Sunday, July 31, 2011

Astro Tips for August 2011

On the morning of July 30th, the day of the New Moon in Leo, I was on my way to the computer to write about August. It was 8:30 am and the power went out. If you live in Texas you know what that means on a hot summer morning: panic. We did not have to evacuate. In fact it only took a little over two hours for the repair. Nonetheless it felt like an omen for the month ahead. Unpredictable interruptions and surprises have continued since the New Moon on Saturday. Surprises fall under Uranus, the planet of the unexpected (and electricity). All I’m saying is I’ve had my share of irritating surprises in the past 48 hours. How about you?

The New Moon in Leo tries to be happy but it’s not easy.

This New Moon at seven degrees of Leo is sitting with the Sun and with Venus (also transiting Leo). This should be a lovely trio. Leo is upbeat and creative, but Leo is also the ruler of our individual egos. Ergo we do not like it when things do not go our way. The Sun, Moon and Venus were all making an irritable aspect with Pluto on the New Moon day. Pluto is also in a tense T-cross with Saturn and Uranus. If you want to understand this aspect, just turn on CNN and watch the show going on in Washington about the debt ceiling. Planet Uranus is also in a tense T-cross with Mars and Pluto. Ah! That is a lot of trouble. Short tempers and unpleasant upsets are sure to prevail all weekend and until the full moon two weeks from now. Mars is getting ready to exactly oppose Pluto and exactly square Uranus. Mars is assertion, aggression and anger. It is the planet of wars and the battlefield. One of our modern battlefields is political ideology. But, you do not have to go to Washington or your State Capitol to experience irritation, frustration and short fuses. I’m sure it is closer to home than that. We are all challenged this month with “short fuse syndrome”!

The Full Moon in Aquarius (August 13) is a struggle among individual egos and collective groups.

This sticky, cranky energy continues right up and through August 13th, the day of the Full Moon in Aquarius. At that time The Sun, Mercury and Venus (all sitting in fire sign Leo) will oppose the Moon and Neptune in Aquarius. Please expect all kinds of lies to be told as we work our way to the Full Moon. Neptune and the Moon connecting with Mercury spells propaganda. People will say whatever they need to say to get whatever they want. People will say whatever they can to bend the truth and to convince others they are right. The final result will be confusion. We will not know the truth until later. Unfortunately this month is a good example of one of our current problems: tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth.

A better use of this month’s energy is to stay focused on your own backyard. Honest soul searching for your individual truth will pay off. Feeling guided to help humanity or a cause you believe in (animal rights/the environment) is also a fine way to direct this month’s planetary message. The energy is inspiring but challenging. Finding positive outlets for frustration will pay off. Many of us will feel over-amped. Think of yourself as a highly charged ball of energy. How can you direct all that intense stuff? It needs physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, creative, inventive, communal, loving outlets. The strong currents of energy can become toxic in a flash. I cannot help but wonder if this month is yet another turning point as we race into 2012! We are challenged to live in this world but not engage in the toxicity of this world. That is a big challenge.

Too many minefields

Mars is the planet that gets us going. Without Mars there would be no marathons! It is good energy, but this month we can overdo it. Hostility, blaming others, getting triggered, exploding—these unattractive minefields are in the landscape for everyone. What we can do is take as much responsibility as possible to make our explosions short, to the point, and effective. Better yet, we can find positive directions for our anger and discontent.

A little help in the Heavens

Fortunately there is some help in the heavens around the time of the Full Moon. Mercury connects with Pluto in a positive way: Therefore, no matter how big the lies, if you listen closely, you will hear the truth. The Moon fully illuminates Saturn: First of all, this means that patience will pay off. Also, there is no need to throw out everything or completely change your life. Just get rid of what doesn’t make sense. Jupiter and Pluto communicate in an easy fashion: These two brothers are trying to bring some sanity to the big mess that we have made here on our planets. Finally, Mars and Jupiter are sextile each other: We have an opportunity around the Full Moon to direct our energy into wholesome activities.

And remember: this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Really!

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