Monday, August 3, 2020

Astro Tips: Full Moon in Aquarius August 3, 2020

Astro Tips

Linda Sprague

Full Moon in Aquarius

August 3, 2020



The full moon in Aquarius highlights the polarity of the signs Leo and Aquarius.  Leo, ruled by the Sun, emphasizes the individual while Aquarius puts the focus on the group, or on humanity.


The big news with this full moon is planet Uranus forming a T-cross or T-square with the Sun and Moon. A T-cross is an irritation and a challenge. This formation often leads to something productive.  In natal horoscopes the presence of a T-cross means that the individual does not give up and often meets with success. The current full moon period with Uranus shouts out loud and clear that humanity is not giving up. We are on the road to freedom for humanity, not freedom for 2%. Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius.  If we are headed for the Age of Aquarius, these past few months are helping us get there.


What the full moon means for you


On the personal level, this full moon with Uranus sitting in between the Sun and Moon encourages freedom. If a relationship is suffocating, Uranus will cause a potential break. On the other hand, some relationship might find new areas of awakening, fun and even meaning.  Uranus tends to shake things up abruptly. Someone lands a job out of the blue. Someone moves to the other side of the country for career or opportunity. A relationship forms from one unexpected meeting. Someone else suddenly loses a position due to a company closing (so much of this with the pandemic).  So many structures are collapsing during this time. Uranus brings things suddenly and often the event is life changing. Individuals affected by COVID have had their lives altered forever. People who chose this year to leave their homes in Central American and migrate to the US have suffered from unexpected inhumane treatment.  We are all affected by these disruptions. The planet is suffering from disruption. If you are safe and well fed, you are indeed blessed at this time.


Some information about Aquarius


After so many years interpreting horoscopes, I have come to think of Aquarians as having one foot in the past and one foot in the future. We need to remember where we have come from in order to envision where we are going. The original ruler of Aquarius was Saturn, the planet that gives us structure, stability and tradition. Saturn also rules Capricorn. When Sir William Herschel found a planet beyond Saturn using a telescope in 1781, the planet was eventually named Uranus by an astronomer. The name Uranus is the name of Saturn’s father in mythology. Uranus (or Ouranos in Greek) was the primordial deity that helped seed Earth. Uranus ruled the heavens, came to visit Gaia, impregnated her, and flew back into the heavens without a care for her wellbeing. He was independent and sought his freedom in the sky. He demanded perfect children from Gaia and killed the ones he didn’t approve of. He was a dictator type, not yet evolved in his psychology and emotional body!  Eventually Gaia gave birth to Saturn (Chronos in Greek) and when Saturn grew up, he ousted his father, married his mother Gaia, and became the ruler of planet Earth. Saturn brought time, dependability, structure and process to earth. Saturn overcame the chaos of Uranus to give us human society.


Why Aquarius and Uranus are associated with Revolution

Just note that the American Revolution (1775-1783) was fought for our independence around the time of the discovery of Uranus. The American Revolution was followed by the French Revolution (1789-11799), which gave proclamations of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. The ideas for independence, liberty, equality for all has never stopped.  We have been in a state of human revolution every since (at least in the western world).


Since the beginning of January 2020, when the planet Uranus entered its forward motion stage, we have had nothing but intense challenge and change. A lot of this is due to the coming together of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, but Uranus has had a hand in the unfolding of the changes Pluto and Saturn are bringing. Uranus points to something new so we had a new virus. We have ideas galore (some dangerous, some iffy) trying to treat the virus and prevent the virus.  Meanwhile we have had new freedom for many who had to work at home. The old paradigm of going somewhere to work is shifting rapidly.  Perhaps going to a schoolhouse is a shifting paradigm as well or maybe the system just gets an overhaul.  But we also have a huge percentage of our fraternal citizens who have lost their jobs due to the virus.  They need support and financial aid. They don’t need to be criticized or called lazy for a pandemic no one can be blamed for. Then we had the killing, the alleged murder, of George Floyd.  This event triggered the airing of all such deaths in recent years. This led to Black Lives Matter, a revisiting of racial inequality, and the Aquarian need to examine law and order and bring more fairness. This is an ongoing revolution.


Uranus means Awakening!


The planet Uranus has another big meaning and that is AWAKENING.  The awakenings that are occurring during this COVID-19 era and during the protests in the streets era are not going to end.  Uranus has been the helper of Pluto, the energy that is destroying old structures and institutions.


The intensity of destruction and upheaval may slow down for a while when Uranus goes into a retrograde period, starting August 15.  Since Uranus is sitting and traveling in the sign of Taurus, economy is greatly affected.  Taurus is a fixed sign. It doesn’t want things to change so we will have to slow down and reflect on all that has happened since early January.  The financial system will definitely slow down as those in leadership try to find a pathway through the pandemic losses. Hopefully they will awaken to new methods for the distribution of resources, like food and health care, to mention two basics.


Uranus has a shadow


Just a few remarks about the shadow of Uranus:  remember I mentioned that the deity, Uranus, went back out into black space without a thought for Gaia.  You might say Uranus was ideological. He wanted something perfect and he had good ideas but he didn’t have patience and he didn’t want to be involved in the actual process. He just wanted his own way. It is too easy to get ideological about change. Ideology is what puts us in the divide. We are falling deeper into the divide: one group resists change and cannot imagine more rights for minorities; one group imagines a kind of equality that is utopian, but ignores the time and process to get there (the now or never approach); another group would like a religious identity that dictates how things will be; and there is a fringe, a small percentage, that might prefer a dictatorship with zero individual rights.  A dictator is a kind of Uranian character who thinks he/she is a god who should make all decisions – no voting allowed. In the end, the dictator, like Uranus in the sky, doesn’t care for anyone except his own vision. He can be the evil one with the bomb in a James Bond story.

And, Uranus can be the bearer of heavenly love and energy.


The spirit and energy of Aquarius is best applied within the group. Communities come together to think and plan and create; some groups raise their voices for Liberty and Justice for all. Other groups raise their voices for the past, for a flag that didn’t win. We are on the road to the Age of Aquarius.  As people unite and gather, they will strive to save the planet, save the children, find more equality, sustainability and quality of life for everyone. As people mingle and share ideas, they will move forward. The solo types will become leaders or they will drop out when they don’t get their way.  The future belongs to the patient ones, willing to be tolerant, willing to work hard, willing to cooperate, willing to play fair, and willing to tap in to something bigger than individual ego, and being “right.” Aquarian energy supports all of humanity. It embraces something from the divine and tries to bring it into manifestation.


In closing, we have a full moon in Aquarius that highlights the importance of Leo joining with Aquarius in order to bring heart-centered life to our human society. Aquarius celebrates the ego of Leo and Leo celebrates the community of Aquarius. Everyone is on the stage and everyone is the audience as well.



Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Astro Tips: New Moon in Cancer

New Moon 28 degrees of Cancer
Moon opposes Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter

The New Moon yesterday, July 20, occurred at 28 degrees of Cancer. The Sun and Moon were opposing Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter.  This New Moon feels like a huge collective event.  Perhaps it is stirring all of us on a cellular level to wake and realize that we simply are not safe. The sign of Cancer has domain over our feelings and over what we need. We need to feel safe. In addition to the pandemic, we have other pressing issues in our society and on our planet. When mothers (Cancer rules the mother and the home) step into the street to protect peaceful protestors from unknown enforcement agents, we are in trouble. Who are these “law enforcers” wrapped up in disguise?  Our nation is on shaky ground. People don’t agree on the truth of what is going on. This makes us feel unsafe as well.

Perhaps this New Moon is an invitation to do even one small thing to be active in this crisis. One letter to Washington. One strong post on social medial. A commitment to support voter’s rights.  Saturn and Pluto travelling together will definitely destroy societal structures and institutions that we have relied on. Jupiter riding in the car with Saturn and Pluto makes it a very big show. I believe everyone wants to see this transformation have positive outcome. New institutions and structures should be better than before, not worse. We should not lose the foundation of our nation. We will not be safe if we do.

When a president silences the Centers for Disease Control, I don’t feel safe. This can only lead to more conspiracy ideas. When a president sends an unknown law enforcement group to a city and they interfere with the city and state, I don’t feel safe. Who are these people with guns? More mystery. More conspiracy thought.  When they put someone in an unmarked car and drive away, that’s not safe.

Small communities in Texas and other states are overwhelmed with medical/pandemic crises. The number of people sick and dying is so hard to deal with.  They don’t have enough resources. Then there is a whole segment of the population that feels SO UNSAFE and POWERLESS that they insist people are dying from heart attacks, not the virus.

If leaders cannot utilize scientific and sociological information to envision a better world, I don’t feel safe.  If our craziness (and greed) continue we will lose the ground beneath our feet and be lost.  We will all sink in the swamp and be gone. Citizens will shut down and become like sheep in order to find some degree of safety.

When a man dressed like a Fed Ex driver knocks on a judge’s door and opens fire when that door opens, where is anyone’s safety?  When a young girl can be snatched up and away for sale in some other country, is anyone safe?  If a black man is killed without reason by law enforcement, no one is safe.  If people are forced to live on minimum wage and have no health coverage, we along with them, are not safe. It can happen to me too. Will COVID-19 become be a preexisting condition that excuses health insurance companies from covering the fall-out of this disease?  That’s not safe!

As we examine the economic foundation of our country, we have to face the face that a subtle slavery is still in effect.  There would be no United States of America if we had not had slavery. Nearly free labor allowed the European settlers to make money, and grow a nation. Now we have minimum wage to help the rich get richer. Ninety eight percent of the country pays money into a treasury and a huge portion of that money goes as social welfare for corporations and the rich.  That is not sustainable in the long run. So it’s not safe.  

People have come from all over the world to live here because of opportunity and because it has been safer than where they were. Now we face a crisis. We are sinking and losing our goodness and our safety. Where will anyone go?

This is what the New Moon in late degree of Cancer means to me. The moon quickly moved on into Leo yesterday.  Fire sign Leo can ignite our hearts. Let the lion roar, not only with demands, but with compassion for all sentient beings. Compassion for the 2%, compassion for the law makers who seem to be asleep at the bench, compassion for the people who believe things that aren’t even true. Well there we have it.

I am signing my name to this, but I honestly don’t know who wrote it.
Linda Sprague

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 4, 20202

Astro Tips
July 4, 2020
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 13 degrees of Capricorn/Sun 13 degrees of Cancer

First of all I want to thank the individuals who are attending the Thursday night group Denae Richards and I have been facilitating for many weeks. We are calling the event, “The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful.”  Our goal is to provide a safe and enriching environment to share and process how this time of chaos and crisis is affecting us.  Our sharing has touched me and it has also ignited some thoughts to share in my Astro Tips.

Humanity has had a long, complex, exciting, traumatic, challenging and rich history that somehow brought us to this current time.

The beginnings of what we identify as humanity go back as far as five million years. There are fossils to teach us about our very distant ancestry.  Proto-humans were living in caves and making crude tools as far back as 2.5 million years.  Between 50,000 and 35,000 years ago, humanity began painting on cave walls.  These paintings have many interpretations. For sure they indicate that there were humans living meaningful lives a very long time ago. 

The dawn of humanity as society and culture coincided with the onset of the most recent ice age that began approximately 2.5 million years ago, and according to geology, we are still in this ice age. We are in the interglacial period of this cycle.  Around 11,000-10,000 years ago, Homo sapiens became the best adapter to the changing climate and Homo sapiens survived the ice period by migrating and adapting to new environments wherever they went.

We could add another paragraph here and discuss the possible or probable visitation of people of a civilization from somewhere out in the Universe that helped direct the journey of Homo sapiens.  Whether or not such visitations occurred is not included in this discussion. 

Our human journey has been a long, complex, exciting, traumatic, challenging and rich history that somehow brought us to this current time. We had a Neolithic, agricultural period, where life centered on the feminine qualities of birth, life, death and rebirth. Earth based belief systems  (systems that adhere to polytheistic leanings) were refined during this period and continue to this day in many indigenous societies, prominently in India (and lightworker communities!). The Neolithic mushroomed into a city-state system based on divine birth, royalty, wealth and stratification of class. We continue in the same system today after a period of at least 5,000 years. How did that happen? We shifted from the feminine to the masculine and we are trying to shift again, but where are we shifting to?

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse today July 4th:  The Moon is in the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn (tradition)

And here we are. 2020. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn on July 4, Independence Day in America. Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn.  Saturn is time and structure and systems that we need to stay grounded on our planet. Capricorn provides history, precedent, containers and protocol that allow for stability, advancement and development. This is the gift of the masculine energy.  It has given us pyramids, laws, art, music, science, and monotheistic belief systems. It has also given us a patriarchal social container and social Darwinism. We are at a cross roads where we are attempting to discern what traditions will support future generations and what structures in our government and society need to be overhauled or discarded.  Most people are thinking about these matters and lining up on opposite sides of the fence. One side wants to adhere to a colonial tradition based on a white race majority that acquired this continent because God wanted that to happen; and the other side wants to be open to a melting pot that honors all people. This second group wants new systems that provide more material sharing and social justice for all people.  That is too simply stated of course, but it is enough for now.

The Sun is in the opposite sign, Cancer, rules by the Moon (family)

The Sun opposing in the sign of Cancer brings up matters pertaining to family, the tribe, childhood, nurturing, food, the mother. This particular eclipse reveals the shadows of family and society and our role in those containers and systems. Many people are being gifted with family experiences right now that are helping them release and let go of old patterns and hurts

Without family, the human infant/child cannot survive. We cannot discard family. How do we find ways to ensure loving nurturance and healthy survival?  An example is the new prevalence where more men are taking part in child rearing; men are utilizing their hearts as well as their masculine ability to provide stability and practical guidance.


The full moon in Capricorn suggests that we will have more information unveiled-- brought out of the vault, shaken from the shadows. It’s coming. The so-called leaders who think they can say anything and do anything have had their day.  We need new leadership that has a vision of new cultural systems for the world to come.

And that brings me to The good, The bad, and The beautiful!

Life is full of goodness, difficulties, and beauty.  We are living in such a time. According to Carl Johan Calleman, PhD, we are struggling to release our attachment to living inside a Hologram of Good and Evil.  Calleman is one of the important researchers who unraveled the Maya Calendar. There are nine waves of creation in our planetary history. He maintains that the May calendar helps us understand out history. The Hologram of Good and Evil emerged out of one of the waves of creation. Now we are into the 9th wave trying to find our way to a Hologram of Unification.  This will not happen over night.

According to Calleman’s book, The Nine Waves of Creation, we are sitting on 2.5 billion years of collective history and experience. We hold these billions of years in our DNA.  Some say our DNA is shifting in its structure and this will lead to a new earth experience.

For me, the bottom line is this:  We are sitting on everything that has ever happened. Everything is in our cellular memory. That is one of the messages of the Maya Calendar that completed a huge cycle in 2011-2012.  Consequently, we are inside the chaos of our Hologram of good and evil.  We are in the process of moving into a new cycle in our Galaxy and in the Universe.  Cycles don’t change in one instance.  They unfold. We are unfolding and we are crazy in the process.

We are struggling to create a bridge between the duality we live in.  We are taught that life is duality; but actually, life is an essay full of color. Life is not black or white. It is full range of gray tones and colors.  Life is not right or wrong. Life is experience full of nuance, learning, love, regret, joy, error and grace.  Astrologer Robert Ohotto says the bridge between the Right/Wrong duality is a Rainbow. I like that.  Perhaps the way we transmute the Hologram of Good and Evil is by focusing on a colorful bridge linking duality.

Today’s eclipse in Capricorn brings up the duality of prescribed authority versus subjective knowing and feeling (the sign of Cancer).  The bridge between the two is life experience and openness to the awareness that we are souls in a Universe and each soul is unique, worthy and loveable. Many are called to lead with new visions for a new cycle (for new waves of creation?).  Some are called to hold the boat steady as we move through troubled waters. Some are here to demand we not let go of everything we cherish.  Everyone is needed on the bridge.

In closing, here is the Sabian Symbol for Capricorn 13-14 degrees:
An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite Remains A Witness To A Long-Forgotten Culture.