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July 2010 Astro Tips

Astro Tips July 2010

Solar Eclipse on July 11—Time to let go of the past.

Every New Moon is a new beginning. The New Moon on July 11, 2010 is a Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Cancer. The sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon rules the family, women, motherhood, nurturance, food, security, safety, and the home. All of these matters were highlighted during the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse in June and they continue to be in the spotlight this month. Unlike the Lunar Eclipse last month, the Sun and Moon are not connected to other planets. However, the Sun and Moon are conjunct the South Node and that is enough to make this a big eclipse. The South Node represents the past so we might be struggling during this eclipse period with letting go and making changes. We would rather cling to the past. When something is holding us back, it feels scary to move out of our safety zone and everything we know. This month we learn that the seeds we plant, the decisions we make, the projects we initiate, the steps we take, and the contacts we make will have significance at least till the end of the year.

Be ready for anything!

These eclipses especially affect Cancerian and Capricorn folks. They are probably facing crises or decisions that will help them make big changes in their lives. All of us have Cancer and Capricorn somewhere in our horoscopes, even if we have no planets in those signs. Wherever this sign polarity occurs in your chart the eclipses are stirring up your psyche and your everyday life. Some people will move. Some people will focus on children or family. Others will face difficult relationship issues or health challenges or money concerns. We will have to take action to help resolve our problems. The eclipse energy will push us to take action whether we want to or not. Hey, some people may have exciting surprises in their lives that take them to a new frontier. This eclipse can bring positive outcomes to difficulties that have been going on for quite some time.

Our Cancerian Country is also a Patriarchy

Consider the fact that our country was born under the sign of Cancer. The United States of American is the Big Mother and she is struggling. Right now everything here in our country seems to be of a pulling and pushing nature. We want change. We don’t want change. Many women have recently entered the political arena (definitely a Cancer-Capricorn influence). The Arizona law that pertains to immigration is about the safety and security of our homeland. The oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has threatened the safety of an ocean, wildlife and the environment of the coastal area. It affects our economic stability and the safety and security of our food supply. How will the Father Patriarch, (Capricorn government, traditional bureaucracy, and business/economic systems), take the appropriate action to protect the Mother, the homeland? How can we trust the fathers when they didn’t prepare ahead of time for the emergency of an oil spill? How do we trust political fathers and mothers to make life-saving decisions for our country when they seem to only care about getting re-elected? The Mother is suffering and we need courageous, intelligent leadership. Where is it? President Obama is challenged with every move he makes. His enemies are standing in line waiting to broadcast discontent instead of support and suggestions. On July 15th transiting Mars will make a conjunction with Obama’s natal Mars at 22 degrees of Virgo. He is challenged to stand up to his critics and to be courageous and intelligent in his leadership.

The strong configuration with Pluto, Uranus and Saturn is still hanging over our heads. How do we make sane, intelligent changes that will insure a more stable country and world? Pluto rules death and tells us loud and clear that some things must die so we can evolve. The problem is we can’t seem to agree on what to get rid of. In Hindu mythology, the God Shiva destroys what he no longer likes and then creatively dances the new into existence. The belief is that Shiva is never satisfied. He is always destroying and creating something new. Maybe the gods are doing their dance and we just have to live through it! We have to dance with the gods.

“There must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief. There’s too much confusion. I can’t get no relief. “ (Bob Dylan, All Along the Watchtower 1968)

July reaches a high pitch when the Full Moon in Aquarius arrives on July 25/26 (depending on the location) and the Sun has moved into Leo. On the 26th Saturn and Uranus make their fifth and last opposition. Saturn has moved into Libra and it opposes Uranus in Aries. This is the energy pattern that astrologers have been addressing since 2008. Remember in the mid 60’s this pattern also occurred and it initiated great social change in our country. Now we are reaping the result of those changes. There are people who want to eliminate many of the changes that have taken place since the 60’s and 70’s. There are people who want to move beyond where we are! On the one hand there is hope for new way of resolving our big problems. Uranus in Aries gives us new energy. There is a chance for optimism and invention. Saturn in Libra encourages cooperation. But there is also tension. The Planet Mars joins Saturn and they face off across the heavens with Uranus and Jupiter. This is very volatile energy. Mars is the War God and the action hero. Mars has courage but he has a short fuse. Will Aries be progressive or reactionary? Will an angry Mars maverick make an impulsive, tragic move? There could be an uprising. There could be disruptive, damaging weather events. Furthermore, the planet Pluto still sits in the middle, looking crossways at Saturn and Uranus. Since Pluto rules wealth we have to wonder if our economic system will hold steady or teeter on the brink. Stepping out of the comfort zone and making good changes is not easy. If it is hard for us individually, then imagine how hard it is for us collectively. Change is hard because we regress into fear. We forget we have opportunities to be alive and creative. Too often we collapse into fear and discouragement.

The intense energy overload during June, July and August demands we stay focused, grounded and heart centered. In short we have to stay connected with who we know we are. What else can we do if we are to sift through conflicting information and the excessive emotional pitch in the atmosphere? We are each a microcosm of the Big Enchilada and change begins in the cell of each microcosm. Bob Dylan wrote: “so let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.” (All Along the Watchtower 1968). Perhaps we can begin by not talking falsely to ourselves. Maybe the way out is actually the way in?

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