Sunday, April 3, 2011

Astro Tips for April 2011

The month of April gives us a chance to learn and experience almost everything there is to know about the sign of Aries. On April 3 we have the New Moon with the Moon and Sun conjunct at 13 degrees of Aries. Jupiter has been traveling through Aries for several months. Mercury is retrograde in Aries. Finally the planets Mars (ruler of Aries) and Uranus are sitting right together at one degree of Aries. This last duo, Mars and Uranus, has a reputation for impulsive behavior, for accidents and for irritability. Aries is the first sign. It rules initiative, innovation and war. It also rules selfishness that must be balanced with its Libra relational opposite. All this Aries energy has a big punch—it is “get up and go” energy. It is great for initiating new ideas, projects and plans. However, it has one very big obstacle right now and that is Saturn. The planet Saturn (transiting Libra) is opposing a big chunk of the Aries grouping. And just about everything is making a stressful connection with Pluto. We want to give life a kick and get on with things. There are delays and frustrations. We feel the pressure of Pluto; we feel the necessity to dig deep before we launch something new or before we get mad and make a scene.

We need a few moments to breathe and regroup anyhow. We have experienced so many shocks and upsets in the recent past. Trouble seems to gather weight and speed like something rolling down a hill that has no bottom. How can we not feel fearful and vulnerable? How do we respond to those feelings? We have little control over earthquakes and tsunamis. The people of Japan did not create the recent tragedy. All they could do was live through it and then respond and do the best they could. It is hard not to want to become more controlling with each and every traumatic event.

Meanwhile the Middle East is exploding. Saturn and Pluto have blown a gasket in that region. This is part of the realignment that the planetary cycles give us. If we get too rigid, Uranus will come along and shake the tree. If we get too unconscious, Pluto will shake us out of our coma. If those in power get too corrupt, people will revolt. With an excessive amount of Aries energy this month, it is hard to know what will happen in Libya. The Aries warriors of both sides will not want to give up. Saturn should bring some restraint and maturity to the situation. However, madness also prevails.

The day after the New Moon, Neptune steps into Pisces. From now until early August we will have some indications of what is in store for planet Earth while Neptune resides in Pisces. Then Neptune will return to Aquarius for the rest of 2011. In 2012, Neptune swims into Pisces for a long duration (until 2026). Neptune teaches us that there are no boundaries. Neptune rules Pisces. We are destined to learn much about boundaries, compassion and empathy, and suffering. Neptune is the planet that dissolves what it touches. Neptune has a way of creating its own reality, and eventually that fantasy reality becomes the truth. Our compassion will grow while Neptune visits Pisces but unfortunately our craziness may also grow. Already when we watch the news there is a sense of “crazier and crazier”! Neptune also rules the oceans. Our attention will be on healing our seas.

Pluto begins its yearly retrograde phase on April 9. Retrograde planets are intensified. Pluto rules our wealth and our debt. The national conversation about overspending will continue. With Mercury and Pluto retrograde in April it feels doubtful that government leaders will reach satisfactory decisions. Aries does rule the head and that includes intelligence. Intelligent decisions are possible if partisan emotion can be put aside (doubtful).

Remember that astrology works on the premise of polarity. If Aries is big and in our face, then the opposite energy, Libra, is trying to get our attention. The Full Moon at 27 degrees of Libra will be trying to teach us to balance our Aries ego and “me first attitude” with Libra balance and cooperation. We cannot do everything alone and we cannot live in a world without mediation and compromise--not unless we want to go back to the 1930’s when there were dictators. Uranus was transiting Aries during the time of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. This time the dictator may not be a person; it may be a system. The Plutocracy may be the dictator we are fighting in this millennium.

The Full Moon period is graced with an uplifting connection between the Libra Moon and Neptune in Pisces. This is a time to experience super sensitivity to life and to “the other realms” or “other frequencies” of existence. It is possible that with Neptune traveling through Pisces mankind may begin to experience a new kind of dreaming—hopefully dreams that will help us individually and will help us resolve our many problems here on Earth. Meditation and dreaming (both day dreaming and REM sleep) should have our attention during this full moon.

Finally I just want to say I wasn’t kidding when I said Aries is big and in our faces this month; therefore, all the more reason to stop and remember that you belong with others. Community; the harmony of masculine and feminine; and the balance between aggression and diplomacy are an integral part of the fired up stomping of Aries.

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