Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, November 28, 2012

November Astro Tips continued

Lunar Eclipse November 28, 2012
Full Moon in Gemini

Eclipse in Gemini hides communication and I’m not happy about that.

I hope your eclipse party is more fun than mine.  The full moon in the sign of Gemini is joined by planet Jupiter.  What Jupiter touches gets bigger.  Jupiter with the Moon means bigger emotional responses.  When I could not access my email this morning (the day before the eclipse) I thought I might cry.  How would I write my astro tips about the Lunar Eclipse and send them out? The Moon in Gemini most definitely is one’s attachment to communication and email. I knew I was in for a very bad day.  Eclipses are associated with hidden matters.  Here I had a situation that was certainly hidden from me.  Turned out it was hidden from the computer tech who came to help.  No matter what he did, he got the same result.  No connection to pull in those emails.  Finally it was time to consult the experts: those faceless ones at AT&T who know everything. Unfortunately they did not know anything.  When they couldn’t solve the problem, they just said, oh well, you have a software problem you need to fix.  By the time they figured out they couldn’t help,  I had lost all the emails in my In-box and the connection on my iPhone.  Now I had zero email.  Hyperventilation. NO IPHONE?  NO EMAIL?

I forgot to tell you that this Full Moon/Jupiter is sitting right on planet Uranus in my chart.  What does Uranus rule?  technology, computers, the Internet, unexpected happenings out of one’s control, rebellion, awakenings.  I was born with Uranus in my 6th house, the house of work, service, and health.  I need a fair amount of Uranian freedom/independence in my work day in order to do Uranus work: astrology!  The eclipse today told me to wake up and learn more about computers!! I can no longer count on AT&T/Yahoo to help me.  I digress.

When AT&T said it was a software problem, my computer tech friend said, “this is beyond my skill set I’m afraid.”  Bless him. I would have wanted to get away from me as well. Uranian electricity was getting stuck everywhere in my body and that’s not good. It gives a person back aches and makes a person mean like a snake.  So I wrapped up my injured mac pro and headed for the Apple Store where I waited two hours for the next available agent.  By now I felt certain that the problem would be solved.  The geniuses would know what to do.

Uranus rules the genius gene.  Remember the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is highlighting information, communication and (in my case) technology, computers and the genius element.  Sure enough a nice Apple genius geek reconnected my email service on both my phone and my mail software in about 5 minutes. There was nothing wrong with my mail software and he restored my inbox.  The Apple man also told me what to do if this happens again. I wrote it down.  More importantly I learned to not call AT&T.  If I cannot solve the problem in a timely manner, I should be smart and head for the Apple Store.  This is the right emotional response. 

What happened to you during the Gemini Lunar Eclipse? 

The Moon rules our emotional responses.  Write your own story or tell a friend about what happened to you during this eclipse week.  What happened and how did you feel about it?  How did you respond?  Were you changed by the events of this week? As you experience this eclipse, pay attention to your body and your feelings.  The Gemini Moon rules the shoulders, arms and hands.  Mine are pretty tense from my computer/connection ordeal.  Gemini is an air sign so we tend to try to think our way through the emotional experience instead of expressing it directly.  Gemini says, get more information and you can solve your problem.  That may be true to some extent but it is also good to check in with our intuition, our higher mind and our gut feelings. 

Pathetic Confession

What kind of astrologer am I?  I looked at my tech friend’s chart and what did I see?  This eclipse is right on two of his Gemini planets, including his Sun.  Another lesson.  Look at the clues.   I would call this eclipse a true learning experience for me.  Moon is the emotional mind and Jupiter is the expansive mind. Both were sitting on my genius planet, Uranus, to help me wake up and be a better astrologer and get some techno savvy! The day was not a complete ruinous mess, however, thanks to this Gemini tech friend, Tim Wardell.

A hidden problem is exposed and resolved

A serious hidden matter has plagued me for several months.  My blog provider changed its platform leaving me blog-less.  They had my money but I had no blog.  It took computer genius Tim to resolve this matter.  He was subjected to my bad eclipse energy but still managed to give my blog back to me and then he even gave it a beautiful overhaul.  Have a look and let me know what you think about the blog’s new look:

This Eclipse is about YOU: step out of your box and look at life differently.

Somewhere in your natal chart the sign of Gemini is being activated by this eclipse.  The Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Gemini (information) opposes the Sun in Sagittarius (synthesis).  You may get stuck in the Gemini “give me more information” mode and forget to synthesize (go to the Apple Store where they synthesize for you!).   In other words, this eclipse demands that we step out of the box and look at things differently.  At the same time the Moon/Jupiter union is making very tough connections with Venus and Saturn and Mars and Pluto.  One astrologer called this  particular YOD configuration something like a hand grenade.  It is potentially explosive.  If you have the ability to do some intense physical work or work-out, you will be able to drain some of the explosiveness out of your energy field.  Dancing could be an excellent outlet for the explosive vibes of this eclipse.  Venus/Saturn wants to feel safe and secure but the Lunar Eclipse does not feel settled at all.  On the other hand, Venus/Saturn can contain the eclipse energy.  Emotions are up for grabs.  Mars/Pluto is highly energetic and possibly volatile.  People could get very mad during this eclipse period.  In other words, we want things to flow but everything feels unsettled, unpredictable and irritating.  Keeping busy might help and staying out of other people’s business will prevent emotional upsets.

What to DO?   Use your imagination

Don’t forget to breathe into your shoulders and arms and hands.  Pull that life force in through your fingertips!  Ask for guidance on any issue that is upsetting or strange.  Pay attention to weird thoughts.  Don’t buy into everything your mind is suggesting.  Make note of it but don’t act on it. Try to be patient with yourself and with others.  Planet Neptune is sitting in between the Sun and Moon.  Some people will feel very confused and upset.  Some people will find new avenues of creative expression during this eclipse.  Some people will have outstanding meditative experiences.  Some people will expend tons of energy on important projects.  Some people will want to drink and/or do drugs to escape the vibrations of this eclipse period.  We want to understand and make sense of vibrations that seem untouchable.  To touch this energy directly feels dangerous. 

Even though they are involved in the volatile YOD formation, Venus and Saturn are singing a nice duet to Neptune (planet of the sublime).  If we can tune in to this part of the eclipse equation, we may find ourselves on a beautiful creative path that leads to gratifying tangible results.  Use your imagination.

Be good to yourself and to others.  Try to avoid being sharp and short with people.  Most people are feeling excitable, nervous, confused and tired.   Send some positive rays of energy out to help others feel calm while we ride these strange and somewhat violent currents. I’m going to pretend I am out galloping on a horse somewhere on the mesas…. riding with the Gemini wind.

P S:  Planet Mercury left its retrograde phase Monday afternoon (November 26).  It took a direct station at 18 degrees of Scorpio.  There are still 13 days to use the Scorpio Mercury for solving mysteries!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 2012

“The world is not to be put in order.  The world is order.  It is for us to put ourselves in unison with this order.”  Henry Miller (Zen Calendar November 6, 2012)

Solar Eclipse November 13, 2012.  Scorpio 21 degrees

Election Day is behind us.  We are still a divided people and Texas  (where I live) has enough signatures to send a petition to the White House to secede from the Union.  We are a long way from putting our nation in unison with the order of things.  Most teachers remind us that harmony all begins with the individual. Today, November 13, there is a Solar Eclipse at 21-22 degrees of Scorpio. We can start right there with trying to put ourselves in order.  The Sun and Moon are together for the New Moon Solar Eclipse. Sitting nearby are the North Node in Scorpio and Mercury retrograde (getting ready to back into Scorpio tomorrow!).  The interesting thing about Scorpio is this:  it is a fixed sign.  Scorpio doesn’t want to budge, but it rules transformation. It is ruled by Pluto, a small, far away body that orbits slowly around the Sun.  Transformation takes time.  Scorpio takes its good old time making changes.

Scorpio and Taurus acutely affected by the eclipse

This eclipse acutely affects Scorpio individuals born November 7-17.  Scorpio’s opposite sign, Taurus, is also impacted strongly (May 6-16 birthdates). The big important events for everyone affected by this eclipse could range from wonderful to unfortunate.  Some people will have success in their undertakings. Some people may have big losses to deal with. 

Eclipses bring big events

Scorpio symbolizes birth, life, death, and rebirth.  We are always in the midst of birthing something, living something, changing something, killing something off, dying or being reborn.  An eclipse represents big events.  Eclipses also reveal things that have been hidden. The day of the eclipse is just a peak moment in the total event.  It started a few months ago. It will continue for a few months.  What big event is going on in your life?  Are you birthing something?  Are you letting go of things that no long work, that no long fit, that are no longer useful, that no longer reflect your soul path?  Are you dealing with a health challenge or a money issue?  Is your relationship struggling to reach another point of intimacy or is it dying?  Is it time to say goodbye to someone or something?  Do you have some new information that redefines everything you are doing?  Did you get caught in your own personal scandal? Perhaps your big event is different. Maybe there is major transformation in your life. Just when you thought it was over, everything changed for the better.  Whatever we are doing, we are trying to find our place within the larger order of the world.

General Petraeus is a Scorpio
The collective body always shows us how off track humanity is.  The Petraeus scandal started months ago.  Now, around the eclipse moment (with Mercury retrograde), information is revealed.  Speculation and fact-finding are paramount.  Whenever a major situation is uncovered, we are all attentive.  The facts and fantasy of the scandal will unravel over the coming weeks.  Underneath the information is the meaning.  Underneath the meaning we find whether or not we are in harmony with life.  It seems that the collective body is almost always out of harmony.  Perhaps the only way to get there is on the individual path.

All signs have many meanings.  One way to remember Scorpio is to think “archeology” because Scorpio deals with what is hidden away.  Fortunately when an archeologist finds something, it is usually something of value. It either contributes to our knowledge of the past or it is something beautiful and desirable with a monetary value attached.  One might also use the word “detective” because Scorpio energy tracks down clues to bring the truth out into the open. Another thing to remember about Scorpio is “intimacy” because sexual interaction is the yearning for connection and intimacy.  People are different in what kind of intimacy they want.  It could be sexual, physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual intimacy.   Intimacy is the result of relationship. Our current archeology is of a social nature (the Petraeus scandal).  Something has been dug up. The information is instructive and life changing for many. It will eventually have monetary value because someone will get a book out of it!  The unfolding scandal about Petraeus, now former head of the CIA, and Broadwell, teaches us about the power of our need for intimacy.  Humans will risk so much to have a chance to touch another soul. Whatever you think about Petraeus and Broadwell and their behavior, the fact is that an Eclipse in Scorpio is certainly the time to shine a light on it: sex, intimacy, seduction, manipulation, power, secrets, betrayal, letting go, and transformation.  For Petraeus the Scorpio eclipse is tragic and full of loss. His birthday: November 7, 1952. Yes, he is a Scorpio and he lost the trust of his nation.

An Eclipse belongs to everyone.  You are affected!

Somewhere in your horoscope there is a Scorpio house.  There may be planets in that house.  In some area of your life you are experiencing the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.  It could be something simple like loss of energy (feeling tired and worn out).  It could be the beginning of a new romantic interest.  It could be the culmination of some project you have been working on.  It could be a windfall; it could be an audit from the IRS!  Some hidden information may come your way. It could be that you have some issue that you are finally ready to resolve and be done with.  Maybe you are ready for total transmutation.  It’s your event and I hope for you it is a good one.

On November 28th there will be a Lunar Eclipse at 6 degrees of Gemini. More about that next time.

Linda Sprague
Astro Tips
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