Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Astro Tips for August 2010

Astro Tips
August 2010

The following quote by Andy Warhol appeared on Robyn Wakefields’s web site as her juicy reminder on August 18th (see ): “They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

Robyn has some antenna stretching out to the big tug of war going on between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Suddenly, this month, we are challenged to put our dreamy changes into motion. We can stop complaining that we can’t get what we want. It’s time to focus on cooperating with life and become a co-creator with making those changes happen.

I ought to know. I’m finally in the process of moving. After months of wondering where will I live and where will I office and when will all this happen, it is happening. In order to assist the universe (!) in arranging the changes, I have had to focus on many details—like packing and talking to AT&T. The planets couldn’t do that part for me. Finally I have a moment to send out an encouraging reminder that astrology works if we assume our part. As above, so below. Whatever happened “up there” is now happening “down here” but I have to do the physical plane labor to put that “down here” into motion.

The New Moon in Leo (August 9) gave the creative juice for getting the train out of the station. For some of us life has been non-stop since that New Moon. The visions we have held for many months are suddenly taking form. Not everyone may experience this. It all depends on where Saturn in Libra, Uranus/Jupiter in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn fall in your horoscope. For many weeks, these planets have been pulling, constricting, irritating and intensifying our desires for internal and/or external transformation. Suddenly the arrow is released and we are flying.

The Sun slipped into Virgo on August 22. Time to focus on the details of the changes we have been making. For months many of us have been holding the dream of some big change we want to make. The planetary stress with Saturn/Uranus/Pluto has made our dream for change prolonged and laborious. The movement of these big planets into the cardinal (or moveable) arena has pushed many changes into action and reality. The Virgo Sun gives us a package of energy to attend to the minutia on the to-do list.

Today is August 24 and the Full Moon is shinning in Pisces. Pisces (the dream and the vision) opposes Virgo (the organizer). If you are not making any big change at the moment, then at least take time to hold the tension between your dreams and your concrete activities (that Virgo energy). One word of caution: the Full Moon in Pisces sits close to Neptune (the ruler of Pisces). This means we may dream too big or we may try to escape some problem or challenge. The Sun opposing in Virgo tries to help us stay grounded and focused.

Mercury is currently retrograde in Virgo (August 20 through September 12). Instead of worrying about snafus and computer breakdowns, try to be pro-active. Check your car, confirm appointment times and reach out to people you haven’t talked to in a while. And please keep in mind that retrograde periods are great for bringing the past into the present. In preparing to move I came across an old photograph that I decided to frame and hang on the new wall. I googled the friend involved in this photo and now we are emailing. That’s a positive Mercury retrograde event, especially in a technology sign like Virgo. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. The inter-net is a Mercury-communication-vehicle. Instantly I am reconnected with an old friend. Mercury retrograde can be a positive experience, not just a time of problems.

In spite of the Texas heat, it seems like August has been a relief. For many people there is finally a sense of moving forward into a new life chapter. Enjoy your journey.

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Amy Love said...

Right on target as usual. We have been talking about moving for months. (maybe longer) Then, six weeks ago, we decided to do it. Long story short, we listed in a week, sold our house practically overnight, had 3 huge garage sales and moved cross country from Dallas to the Northeast all within the 6 week timeframe. It's been a whirlwind and our dreams and plans are clicking into place. On the 22nd, I was making lists and getting organized, and it's all paying off. It is such a sigh of relief that we are on this end of it now. Thanks for the reminder of "as above, so below". That is so very true.