Saturday, February 24, 2024

 February 24, 2024

Full Moon 5 degrees Virgo

Astro Tips & More by Linda Sprague

The Full Moon in Virgo gives us an opportunity to explore and experience the polarity of Virgo and Pisces. This axis is one of the most intriguing. Virgo is earthly service and Pisces is spirituality.  Mercury rules Virgo, giving us a sign that can analyze information and figure things out. Virgo energy during this full moon wants us to organize, do healthy things and be of service to our immediate family,  friends and community. The pull on the other side of the heavens is the Pisces Sun. Pisces is often messy and really enjoys checking out. Some of those check out stations can be healthy (like reading a book, taking a walk, meditating, engaging with the arts) and some can be dangerous (alcohol, drugs, food, laziness (!), daydreaming). Pisces likes to get away from it all whereas Virgo is tuned in to the news and to chores that need doing. We may feel the pull of both of these energy during the full moon. As I sit here writing, all is quietness (except for a few cars passing up over the hill). I could drift off into that silence and that is Pisces. Or I can use the silence to guide me in the service of writing my astro tips.  

Something that I see and hear many people talking about is how our belief systems are undergoing big changes. This full moon can be a guidebook for that process. The Pisces energy might bring us downloads about how our internal operating systems are being updated. The Virgo energy might find us with our heads in a self-help book or we may tune in to a podcast to ignite our unconscious. Now that Pluto has reached the sign of Aquarius we will be more aware of changes in our thinking and in our visions.

Of course it is always good to be on the lookout for the shadows of this polarity. A full moon in Virgo might bring forth the inner critical parent talk in your head or your partner may be critical (projecting an inner self criticism onto others). When Virgo is in one of its higher modalities (analysis of data, service to others and the planet), we are all uplifted. When Virgo goes into a who-is-to-blame-mode; or why-did-you-do-that-attack-mode; or let-me-give-you-some-sarcasm-mode, we want to get away!  The full moon in Virgo says, be conscious.  Think before you open up a negative stream of energy. Yoko Ono said, "Try to say nothing negative about anybody for three days, for forty-five days, for three months. See what happens to your life" Good advice to all os us. We all have Virgo lurking somewhere in our horoscopes.

One extremely important thing is going on during this full moon. That event is this: Chiron, the wounded healer, is in alignment with the north lunar node in the sign of Aries.  Asteroid Chiron was discovered in the 1970's. It sits between Saturn and Uranus. Therefore it became known as the bridge from our worldly realm to the higher realms. This is when old healing modalities (e.g. herbs, acupuncture) and new Uranian healing methods (e.g. radionics, Reiki, energy healing) gave us alternative medicine. Chiron was a physician who could heal everyone but himself. We all have a chironic wound somewhere in our psyche. Right now, the lunar north node and Chiron have aligned at 16 degrees of Aries. Aries is the child in us. Perfect time to check in with your inner child. Inner children might be wanting to talk to us (February 12 -February 26 is the period of the exact alignment).  Our beliefs about our childhood might be ripe for an update. There could be good news. There could be some settling in the cells. Maybe we can say goodbye to old beliefs about who we are. Maybe we can release old limitations, internally and externally. This pairing of Chiron and the north node is sitting alone, meaning the pairing is not making connection to other planets or to the moon or Sun. It may sneak up on you. Don't be alarmed. Another chapter of healing takes us to a new journey, what some are calling, a new time line. Indigo Williams, poet and educator, said, "On the journey to myself I've been so many people."  Keep on keepin' on, right? Thanks for reading my Astro Tips. Linda Sprague

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