Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eclipse Update June 29, 2010

Eclipse Update

The eclipse on Saturday, June 26th, was in the sign of Capricorn. Remember, Cancer is the sign that opposes Capricorn. We call this the Cancer/Capricorn axis. Cancer (ruled by the Moon) is water and it rules the home, the family, dependency and our fundamental emotional security in life. Capricorn is an earth sign and it governs maturity, responsibility and achievement in life. Capricorn encourages us to rise above our Cancerian babyhood and our dependency issues. During this eclipse period our old issues around childhood and family of origin might be surfacing. The eclipse in Capricorn gives us the push to deal with these issues differently. The eclipse is crisis energy. Many of us are presented with issues regarding our home, our family, our parents, and especially our need to feel safe in this world. How we handle the crisis is our opportunity to tap into our Capricorn resources! Can we respond to the crisis with wisdom and maturity? Can we face the fact that it might take time (the domain of Capricorn) to resolve a problem or to achieve our desired goal? Capricorn advises us: don’t freak out, just take your time.

There is time! On July 11th, the New Moon Solar Eclipse is also in the Capricorn/Cancer axis. The New Moon will join the Sun in Cancer. We will have the opportunity to plant new seeds for juggling family issues with our grown-up place in the world.

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