Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Astro Tips for June 2011

Two Eclipses in June

A partial solar eclipse occurs on the first day of June. This New Moon at 11 degrees of Gemini seems gentle enough. It is a fine time to study-up and get ready for the intensity of the lunar eclipse in two weeks. Remember Gemini is an Air sign and Mercury is Gemini’s ruler. According to Julie Loar in her book, Goddesses for Every Day, “Gemini goddesses are animated, verbal, intellectual, versatile and magical.” The New Moon/Solar union in Gemini might help us shape-shift into another dimension. After all, Gemini is the clever trickster!

Neptune Retrograde June 3 to November 9

Neptune (currently sitting at 1 degree of Pisces), begins its yearly retrograde phase on June 3. By August, Neptune will be traveling back into Aquarius again. We have had just a hint of Neptune’s impact in Pisces. We have certainly had enough natural disasters to deepen our awareness of our interconnectedness; a Pisces theme. We are also assaulted by craziness and confusion on planet Earth. Aquarius and Pisces are signs of the collective body, rather than the individual. We are going through a major learning period on Earth. We are individual and we are collective. We are separate and we are interconnected. How do we live in that awareness? Neptune flashes the word BOUNDARIES up into our third eye. Where do we need boundaries? Where do we need to merge and not have boundaries? We are asking. Neptune retrograde will help us dissolve boundaries that need to dissolve. If we are in denial about something, Neptune will make sure we confront our denial. Neptune retrograde may also be an excellent time to amp up our spiritual learning and/or pursuits.

Saturn Direct June 12

Saturn finishes its retrograde time and goes direct on June 12. For those people who are experiencing a Saturn return (individuals now in their late 20’s and also those in their late 50’s) this will mean relief for some and for others, well, here comes your Saturn return. Saturn is traveling through Libra. If you are 28, 29 or 30, you are trying to review your life to date and make decisions about how you want to live the next 30 years of your life. If you are 58, 59 or 60, you may be reviewing how you HAVE lived the past 30 years and how you want to live the remaining time you have.

Total Eclipse of the Moon June 15

June 15th looks like an intense and complicated day. The Full Moon sits with the North Node, the point of integration. The Moon is full in Sagittarius. What truth are we seeking? We have facts and data (Gemini) but what truth can we make of it? Will the prevailing truth be based on Sagittarius dogma and hubris, or will it transcend to something higher (we are all made of stardust or as Lady Gaga says, “I Was Born This Way”)? We have Gemini wind and Sagittarius fire for this eclipse. I returned to Julie Loar’s book, Goddesses for Every Day. The book is a kind of divination. June 15: Anima Mundi. This is a concept from ancient Rome. It means, “soul of the world.” It means: “to breathe.” It means Gaia is breathing. Does this mean that when a natural disaster strikes, Mother Earth is just taking a deep breath? Julie Loar’s contemplation for June 15th is: “I take a deep breath and give thanks to the heavenly mother who gave birth to all souls in the beginning.” Since the Full Moon Eclipse falls in late Sagittarius, let’s also take a deep breath and ask for the highest truth we are capable of receiving at this time.

On July 1st we have another solar eclipse and that one touches Pluto. This looks like an exciting summer!

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