the power comes back on. Slow down and roll with the backward motion of Mercury retrograde. Does that help make it sound like a little more fun?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Astro Tips for August 2011

On the morning of July 30th, the day of the New Moon in Leo, I was on my way to the computer to write about August. It was 8:30 am and the power went out. If you live in Texas you know what that means on a hot summer morning: panic. We did not have to evacuate. In fact it only took a little over two hours for the repair. Nonetheless it felt like an omen for the month ahead. Unpredictable interruptions and surprises have continued since the New Moon on Saturday. Surprises fall under Uranus, the planet of the unexpected (and electricity). All I’m saying is I’ve had my share of irritating surprises in the past 48 hours. How about you?

The New Moon in Leo tries to be happy but it’s not easy.

This New Moon at seven degrees of Leo is sitting with the Sun and with Venus (also transiting Leo). This should be a lovely trio. Leo is upbeat and creative, but Leo is also the ruler of our individual egos. Ergo we do not like it when things do not go our way. The Sun, Moon and Venus were all making an irritable aspect with Pluto on the New Moon day. Pluto is also in a tense T-cross with Saturn and Uranus. If you want to understand this aspect, just turn on CNN and watch the show going on in Washington about the debt ceiling. Planet Uranus is also in a tense T-cross with Mars and Pluto. Ah! That is a lot of trouble. Short tempers and unpleasant upsets are sure to prevail all weekend and until the full moon two weeks from now. Mars is getting ready to exactly oppose Pluto and exactly square Uranus. Mars is assertion, aggression and anger. It is the planet of wars and the battlefield. One of our modern battlefields is political ideology. But, you do not have to go to Washington or your State Capitol to experience irritation, frustration and short fuses. I’m sure it is closer to home than that. We are all challenged this month with “short fuse syndrome”!

The Full Moon in Aquarius (August 13) is a struggle among individual egos and collective groups.

This sticky, cranky energy continues right up and through August 13th, the day of the Full Moon in Aquarius. At that time The Sun, Mercury and Venus (all sitting in fire sign Leo) will oppose the Moon and Neptune in Aquarius. Please expect all kinds of lies to be told as we work our way to the Full Moon. Neptune and the Moon connecting with Mercury spells propaganda. People will say whatever they need to say to get whatever they want. People will say whatever they can to bend the truth and to convince others they are right. The final result will be confusion. We will not know the truth until later. Unfortunately this month is a good example of one of our current problems: tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth.

A better use of this month’s energy is to stay focused on your own backyard. Honest soul searching for your individual truth will pay off. Feeling guided to help humanity or a cause you believe in (animal rights/the environment) is also a fine way to direct this month’s planetary message. The energy is inspiring but challenging. Finding positive outlets for frustration will pay off. Many of us will feel over-amped. Think of yourself as a highly charged ball of energy. How can you direct all that intense stuff? It needs physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, creative, inventive, communal, loving outlets. The strong currents of energy can become toxic in a flash. I cannot help but wonder if this month is yet another turning point as we race into 2012! We are challenged to live in this world but not engage in the toxicity of this world. That is a big challenge.

Too many minefields

Mars is the planet that gets us going. Without Mars there would be no marathons! It is good energy, but this month we can overdo it. Hostility, blaming others, getting triggered, exploding—these unattractive minefields are in the landscape for everyone. What we can do is take as much responsibility as possible to make our explosions short, to the point, and effective. Better yet, we can find positive directions for our anger and discontent.

A little help in the Heavens

Fortunately there is some help in the heavens around the time of the Full Moon. Mercury connects with Pluto in a positive way: Therefore, no matter how big the lies, if you listen closely, you will hear the truth. The Moon fully illuminates Saturn: First of all, this means that patience will pay off. Also, there is no need to throw out everything or completely change your life. Just get rid of what doesn’t make sense. Jupiter and Pluto communicate in an easy fashion: These two brothers are trying to bring some sanity to the big mess that we have made here on our planets. Finally, Mars and Jupiter are sextile each other: We have an opportunity around the Full Moon to direct our energy into wholesome activities.

And remember: this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Really!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Full Moon in Capricorn July 15, 2011

The Full Moon in Capricorn is today, July 15th. Full Moons can help illuminate our current life path. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn. Therefore, this full moon sheds light on our goals and responsibilities as mature adults. The Sun is in Cancer (the sign of the moon, of dependency, family, nurturing, motherhood and childhood). We see the interactive polarity of Cancer-Capricorn unfolding in our government. As the elected leaders try to resolve the debt ceiling issue, we see the back and forth display of the child and the grown-up. Some leaders behave like children—it’s my way or I won’t play. Some leaders are behaving like grown-ups. They are trying to look at what is best for everyone. How can we have a win-win situation based on maturity rather than an outcome based on emotional attachment to being the center of the universe? What is best for the whole family? I read once that the energy of Capricorn is about doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. It is not about doing something to gain glory or climb another step on the totem pole. It is simply to be mature enough to discern what is the right thing to do for the situation at hand.

The full moon in Capricorn gives us the opportunity to explore the interaction between what we need and what we can do about it. We don’t want to lose our ability to feel interdependent with other people. We want to continue to feel receptive and to be in touch with our emotional landscape. We need to acknowledge sometimes we are dependent on someone or something and it is all right. At the same time we have to examine our level of maturity and our ability to be a functioning grown-up. This full moon encourages us to connect with our child/grown-up dynamic that is on-going in our feelings and in our behavior.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Astro Tips for July 2011

Partial Solar Eclipse on July 1

It is unusual to have three eclipses right together. Most of the time we see a solar (new moon) eclipse followed two week later by a full moon eclipse. Then several months go by without any eclipses. On July 1st the New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 9 degrees of Cancer just two week after the Full Moon eclipse in June. An eclipse featuring the sign of Cancer means that many of us will have upsets and insights around family issues (Cancer rules the family). Individuals born around July 1 (within a few days of the eclipse) are guaranteed an eventful summer. The planetary line-up for this eclipse is complicated and intense. There is a grand square that connects four planets in a closed box symbolizing frustration. These planets are all sitting in Cardinal signs, however. So no matter how frustrating the energy is, the Cardinal temper of the square is sure to produce efforts to break free of the box.

Understanding the Cardinal Signs

The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Cardinal signs are moveable energies. They move the seasons along throughout the year. When the Sun moves into Aries the Spring Equinox occurs. Then in June, when the Sun enters Cancer, we have the Summer Equinox. In September the Sun moves into Libra and the Fall Equinox moves us into the fall season. When the Sun moves into Capricorn in December, the Winter Equinox announces the winter season. This is what cardinal or moveable signs are about. This is strong, assertive energy. Moveable signs initiate action, whether it is a season or an idea or a new life chapter. Eclipses are very strong in these moveable signs. Think about your life. What activities are in motion? What new chapters are you experiencing? If you feel frustrated or powerless, this eclipse will give you a shot of energy to confront the issues and to take new steps to achieve your goals.

The Eclipse forms a Grand Square in Cardinal Signs

The Grand Square of the July 1st eclipse touches all the Cardinal signs. The Sun and Moon are conjunct in Cancer (where the eclipse occurs). Pluto in Capricorn opposes the Sun and Moon. Saturn in Libra squares all of this and so does Uranus in Aries. And of course Saturn opposes Uranus in Aries. Confused yet? Basically we have a big box of moveable energy. The seasons demand that we move along with them. This eclipse seems to demand that we move along with our lives whether we want to or not. There are less desirable qualities of the moveable signs. Cardinal (moveable energy) is controlling and demanding. It can be inconsiderate and forceful. Too much cardinal energy can make a person overbearing. Currently we might say that Mother Earth is being forceful and overbearing. There are floods (Cardinal sign Caner); there are fires (Cardinal sign Aries). For those living in areas hit with natural tragedies, the grand square eclipse gives courage and stamina to overcome adversity. For those of us fortunate enough to be spared earthly tragedies, we should waste no time utilizing this strong blast of get up and go energy. Whatever goals you have, the July eclipse can help you overcome your perceived obstacles. The planet Uranus, in Aries, encourages us to be inventive and to use our intelligence. Uranus in Aries pushes us to change and be different: to follow our unique drumbeat. Saturn in Libra suggests we need to connect with others to achieve our goals. Partnership and collaboration are absolutely necessary. Pluto in Capricorn demands that we continue to eliminate the tyrants in our minds and on our planet. A tyrant might be our obsession to old beliefs. A tyrant can be an institutional system or a despot. The Sun and Moon in Cancer, conjunct at the New Moon and vibrating with the eclipse suggest that we use our intuitive (watery) function to take the next steps. Get in touch with yourself, and then take action. The Cancerian energy may help us be a bit softer in our approach. We do not have to bang down the door. We can knock gently and someone will open from the other side.

Eclipses mean big events

Remember that in antiquity eclipses were associated with the death of kings (important leaders) and with very significant events (earthquakes for example). On May 1st our government killed Osama bin Laden, the prominent leader of a terrorist organization. Furthermore, other prominent leaders (dictators) in the Middle East have been disposed or are in the process of being disposed. These grand events are connected with all the eclipses in June and this on in July. Of course all the earth upheavals and natural disasters fall into this big events headline. Maybe we have a collective mental tyrant that keeps us from seeing the reality of climate change and overpopulation!!

Again, think about your own life. What dictators have you been eliminating from your life? Is it an outer dictator or an inner dictator? Do you have to force the issue (maybe), or can you soften and use your intuitive faculty to solve your dilemma?

July 1 eclipse initiates a new 1200-year energy pattern

Interestingly enough, this eclipse is the first in a new cycle. All eclipses have cycles (called Saros cycles) that go on for many years. The eclipse pattern (or cycle) repeats every eighteen years (approximately) until it completes itself. This eclipse pattern begins July 1, 2011 and continues for 1200 years (ending in the year 3237). This is scientific information from astronomy. According to astrologer Bernadette Brady (astrologer and astronomer), July 1 gives birth to a new eclipse that has significant meaning. Brady believes that the Grand Square in Cardinal signs initiates huge endeavors that lead to the endings of long struggles. Heroic efforts will produce achievements. Those who want immediate results will need to stop and ponder the implications of this new eclipse. Perhaps the conclusion of our long and difficult COLLECTIVE issues will not occur for another 1200 years. Alas, I may not live long enough to see the Shangri La I believe possible here on earth. On the other hand, this eclipse gives each individual life an opportunity to accomplish a great deal.

Furthermore, this new eclipse may be the beginning of a new energy of commitment to create a more sane life for all living beings. Perhaps it is another spiritual shift for humankind. Maybe we are finally totally frustrated (grand square!) with how things are and we are ready to put forth the energy required to change things. We suffer through earthquakes, floods, fires, tornados, hurricanes and tsunamis and finally we begin to understand that we need to start “partnering” with Gaia and our Galaxy and our Universe.

The Sabian Symbol for the Eclipse

Back in 1925 an astrologer named Marc Edmond Jones partnered with a woman psychic and came up with a provocative symbol for each degree of the zodiac. The collection of zodiac information is called The Sabian Symbols. The Sabian Symbol for the zodiac degree of the eclipse in Cancer is beautiful and full of hope: “A large diamond in the first stage of the cutting process.” We’ve only just begun.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jupiter changes from Aries to Taurus

“Tis a gift to be simple/’tis a gift to be free/’tis a gift to come down where we ought to be/and when we find ourselves in the place just right/’twill be in the valley of love and delight.” Shaker song 18th century

Jupiter rolled out of Aries and stepped into Taurus on June 4th. For nearly a year we have experienced the expansive energy of Jupiter present itself as impulsive, fast and inventive. Aries is the first sign; it is the me-first sign. Much of what we have seen in Washington, D C are examples of individuals thinking they are right even if their ideas are selfish and childish. That is the shadow of Aries. Jupiter is one of the money planets in astrology. Where are we with our prosperity? There have been many proposals for how to manage our collective money problems, e g Paul Ryan’s budget that would turn Medicare over to private insurance businesses. Is his plan an Aries inventive plan, or is his plan a “give everything to private sector to profit from” selfish plan? Jupiter in Aries has stimulated inventive thinking about our social/financial problems. However, we do not have the final solutions as yet. It amazes me that we can elect people to represent us in Washington and those people make us feel guilty for expecting anything in return for the taxes we pay. Sometimes they talk like it is the working person’s fault that our country is in debt. Yet, they have no problem spending $100 million per day to drop bombs on Libya. I read that somewhere. Can that be right? Maybe I should fact check that figure. It takes my breath away.

Jupiter in Taurus has the capacity to manage money and resources correctly and beneficially for all.

Now Jupiter has moved its big planetary self into earthy Taurus. Taurus is one of the money signs of the Zodiac. Ideally Jupiter in Taurus has the capacity to manage money and resources correctly and beneficially for all. Our resources are on loan from Planet Earth and from some Eternal Principle of Life. If we begin to believe that the resources are ours because the Divine loves us more than others, then we lose our generosity of spirit. For example, there are many people who believe that they are ordained by the Almighty to have more than others. The writer, Ayn Rand (1905-1982), wrote Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. She is popular among some Tea Party politicians. Rand believed that a person was entirely self-made and entitled to every penny made. She rejected all forms of social altruism. Early Calvinism held that if a person was wealthy, then God favored that person. In other words, there was an early “manifestation plan” in Calvinism. Working hard and making money meant you had pleased God. If you didn’t have money, then you were a failure. Sound familiar? Much of the New Age speculation about manifesting has its roots in Calvinism and also in Ayn Rand philosophy of the 20th century. The challenge for all of us (including those leaders in Washington, D C) is to think rationally and to put aside these antiquated belief systems. How can we create a new system for distribution of resources or solve a debt problem when we cling unconsciously to old beliefs that have created the problems to begin with?

Jupiter in Taurus teaches us that we are stewards of the earth

Ideally Jupiter in Taurus gives us the opportunity to realize on a spiritual level that we are stewards of the earth and its resources; we are not owners and possessors of those resources. Your diamond ring and your iPhone are yours and they are also on loan. You are not taking them with you. People born with Jupiter in Taurus usually attract wealth. They have the money. Some may be generous to a fault. Others may be stuck on possessing all they have and failing to share. Others may create beauty with their wealth. Some may build big things of stone (The Age of Taurus was the Age of Stone Temples!).

Somewhere in your horoscope you have Jupiter transiting through your Taurus House!

Starting now we all have Jupiter in Taurus sitting in our horoscopes for an entire year. It’s a great time for doing business. It’s a fine time to put our ideas into solid form and to benefit from our actions. It’s a time to constantly pay attention to the balance we need as we live Jupiter’s expansive nature in earthy Taurus: How do I balance being financially prudent with staying open and generous in my spirit? If I have a lot of wealth, how do I refrain from extravagant display of my ego? If I do not have a lot of wealth, how do I refrain from extravagant use of my credit card? Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. It is the second house of the Zodiac, the house of self-worth, values and resources. At its best, Taurus stays simple. I mean Taurus values the simple things of life: a beautiful sunset, good food and laughter with old friends. I wish us all a prosperous year with Jupiter in Taurus.

Ultimately Jupiter in Taurus says to me: save every penny you can; invest wisely and don’t be selfish about it!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Astro Tips for June 2011

Two Eclipses in June

A partial solar eclipse occurs on the first day of June. This New Moon at 11 degrees of Gemini seems gentle enough. It is a fine time to study-up and get ready for the intensity of the lunar eclipse in two weeks. Remember Gemini is an Air sign and Mercury is Gemini’s ruler. According to Julie Loar in her book, Goddesses for Every Day, “Gemini goddesses are animated, verbal, intellectual, versatile and magical.” The New Moon/Solar union in Gemini might help us shape-shift into another dimension. After all, Gemini is the clever trickster!

Neptune Retrograde June 3 to November 9

Neptune (currently sitting at 1 degree of Pisces), begins its yearly retrograde phase on June 3. By August, Neptune will be traveling back into Aquarius again. We have had just a hint of Neptune’s impact in Pisces. We have certainly had enough natural disasters to deepen our awareness of our interconnectedness; a Pisces theme. We are also assaulted by craziness and confusion on planet Earth. Aquarius and Pisces are signs of the collective body, rather than the individual. We are going through a major learning period on Earth. We are individual and we are collective. We are separate and we are interconnected. How do we live in that awareness? Neptune flashes the word BOUNDARIES up into our third eye. Where do we need boundaries? Where do we need to merge and not have boundaries? We are asking. Neptune retrograde will help us dissolve boundaries that need to dissolve. If we are in denial about something, Neptune will make sure we confront our denial. Neptune retrograde may also be an excellent time to amp up our spiritual learning and/or pursuits.

Saturn Direct June 12

Saturn finishes its retrograde time and goes direct on June 12. For those people who are experiencing a Saturn return (individuals now in their late 20’s and also those in their late 50’s) this will mean relief for some and for others, well, here comes your Saturn return. Saturn is traveling through Libra. If you are 28, 29 or 30, you are trying to review your life to date and make decisions about how you want to live the next 30 years of your life. If you are 58, 59 or 60, you may be reviewing how you HAVE lived the past 30 years and how you want to live the remaining time you have.

Total Eclipse of the Moon June 15

June 15th looks like an intense and complicated day. The Full Moon sits with the North Node, the point of integration. The Moon is full in Sagittarius. What truth are we seeking? We have facts and data (Gemini) but what truth can we make of it? Will the prevailing truth be based on Sagittarius dogma and hubris, or will it transcend to something higher (we are all made of stardust or as Lady Gaga says, “I Was Born This Way”)? We have Gemini wind and Sagittarius fire for this eclipse. I returned to Julie Loar’s book, Goddesses for Every Day. The book is a kind of divination. June 15: Anima Mundi. This is a concept from ancient Rome. It means, “soul of the world.” It means: “to breathe.” It means Gaia is breathing. Does this mean that when a natural disaster strikes, Mother Earth is just taking a deep breath? Julie Loar’s contemplation for June 15th is: “I take a deep breath and give thanks to the heavenly mother who gave birth to all souls in the beginning.” Since the Full Moon Eclipse falls in late Sagittarius, let’s also take a deep breath and ask for the highest truth we are capable of receiving at this time.

On July 1st we have another solar eclipse and that one touches Pluto. This looks like an exciting summer!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Astro Tips for May 2011

New Moon in Taurus on May 3

When the Sun moves through Aries, there is a push to initiate plans and action. When the Sun moves through Taurus, determination gives substance to the impulse to act. As it turned out, the combination of extreme Aries energy and the Sun in Taurus was good for something. The Navy Seal Operation in Pakistan was connected with the New Moon in Taurus that occurred on May 3. Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars were in the sign of Aries. It takes Aries kind of courage, adrenalin, and physical/mental expertise to execute such a difficult undertaking. Aries is the brave, strong and well-trained hero or heroine. Aries is also highly intelligent. Aries rules the head, where we keep our brains! Meanwhile the Sun in Taurus gave determination, tenacity, and patience to substantiate the operation and make it real. The dark moon was just on the edge of moving into Taurus to give us a “new moon.” Bin Laden and his entourage were taken by surprise during the dark of the moon by risk-taking Aries heroes who had Taurus tenacity.

In addition to the collection of Aries energy, there was a big T-cross (or T-square) during the New Moon that involved Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Venus and Mercury. There were many challenges and the operation required skills about which most of us will never know a thing. Surely there will be a movie and we will vicariously experience this amazing accomplishment by the Navy Seals.

Full Moon in Scorpio May 17

Now as we approach the Full Moon, planets Mars, Mercury and Venus step into solid Taurus. For those who expended a lot of energy during the loaded Aries period, it will be time to rest. Hopefully those Navy Seals are on vacation. For other people, perhaps plans and intentions will finally fall into some organized spreadsheet and we can begin to make methodical progress. But wait, more T squares! The Full Moon (26 degrees of Scorpio) is May 17. The Moon and the Sun are starting to square Neptune and Chiron at this time. For individuals who are tuned in to their intuition and psychic hunches, this is a powerful Full Moon. It’s a great time to meditate, have a reading, or reach inside and outside for guidance. This might be an excellent time to focus on emotional healing. On the collective, societal level, Neptune’s T square might bring more secrets out into the open. Political intrigue is ongoing.

The Pluto/Uranus Saga Continues

Pluto is still in its T-square with Uranus. Personally I expect to see more power hungry people trying to enforce their will on the rest of us. Pluto is in Capricorn. Pluto is the planet that eliminates what isn’t working. Right now it looks like we are experimenting with what works and what doesn’t work. Capricorn rules the status quo and those who are at the top of the totem pole (or want to be at the top). Pluto in Capricorn wants us to make some adjustments in how we manage power and leadership. However, those in power are not going to give up their power quickly. The oil companies still want their subsidies even if Pluto in Capricorn is shaking a finger. This energy continues for a few more years. These are difficult times and we are all actors on this stage. We have our parts to perform, but are we capable of reading the whole play? Maybe the best we can do is pay attention to our own little corner of the world. It’s a lot just to figure out our own empowerment and how to manage it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Astrology and Current Events: May 2011

ASTROLOGY AND CURRENT EVENTS: Donald Trump and Messy Myth Making


Donald Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Personally, I have never held against him the fact that he grew up in a mansion in Queens. That’s his life. According to Wikipedia, he was a bright kid, went to good schools, including Wharton Business School where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business/Economics when he was 22 year old. He continued with the template his father cut for him and did well in Manhattan real estate. We also know he is in his third marriage and he has five children.

Gemini Sun/Leo Rising/Sagittarius Moon: TRUMP'S HOROSCOPE

Donald Trump’s birth information is available with astro data bank and it has an AA rating. That means a reliable person actually had the birth certificate in hand and examined it. Mr. Trump was born in Queens, New York, on June 14, 1946, at 10:54 am, during a Full Moon. His North Node and the planet Uranus sit right with his Gemini Sun. The North Node with the Sun implies that he is very ambitious. Since Uranus sits right there too, we have to acknowledge the guy is probably very bright. However, Sun plus Uranus is eccentric. It is also aloof. As one TV commentator said, Trump seems totally unaware that people make fun of his hair. He doesn’t care what other people say about him. Sun/Uranus: Trump lives in his own egotistical world. Uranus also aspects his Sagittarius Moon. The aspect is an opposition and that implies emotional instability. The Moon opposing Uranus also suggests that the man is not emotionally dependable. He can change his mind in a nanosecond and think it’s his good intuition. Sun and Uranus is intuitive but the Moon sitting on the other side of the room throws an emotional wrench into his intuitive pudding. This Moon/Uranus thing is not good for family matters or for getting along with people in general.

Now we come to The Donald’s rising sign (or ascendant). It is not a surprise to an astrologer that Trump has Leo rising. Look at that hair! Leo rising is known for a big head of hair. The rising sign is the persona we present to the world. The rising sign is the outfit (including our looks!) we put on when we come to Planet Earth. The rising sign molds our personality and our outlook on life. Leo likes to be the center of attention. The ego and the identity are strong with a Leo ascendant. Leo rising’s outlook on life is about the self and self-expression. Donald Trump wants to perform and he has had that opportunity for several years now on NBC’s show, Apprentice. He is the boss who hires and fires. Mars in Leo sits right on Trump’s Leo ascendant, so he has extra Leo points. Oh dear. Mars on the ascendant (rising sign) is the marker of a person who likes a good fight. Mars is assertion and aggression. We all need a good Mars to make our way in life. In Trump’s case Mars on the rising sign suggests he might be a big bully. It is hard to imagine Trump in a presidential capacity. How does person like this get along with cabinet members and advisors? Mars on this ascendant is unlikely to listen to anyone’s opinion but his own. And remember we have already covered the Sun/Moon/Uranus in his chart. He is different and undpredictable. He is not a team player. He is a performer and a one-man show. These interpretations sound harsh so let me add that Donald Trump is also brilliant at what he does. He is successful and he is engaging as a celebrity. Leo rising combined with Leo Mars on the rising ensures that Trump will make his way in life and be the center of attention wherever he goes.

Trump’s horoscope has many connections with horoscope of the United States of America

So how did Donald Trump get into this “potential presidential candidate spotlight?” For that question, an astrologer looks at the person’s chart and how it connects with the (solar) chart of the United States. For example, Donald Trump’s Sun at 22 degrees Gemini and North Node at 21 degrees Gemini sit right on the 21st degree Gemini Mars of our country’s horoscope. He is connecting with some serious anger in America, or he is angry about something in our nation and his big Sun/Uranus/North Node ego thinks that he can be the truth teller and the savior. The Sun and Mars together spells competition and potentially a combative relationship between Trump and the citizens.

Trump’s Mercury (8 degrees of Cancer) connects with three Cancerian planets in America’s chart: Venus (2 degrees), Jupiter (5 degrees) and the Sun (12 degrees). Trump is communicating (Mercury being communication) the traditional Cancerian values, beliefs and identity of our nation. The overt values expressed are not always the values that are in the collective psyche or in the facts of life. The Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Cancer suggest that the USA values family above all else. However, our country has a high divorce rate and over the years we have seen an increasing number of single parent families. We value family as long as the Cancerian mother makes it happen. Remember that Pluto is currently going through the sign of Capricorn. Pluto has been helping us transform our Cancerian values and beliefs. Pluto is now affecting Trump’s Mercury in Cancer. So, he is expressing the discontent many people feel as the transformation is unfolding. The so-called “Tea Party” formed to speak for more traditional values and a conservative approach to budget and finances.

Donald Trump has another big connection with the nation’s horoscope. His Venus and Saturn are conjunct (sitting on the same chair) in late Cancer right with the USA Mercury in Cancer. Again this is about communication and Trump identifying with traditional Cancerian values in our country.

The fact that Trump has Venus and Saturn holding hands in his chart is surprising. He comes across as totally confident. This Venus/Saturn aspect indicates that he is not as secure in himself as he tries to project. A person with Venus/Saturn in the chart may have a hard time believing in his or her own value or self-worth. They also have a hard time feeling loved. They need to commit to something and excel at the job so they can feel good about themselves.


Years ago the word myth referred to a sacred narrative explaining how the world and humankind came to exist. Now the word myth is used to include any traditional story. Our human existence is speeded up, so it doesn’t take long for us to create a traditional story. Communication is rapid and it changes our understanding of an event or idea quickly. It doesn’t matter that we have Urban Legend and Fact Check to help us sort out mounds of information thrown our way. Those web sites really want to help us understand what is true and real. The fact is that the human mind grabs a bit of information and translates it to a personal myth in an instant. We tell ourselves a story right away. If the reality we stumble upon does not match up with our belief system, we can easily create a myth to help us reconcile information and make it acceptable somehow. This leads to conspiracy theories. Writer Jonathan Kay says, “conspiracy theories are the religious faith for a secular age.” Well said. It doesn’t matter how off the theory is, it satisfies the belief system of the mythmaker. Donald Trump stepped right into a conspiracy theory and projected the myth like a virus. Because of his public image, our collective body of citizens either cheered or shuddered. Did Trump believe the conspiracy theories about our Black President? Or did Trump use the theories to gain attention? Maybe it’s some of both. In any event he became the archetypal holder of the “Obama wasn’t born in the USA” conspiracy theory and threw that myth onto the everyday stage.


Trump’s Mercury makes a challenging connection with Neptune in his chart. This aspect requires a strong and mature ego in order to avoid pitfalls. Mercury is communication. Neptune is inspiration but it is also illusion. Neptune is also the collective myths that permeate any society. Trump may be confused in his thinking (Mercury square Neptune); he may even be in the habit of stretching the truth, or he may make stuff up. But the bigger issue right now is how this aspect seems to help Trump unconsciously tune in to a collective myth: how can a black man be the president? It just isn’t right. The planet Pluto is currently making an opposition aspect to Trump’s Mercury. He cannot help himself. He has to speak up. He is exposing quite bluntly what has been thought about, talked about, whispered about, and conveniently denied. Donald Trump is exposing the polluted psyche of our nation. It would take someone so popular. It would take a person who totally fills the TV screen and whose voice either captures your imagination, makes you laugh, or turns you off. It takes a big ego/personality to expose this myth. So what is the myth? I’m sure there are many but here is a suggestion. We have a myth that we are a tolerant nation. We “myth” that we are all created equal. Some of us even “myth” that the Civil War was not about slavery. There is another myth though that goes something like this: white Anglo Saxon males are superior to everyone else and they should be in positions of power and leadership. Donald Trump has spit this myth out onto the asphalt and airways. Nothing will ever be enough for Donald Trump. He saw the birth certificate, so he moved right on to the Black President’s education. How did a man destined to become Black President get into Harvard? He surely wasn’t that smart. He made reference to the Black President on the basketball court (unconscious slip about sports and the black male?). The Black President has shown his papers. Will that be enough? Not quite. Not yet. Donald Trump is speaking for a portion of Americans who still hold the myth that some people should stay in their place.


In my perfect universe, no one would hold the microphone for Donald Trump. He would be ignored. That is not possible. First of all maybe it is necessary for someone to exaggerate the myth. Only a Donald Trump type could accomplish that. The planet Pluto has opposed our nation’s Mars and recently our nation’s Venus and Jupiter. Soon Pluto will oppose our nation’s Sun. Pluto is about elimination. Pluto is destruction. We are supposed to eliminate and destroy what no longer works. We can no longer live on the superficial level of our nation’s Venus and Jupiter in Cancer. The superficial is mom, country, apple pie, and all families are good. As Pluto gets close to opposing the USA Sun in Cancer, our nation will undergo a major identity transformation. We are already a nation/community of heterogenous homo sapiens. The transformation (that we are equal and connected) has already happened, now we just have to live through it. Living through it means getting conscious of the myths we live. Some of our myths need to be reviewed; some need to be eliminated.

“I’m very proud of myself. I have accomplished something really important. I’ve done what no one else could have done.” That’s what the conceited Donald Trump had to say when the Black President showed his long form birth certificate. Hawaii finally pulled it out of the vault for Donald Trump and all the other people who are shocked that the United States of America has a Black President. Of course an east Texas lawmaker said the piece of paper didn’t look 50 years old! Fact Check will not destroy his myth because it violates what he wants to believe.

What’s in it for Trump? Frankly, I’m not sure. It is hard to see this man as a serious candidate for the oval office. He is arrogant and emotionally unpredictable. He is aggressive and probably has no chance of being a team player. If you get to know him, it’s quite possible he is an insecure person who is real hard to get along with and always looking for validation. His Jupiter sitting with Chiron suggests he thinks he is special and has big things to accomplish. Hopefully those “big things” will be more real estate and more TV shows, not politics.

Perhaps Donald Trump’s reward will come in his afterlife. He is holding the archetypal energy of the egotistical white male who feels entitled to have it his way. As he exposes that archetype and overdoes that archetype people will wake up and get more conscious of the myths we are living out in our country. That will be his reward. Our nation has Venus and Jupiter sitting on the same sofa. This is a very generous energy and it is a feminine energy. The historical white male energy has not been able to embrace the feminine energy that permeates our culture. It’s coming though. Donald Trump is going to insure that we wake up and see that we have a Black President (born in the USA) and it’s okay! That’s a start. Black President means a Woman President can’t be far behind.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Astro Tips for April 2011

The month of April gives us a chance to learn and experience almost everything there is to know about the sign of Aries. On April 3 we have the New Moon with the Moon and Sun conjunct at 13 degrees of Aries. Jupiter has been traveling through Aries for several months. Mercury is retrograde in Aries. Finally the planets Mars (ruler of Aries) and Uranus are sitting right together at one degree of Aries. This last duo, Mars and Uranus, has a reputation for impulsive behavior, for accidents and for irritability. Aries is the first sign. It rules initiative, innovation and war. It also rules selfishness that must be balanced with its Libra relational opposite. All this Aries energy has a big punch—it is “get up and go” energy. It is great for initiating new ideas, projects and plans. However, it has one very big obstacle right now and that is Saturn. The planet Saturn (transiting Libra) is opposing a big chunk of the Aries grouping. And just about everything is making a stressful connection with Pluto. We want to give life a kick and get on with things. There are delays and frustrations. We feel the pressure of Pluto; we feel the necessity to dig deep before we launch something new or before we get mad and make a scene.

We need a few moments to breathe and regroup anyhow. We have experienced so many shocks and upsets in the recent past. Trouble seems to gather weight and speed like something rolling down a hill that has no bottom. How can we not feel fearful and vulnerable? How do we respond to those feelings? We have little control over earthquakes and tsunamis. The people of Japan did not create the recent tragedy. All they could do was live through it and then respond and do the best they could. It is hard not to want to become more controlling with each and every traumatic event.

Meanwhile the Middle East is exploding. Saturn and Pluto have blown a gasket in that region. This is part of the realignment that the planetary cycles give us. If we get too rigid, Uranus will come along and shake the tree. If we get too unconscious, Pluto will shake us out of our coma. If those in power get too corrupt, people will revolt. With an excessive amount of Aries energy this month, it is hard to know what will happen in Libya. The Aries warriors of both sides will not want to give up. Saturn should bring some restraint and maturity to the situation. However, madness also prevails.

The day after the New Moon, Neptune steps into Pisces. From now until early August we will have some indications of what is in store for planet Earth while Neptune resides in Pisces. Then Neptune will return to Aquarius for the rest of 2011. In 2012, Neptune swims into Pisces for a long duration (until 2026). Neptune teaches us that there are no boundaries. Neptune rules Pisces. We are destined to learn much about boundaries, compassion and empathy, and suffering. Neptune is the planet that dissolves what it touches. Neptune has a way of creating its own reality, and eventually that fantasy reality becomes the truth. Our compassion will grow while Neptune visits Pisces but unfortunately our craziness may also grow. Already when we watch the news there is a sense of “crazier and crazier”! Neptune also rules the oceans. Our attention will be on healing our seas.

Pluto begins its yearly retrograde phase on April 9. Retrograde planets are intensified. Pluto rules our wealth and our debt. The national conversation about overspending will continue. With Mercury and Pluto retrograde in April it feels doubtful that government leaders will reach satisfactory decisions. Aries does rule the head and that includes intelligence. Intelligent decisions are possible if partisan emotion can be put aside (doubtful).

Remember that astrology works on the premise of polarity. If Aries is big and in our face, then the opposite energy, Libra, is trying to get our attention. The Full Moon at 27 degrees of Libra will be trying to teach us to balance our Aries ego and “me first attitude” with Libra balance and cooperation. We cannot do everything alone and we cannot live in a world without mediation and compromise--not unless we want to go back to the 1930’s when there were dictators. Uranus was transiting Aries during the time of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. This time the dictator may not be a person; it may be a system. The Plutocracy may be the dictator we are fighting in this millennium.

The Full Moon period is graced with an uplifting connection between the Libra Moon and Neptune in Pisces. This is a time to experience super sensitivity to life and to “the other realms” or “other frequencies” of existence. It is possible that with Neptune traveling through Pisces mankind may begin to experience a new kind of dreaming—hopefully dreams that will help us individually and will help us resolve our many problems here on Earth. Meditation and dreaming (both day dreaming and REM sleep) should have our attention during this full moon.

Finally I just want to say I wasn’t kidding when I said Aries is big and in our faces this month; therefore, all the more reason to stop and remember that you belong with others. Community; the harmony of masculine and feminine; and the balance between aggression and diplomacy are an integral part of the fired up stomping of Aries.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mercury Retrograde in Aries: March 30-April 23

The First Mercury retrograde period of 2011 begins on Wednesday, March 30. Mercury slows down and appears to go backward at 24 degrees of Aries. Aries is the first sign. It rules spring and youth, taking action and being impulsive. It rules assertion and aggression. Hence Aries rules war. Dialogue will continue about whether Obama has declared war on Libya. Politicians will continue to double-talk and contradict themselves during Mercury retrograde. They will hope we won’t notice. Many will run off at the mouth declaring America must be in charge of everything and not cooperate with allies regarding Libya. That would be Aries talking because Aries can be a bully. There may be a lot of discussion about all the wars going on.

For us ordinary people, we need to be careful with impulsiveness. We need to think before we speak. Also, taking unusual risks is not advised with Mercury retrograde in Aries. Remember, the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter are all in Aries at this time. We feel super-confident. (Of course I can afford that tour to seven sacred sites!) Our enthusiasm can win out over practicality and budgets. Overextending physically is also a danger during this period. This is not a good time to amp up your exercise program. Stick to what works. If you have been inactive, you may find this is the perfect time to get back on track with a fitness program. Overdoing anything is not advised with Mercury retrograde. Just keep a steady pace.

Mercury retrograde will occur two more times in 2011, so it is not a fearful or weird occurrence. It is something to make use of. We can be extra careful about mistakes. We can practice saying “I’m sorry” because we spoke up impulsively. We can re-do and polish a project that isn’t quite finished. We should re-check our bank account. We might re-think (Aries rules the head!) who we are and where we need to direct our energy. Where do we need to act independently? Where has our independence gotten us into trouble? Aries is the “me-first” sign of the zodiac. Aries also has domain over anger. If there have been misunderstandings with friends or loved ones, this Mercury retrograde period is the perfect time to seek reconciliation. Mercury retrograde in Aries is a good time to “get over yourself”! Mercury will resume direct motion on April 23rd at 13 degrees of Aries.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Astro Tips for March 2011

The Midnight Hour: the 29th degree of Uranus in Pisces

We are living through a midnight hour. There are 360 degrees in the Zodiac and the planet Uranus, The Awakener - ruler of revolution, the unexpected, change and freedom - is traveling through the 359th degree. Pisces is the last sign. It contains the final 30 degrees of our Zodiac. The big thing happening this month is this: Uranus is finishing up its work in Pisces and then will transition into Aries, the first sign, on March 11th.

Uranus entered Pisces in 2003. During these final days of the transit we have an opportunity to contemplate what changes Uranus has brought to our lives, to our society and to our planet. It’s a lot. Uranus made its ingress into Pisces on March 11, 2003. On March 20th the United States initiated the War in Iraq. Think back over the past seven years. Think about your life, think about what has happened in our country and think about all the turmoil in so many countries in the recent past.

In late January, when the young Egyptians said they were demonstrating for the freedom to elect their leaders, they were expressing the energy of Uranus. Sir William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781. It was the first planet discovered with a telescope. The American Revolution was already in process (1775-1783) and the French Revolution would begin very soon (1789-1799). In Greek mythology Uranus is the father of Saturn, and Saturn is the father of Zeus (Jupiter). Whenever a father/ruler/leader becomes too controlling or tyrannical, the people rise up and rebel to create a new order. In other words, there is a connection between the discovery of planet Uranus and the ongoing drive for freedom that continues to this day and will continue. The uprising against the tyrant is idealistic. A Uranian uprising has no plan beyond “dethrone the beast.” When Mubarak finally stepped down, Egyptian journalist Mona Eltahawy said: “Egypt is finished with these old men.” What is to follow in Egypt is up to the people of Egypt. It will take time. It will take attention to Saturn (order, stability) and then Jupiter, the integrator, will help bring a new government into being.

As we live through the 29th degree of Uranus in Pisces (the midnight hour for Uranus), we see a harsher revolution in Libya. Muammar al-Gaddafi might be called the archetype of the 29th degree of Pisces: intense, unstable and delusional. It might even be crazy. It will break the rules. Uranus always has dominion over the unexpected. Gaddafi is the epitome of unpredictable.

The 29th degree

Since October of this past year, every full moon has fallen at 29 degrees of the sign. Full Moons throw light on the subject of that sign. When the flashlight falls on the 29th degree we are asked to take in everything about that sign very quickly. It’s almost too much to take in and then it’s over and we are on to the next Moon sign. The light isn’t there long enough so it feels unsettling and unstable. Life on planet earth has been anything but stable. When an outer planet moves through the 29th degree it can take several weeks. We have time to experience and to contemplate the fullness of the planet and the sign. That is what we are currently doing with Uranus in Pisces. In the coming weeks we will study Neptune’s completion through the sign of Aquarius. Neptune is sitting at 29 degrees of Aquarius! There are many endings and many beginnings on the horizon.

So much Pisces energy!

The New Moon on Friday, March 4th, has an interesting horoscope. The Sun and Moon at 13 degrees of Pisces are joined by Mars (7 degrees), Mercury (20 degrees) and Uranus (at that 29th degree). This is a lot Pisces energy sitting in one room. Pisces is emotional, sensitive and even touchy; and with all this Pisces energy we are feeling the effects of emotional trauma on a collective scale. It’s enough to manage your own little life, right? Pisces is the sign of the collective unconscious. During the passage of Uranus through Pisces we have experienced increased global awareness and compassion. The world has truly grown smaller. What happens over there happens here. What happens to you happens to me. Think about Katrina. Think about that Tsunami in The Indian Ocean. Think about all the soldiers who have died in Iraq. Think about all the innocent Iraqi people who have died since 2003. Think about Haiti. Now thousands of people are leaving Libya and they need a place to go. Everything is connected. That is one of the messages of Pisces.

What has Uranus in Pisces meant for you?

What Hurricanes and Tsunamis have you had in your personal life during the past seven years? What has died? What part of you has allowed yourself to have some Uranian rebellion in your life? Where have you cried out for freedom? Have you had your own uprising? Have you thrown out any internal or external tyrants? What kind of revolution have you lived through in the past seven years?

Uranus transitions into Aries on March 11

Revolution continues of course. It just takes on a different assemblage of energy. On March 11, Uranus steps into Aries. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac so it represents the self…. the individual. Pisces represents the collective. We have lived through seven years of being changed by the earthly collective. Now it is time for individuals to act based on what has been assimilated during the years of Uranus traveling through Pisces. New beginnings. New ideas. New enterprises.

Aries is the sign of the hero. When you put Uranus in Aries you have a pioneering energy that won’t stop until it finds a solution. Aries has courage and fortitude. Aries is not afraid. Revolutions continue with heroic leaders. Individuals in Lybia have expressed their resolution to die rather than live under tyranny. In short, Aries is not afraid to stand up and fight. When a planet moves into a sign, it takes on the personality of that sign. Uranus in Aries: people want individual freedom! Aries is the ME principal. Uranus in Aries is impulsive: act first and think later. Uranus in Aries can be the political fanatic, but I figure we are used to that by now. Aries, a fire sign, has a temper. Aries is probably the sign for the NRA. With Uranus transiting Aries, firearms will be in fashion for another seven years.

Think back on the past seven years. Uranus in Pisces might have caused you to suppress your need for freedom and change. Perhaps you shut down. Maybe you turned off your feeling faucet. Maybe you ended up in denial about some area of your life. Maybe you went numb. Uranus in Aries is sure to be a wake up call if you have rolled into a stagnant Pisces pool and shut the gate. Uranus in Aries will awaken us to grab our destinies and go!

Full Moon in Virgo March 19

When we reach the Full Moon on March 19th, the Sun will be at 28 degrees of Pisces (well it’s pretty close to 29 degrees!) sitting with Uranus at 0 degrees of Aries. The Full Moon is opposing at 28 (just about 29!) degrees of Virgo. All month long Uranus squares Pluto. This is a challenging aspect. Pluto is that area of life where we want control and maybe we don’t get control. It is a challenge to let go of needing to control everything. Somewhere in each of us resides a tyrant! Pluto in Capricorn struggling with Uranus and Saturn represents the old men that journalist Mona Eltahawy refers to. We all have an old man inside trying to hold us in a pattern we are comfortable with but we know is no longer functional. It doesn’t work anymore. Uranus in Aries is the awakener of the individual. The past seven years have taught us something. Now what? Get ready.

Vernal Equinox March 20

When the Sun goes into Aries on the first day of spring, Uranus will be right there hugging the Sun. Spring ceremonies might focus on the awakening of the spiritual warrior.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Astro Tips for February 2011

On January 20th the Sun stepped into the sign Aquarius, and shortly thereafter, political demonstrations erupted in Egypt. This revolution is being televised and this revolution will have some degree of success. Mubarak’s announcement to not run again for the presidency coincided with a New Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of rebellion, revolution and potential chaos. We are witnessing an archetypal presentation of our contemporary understanding of Aquarius. Planet Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, was discovered in 1781. This discovery coincided with the American and French Revolutions as well as the onset of The Age of Enlightenment/Age of Technology. Each demonstration and each revolution takes us a step closer to the Age of Aquarius.

When the Moon and Sun join in Aquarius on February 2nd, planet Mars will be sharing their space. The demonstrators in Egypt are Aquarian warriors. They are fighting for a vital Aquarian matter: the right to assemble and the right to speak freely. The brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity is standing firm. Universal, rather than personal principles are emphasized when Aquarius energy is unleashed. We have seen the Muslim men praying together in the square, honoring their beliefs and traditions while demanding the end of government tyranny. Furthermore, the people formed neighborhood watch committees to protect citizens and to deter opportunistic people from using the uprising for violence and lawlessness. Aquarian principles of the brotherhood of man and treating your neighbor as yourself are in full view in Cairo.

In mythology, the sign of Aquarius was associated with astral waters: spiritual energies of renewal and fertilization for all living things. The gods and goddesses pour an urn towards earth so that heavenly knowledge and blessings can be transmitted to earthlings. This is what Reiki practitioners do: they pour or transmit spiritual energy for healing and renewal. Of course over time the planet Uranus has become associated with technology. Perhaps unconsciously we imagine that the gods are the holders of electricity. In Greek mythology, the Titan, Prometheus, (having compassion for homo sapiens) stole fire from the gods and gave it to human beings so they could cook their food. Contemporary fire, electricity (responsible for cook stoves as well as the internet), has become the new spiritual water of the gods. Rather than a magic drink, we gain knowledge and immortality by searching Google. Aquarius is about hope, invention and overcoming ignorance. Egyptian authorities shut down the web. They tried to withhold the fire of the gods but it was too late to halt the uprising in Tahrir Square. Aquarius rules the circulatory system. The energy of rebellion had already circulated throughout the land. The universal principles of equality and freedom are being anchored into the earth in the ancient land of Egypt.

This is the time of year to put on our thinking caps (Aquarius always wears a thinking cap) and see what we want to cook up! Do you having something to say? Do you have an invention brewing in your brain cells? Is there some information you need to circulate? Do you need to connect with community where you can support your kindred spirits? In what ways can you contribute to the on-going momentum taking us to the Age of Aquarius? There can be no Age of Aquarius until we give up our fear that those unlike us are dangerous and threatening. The Age of Aquarius means we are ONE even if we are individually different. We do not have to be identical in order to respect each other. That is what Aquarius says.

The New Moon is a good time to take the seeds of our intentions and plant them firmly in our psyches. By the time of the Full Moon (February 18) we will feel big stirrings in our creativity. Remember December? We were stuck in earthy Capricorn and Mercury was retrograde. It was not easy to feel enthusiastic or energized. The Sun, Mercury, Mars and Neptune will be together in Aquarius when we experience the Full Moon in Leo on February 18th. This cluster of Aquarian energies will help us think out of the box. Leo is individually creative; Aquarius is communally creative. During this Full Moon period we can have it all! In an on-line January lecture offered by, astrologer Jeff Jawer had this to say (I am paraphrasing): “we make transition from Capricorn security to Aquarian creativity. The Capricorn kingdom gives way to Aquarian democracy.”

We are watching kingdoms everywhere get weak in the knees. Maybe we need to ask ourselves if we have some rigid internal kingdoms that need to crumble so that we can have more internal space for our individual and collective creativity.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 2011-Let The New Year Begin!

Saying Goodbye to 2010

Remember what the ancients said: Eclipses signal big events. We certainly had a big one with the Lunar Eclipse on December 21. First of all the eclipse was beautiful. What a gift for those of us living in North Texas. A disappointed friend wrote from Austin where it was too cloudy to view the darkening of the Moon. It was a warm, clear night here. Did this eclipse coincide with any special events in your life? If you were traveling east I’m sure it was eventful. The blizzard on the east coast will be remembered for generations. Mother/Father winter slowed us earthlings down. People died because emergency crews could not reach them on snow filled streets and babies were born even though women could not get to hospitals. Very major events for many people. On December 30th Mercury left its retrograde phase and travel became normal again. The streets of New York are probably plowed by now and the snow will melt. Mercury is gaining speed as it moves direct through the last degrees of Sagittarius. If Mercury retrograde brought troubles your way in December, those matters should be easing as the New Year begins. If problems linger, they should be cleared up around January 17th when Mercury leaves the degree where it originally went retrograde. 2010 ended with the sobering wisdom that Mother Earth is more powerful than we are.

Let The New Year Begin

Another eclipse! A Solar Eclipse on January 4th encourages us to be conscious of what we want to leave behind and what we want to take with us into the New Year. The New Moon and the Sun join at 13 degrees of Capricorn, and Mars is nearby at 20 degrees of Capricorn. Remember that astrology operates with polarity between opposing energies. If Capricorn is activated with a New Moon, the opposite sign, Cancer, is also activated. During this New Moon Solar Eclipse we can ponder what is really of value in our lives. That is the Cancer part of the polarity. The travelers who suffered through the inconveniences of the blizzard on the east coast will have their list of what is really important—a comfy bed and long hot showers! Nurturing and the comforts of home go with Cancer. Values are intangibles, like love, comfort, self-esteem, integrity, security and safety. How we achieve those values and what form those values take is the Capricorn part of the scale. It may be something as vital as a roof over our head. It might be to create our own family or have a close relationship. Finding ways to achieve those Cancerian values is a Capricorn matter. During this New Moon in Capricorn people will be motivated to get on with it and give their values new life and a new look. For some people self-esteem demands they achieve more status or have a position of power. For another person self-esteem may mean finding employment after months of unemployment. Mars in Capricorn says, get the job done! The Capricorn influence of December continues to be strong at the beginning of the month. Practicalities take center stage. Many will set goals under the aura of the Solar Eclipse. Capricorn rules plans, goals and accomplishment. Mercury retrograde in December certainly slowed down everything so now we are ready to get on with our lives.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn does have challenges. The Sun and Moon are squaring Saturn. Mars is also squaring Saturn. Mars wants quick results; Saturn says “not yet”! This means we can make our to-do lists for 2011 but we will need to be patient. Capricorn is an Earth sign. It takes time to create in the physical, earthly dimension. We can think it, we can get very enthusiastic about something, and we can feel how much we want it. Capricorn Sun squaring Saturn tells us it takes planning, organization, energy and time to reach our goals. Maybe it’s good we have to continue with a slow pace. It gives us time to connect with what we have experienced this past year. We have a few moments to integrate what we have learned from the events of 2010. We have time to reflect, to nurture ourselves and to acknowledge what we have achieved and what we hope to do next. Breathe, and gather the strength to set off on the next part of your journey. Think about the pine cone that holds the promise of new life. In Celtic tradition the pine cone represented the masculine seed of life held safely in the male genitals during the long cold days of winter. Procreation and new life are still possible in the masculine seed. No matter what difficulties we experienced in the previous year, now we have hope for a better tomorrow. We believe we can get pregnant again and eventually give birth to our new creation. Happy New Year!