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We all have ideas about 2012. Join us at Café Metaphysics for a no nonsense discussion about this powerful subject. If you have questions, if you have information or if you sometimes feel fearful about what is coming, this is an evening for you.

Here is the information: Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 7 PM at Positive Touch in Richardson, Texas. Cost: $10. A panel of individuals (including me) of diverse backgrounds will facilitate the discussion about the implications of 2012. Both Venus and Jupiter will go direct in motion that very day. This should be an uplifting evening: nice energy for sharing, good vibes for optimism!

Is 2012 the end?

Mayan elders do not talk about December 21, 2012 as the end. They say it is the end of bad times and the beginning of a better world. It is a beginning, not a one moment happening. It is a process and a transformation, not a onetime deal. Maybe it isn’t the end. Maybe we are on the brink of a renaissance.

We operate with the assumption that the difference between animals and human beings is this: we know we are going to die. We can project into the future. We assume animal species do not do this. Whether that is really true, I do not know. However, if we are in a crisis we tend to get right into the present. If I were living in Haiti right now, I would not be thinking about 2012. I would be thinking about clean water and a place to live. I would be attending to my survival, not my potential death in 2012. If a person is unemployed or struggling with a home mortgage, that person is not thinking about some apocalypse in 2012. That person is living in a financial apocalypse. Endings and beginning are ongoing.

2012 – should we be afraid?

Some of us have the luxury of thinking about 2012. We read all kinds of information on the inter-net. We listen to people who channel messages from other dimensions. Sometimes we go into a head-space. We get “ideas”! Maybe money will disappear. Maybe there will be no food. Most of us have some internal, unconscious history with the emotion of fear. Give us the right triggering information and we find ourselves projecting that fear onto something in the outer world. If we live in a location that has not had a natural disaster (we are not in crisis), then we have the luxury of thinking ahead. Furthermore, maybe we also have some DNA connective link with those who are suffering. We are all one and there but for fortune go I. A natural occurrence of grave magnitude can happen anywhere although some areas are more vulnerable. A money system can collapse over night. It has happened. If I haven’t experience a really bad time recently, then I figure (connective DNA link again) that my time must be coming.

The Maya Factor

The Maya were time oriented. Their meticulous attention to recording time is rather astounding. The astronomers of the Maya civilization were so advanced in their knowledge of astronomy that they knew the precession of the equinox would be occurring at this time (assuming the translators have got it right!). And how did they know there would be a Venus transit of the Sun in 2004 and 2012 and why did they put so much emphasis on it? I need an ephemeris book to tell me the degree of the next Full Moon while the Maya astronomers knew when Venus would transit the Sun in this millennium! No wonder we are in awe and thinking something big is happening and is going to happen.

Something to contemplate is the difference between our contemporary concept of time and the Maya concept of time. We think of time as linear. From what I have read, the Maya conceived of time as cyclical. As an astrologer, I think of time as cyclical but as a person living on Planet Earth in 2010, I think of time as linear. When is my next appointment? There is Point Beginning and there is Point End. End of Story. The Maya thought in terms of cycles of time. This makes me stop and realize that we are projecting our own concepts of time onto the Maya historical material.

Changes are already here. Life as we have known it is crumbling and the emergence of a new life we don’t know yet is already happening. We just have to live through it.

Please join us on November 18th at Café Metaphysics. Please join our community and share what you think. What kinds of changes are coming to our world? See you there.

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