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Astro Tips for July 2011

Partial Solar Eclipse on July 1

It is unusual to have three eclipses right together. Most of the time we see a solar (new moon) eclipse followed two week later by a full moon eclipse. Then several months go by without any eclipses. On July 1st the New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 9 degrees of Cancer just two week after the Full Moon eclipse in June. An eclipse featuring the sign of Cancer means that many of us will have upsets and insights around family issues (Cancer rules the family). Individuals born around July 1 (within a few days of the eclipse) are guaranteed an eventful summer. The planetary line-up for this eclipse is complicated and intense. There is a grand square that connects four planets in a closed box symbolizing frustration. These planets are all sitting in Cardinal signs, however. So no matter how frustrating the energy is, the Cardinal temper of the square is sure to produce efforts to break free of the box.

Understanding the Cardinal Signs

The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Cardinal signs are moveable energies. They move the seasons along throughout the year. When the Sun moves into Aries the Spring Equinox occurs. Then in June, when the Sun enters Cancer, we have the Summer Equinox. In September the Sun moves into Libra and the Fall Equinox moves us into the fall season. When the Sun moves into Capricorn in December, the Winter Equinox announces the winter season. This is what cardinal or moveable signs are about. This is strong, assertive energy. Moveable signs initiate action, whether it is a season or an idea or a new life chapter. Eclipses are very strong in these moveable signs. Think about your life. What activities are in motion? What new chapters are you experiencing? If you feel frustrated or powerless, this eclipse will give you a shot of energy to confront the issues and to take new steps to achieve your goals.

The Eclipse forms a Grand Square in Cardinal Signs

The Grand Square of the July 1st eclipse touches all the Cardinal signs. The Sun and Moon are conjunct in Cancer (where the eclipse occurs). Pluto in Capricorn opposes the Sun and Moon. Saturn in Libra squares all of this and so does Uranus in Aries. And of course Saturn opposes Uranus in Aries. Confused yet? Basically we have a big box of moveable energy. The seasons demand that we move along with them. This eclipse seems to demand that we move along with our lives whether we want to or not. There are less desirable qualities of the moveable signs. Cardinal (moveable energy) is controlling and demanding. It can be inconsiderate and forceful. Too much cardinal energy can make a person overbearing. Currently we might say that Mother Earth is being forceful and overbearing. There are floods (Cardinal sign Caner); there are fires (Cardinal sign Aries). For those living in areas hit with natural tragedies, the grand square eclipse gives courage and stamina to overcome adversity. For those of us fortunate enough to be spared earthly tragedies, we should waste no time utilizing this strong blast of get up and go energy. Whatever goals you have, the July eclipse can help you overcome your perceived obstacles. The planet Uranus, in Aries, encourages us to be inventive and to use our intelligence. Uranus in Aries pushes us to change and be different: to follow our unique drumbeat. Saturn in Libra suggests we need to connect with others to achieve our goals. Partnership and collaboration are absolutely necessary. Pluto in Capricorn demands that we continue to eliminate the tyrants in our minds and on our planet. A tyrant might be our obsession to old beliefs. A tyrant can be an institutional system or a despot. The Sun and Moon in Cancer, conjunct at the New Moon and vibrating with the eclipse suggest that we use our intuitive (watery) function to take the next steps. Get in touch with yourself, and then take action. The Cancerian energy may help us be a bit softer in our approach. We do not have to bang down the door. We can knock gently and someone will open from the other side.

Eclipses mean big events

Remember that in antiquity eclipses were associated with the death of kings (important leaders) and with very significant events (earthquakes for example). On May 1st our government killed Osama bin Laden, the prominent leader of a terrorist organization. Furthermore, other prominent leaders (dictators) in the Middle East have been disposed or are in the process of being disposed. These grand events are connected with all the eclipses in June and this on in July. Of course all the earth upheavals and natural disasters fall into this big events headline. Maybe we have a collective mental tyrant that keeps us from seeing the reality of climate change and overpopulation!!

Again, think about your own life. What dictators have you been eliminating from your life? Is it an outer dictator or an inner dictator? Do you have to force the issue (maybe), or can you soften and use your intuitive faculty to solve your dilemma?

July 1 eclipse initiates a new 1200-year energy pattern

Interestingly enough, this eclipse is the first in a new cycle. All eclipses have cycles (called Saros cycles) that go on for many years. The eclipse pattern (or cycle) repeats every eighteen years (approximately) until it completes itself. This eclipse pattern begins July 1, 2011 and continues for 1200 years (ending in the year 3237). This is scientific information from astronomy. According to astrologer Bernadette Brady (astrologer and astronomer), July 1 gives birth to a new eclipse that has significant meaning. Brady believes that the Grand Square in Cardinal signs initiates huge endeavors that lead to the endings of long struggles. Heroic efforts will produce achievements. Those who want immediate results will need to stop and ponder the implications of this new eclipse. Perhaps the conclusion of our long and difficult COLLECTIVE issues will not occur for another 1200 years. Alas, I may not live long enough to see the Shangri La I believe possible here on earth. On the other hand, this eclipse gives each individual life an opportunity to accomplish a great deal.

Furthermore, this new eclipse may be the beginning of a new energy of commitment to create a more sane life for all living beings. Perhaps it is another spiritual shift for humankind. Maybe we are finally totally frustrated (grand square!) with how things are and we are ready to put forth the energy required to change things. We suffer through earthquakes, floods, fires, tornados, hurricanes and tsunamis and finally we begin to understand that we need to start “partnering” with Gaia and our Galaxy and our Universe.

The Sabian Symbol for the Eclipse

Back in 1925 an astrologer named Marc Edmond Jones partnered with a woman psychic and came up with a provocative symbol for each degree of the zodiac. The collection of zodiac information is called The Sabian Symbols. The Sabian Symbol for the zodiac degree of the eclipse in Cancer is beautiful and full of hope: “A large diamond in the first stage of the cutting process.” We’ve only just begun.

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