Sunday, October 9, 2011

Astro Tips for October 2011

New Moon 4 degrees of Libra on September 27, 2011

The Sun’s entrance into the sign of Libra at the autumn equinox has moved us into the next season. Now the New Moon in Libra on September 27th encourages us to focus on relationships, harmony and justice. We think of the Libra scales. October is the month to contemplate balance and to expect diplomacy and fairness. Alas, this October’s New Moon in Libra opposes upsetting Uranus and squares transformative Pluto. Expect some relationship surprises. Maybe it’s good to shake the sweet Libra relational brain cells. Some people may wake up and realize they are in the wrong relationship. Others may be surprised to suddenly find a partnership when they least expected it. What we can expect in the relationship department is excitement, rebellion, change and awakening. Planets Venus and Saturn are also in Libra. This can bring commitment for some, for others disappointment. Since Venus is one of the indicators of money, the presence of Saturn does not help our economy this month.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all in Libra. One would hope that this strong collection of balancing energy would help the divisiveness in our country. With Uranus opposing and Pluto squaring the Libra group, we are reminded that justice, harmony and balance are not static moments in time. Justice is always changing and evolving. Harmony and balance are achieved individually in various ways. Some chop wood and carry water. Some meditate. Others sing or recline in Savasana in yoga class. Whether or not we can expect harmony and balance in Congress is debatable. It is hard enough to have harmony in our inner selves so why do we expect it of our leaders? We want them to model appropriate diplomatic behavior, but we seldom see it. Leaders are the outer manifestation of who we are as a collective.

There is some good news with this configuration of four planets plus the Sun interacting with upsetting Uranus and powerful Pluto: we will most likely see graphic images of the violation of justice (at least on MSNBC). Look there for the reports of what happened to the protestors on Wall Street. In the past we have seen videos of Rodney King and other people whose rights were violated. In order to have a better society we have to be conscious of the violation of Libra justice and Libra scales. Watch for more exposure of lack of justice during these days of stressed out Libra. It’s all part of our human process of reaching for a better world.

Full Moon 18 degrees of Aries on October 11, 2011

There is always tension between opposing signs. Libra wants to get along and wants to be liked. Aries wants to assert its will and personality. Aries is a little selfish. Of course we all have Libra and Aries somewhere in our horoscopes. In some area we need to be selfish; in another place we want to belong, get along, and be liked. We want to cooperate. During this Full Moon, the stress between self and others is magnified. Hopefully the full moon enlightens the shadow of both of these signs. If we have gone too far in pleasing others, we will be challenged during the full moon to stand up for self and say, “me first!” If we have been too selfish in our Aries ways, life may demand we pay attention to how our behavior impacts other people. On the collective level, politicians want to be liked in order to win but that must be balanced with some Aries charisma. We want leaders who are strong individuals, not just people pleasers. This month we will see leaders trying to balance the polarity between being seen as unique but also being seen as someone who fits in and can be likeable. Not an easy balance these days. Everyone is so picky!!

Special Message for all you Libras!

Planet Saturn is visiting your sign and has been traveling through Libra since early 2010. Saturn often brings struggles, hardships and limitations. The outcome, however, is maturity and wisdom. Saturn pushes us to become more and more responsible. We face the realities of life when Saturn affects our lives. The young person assumes more responsibility for the self; the older person assumes more responsibility in the world. Libras born prior to October 10th have already learned from Saturn’s visit. Those Libras born around October 12th are now facing the practical lessons of Saturn. Astrology says Saturn does not deny us what we want. However, Saturn may delay the timing. Saturn takes time. We want it now; Saturn says, be patient!

Saturn in Libra teaches us to be responsible in relationships. That same Saturn in Libra may ask us to wait a long while before we have the right relationship. Meanwhile, Saturn in Libra gives the opportunity to be in relationship with the self. The shadow of Libra is an over-dependence on being liked and being in partnership. Saturn is an aspect of that shadow. Saturn in Libra helps us learn the balance of being our own good partner and being a good partner to someone else. This is a lot to master.

The collective Libra-Aries Energy

One thing we can do during this Libra month is to remain attentive to the notion that everything outside of us has something to teach us. Everything is energy and information. Our ultimate relationship is with our self and with life and with what we conceive of as Divine Energy. What we do with our conscious relationship with our self is the mystery of how we express our Libra/Aries energies.
I am all order of being,
the circling galaxy,
the evolutionary intelligence,
the lift and the falling away.
What is and what isn’t. You
Who know Jelaluddin, You
the One in all, say who I am.
Say I am You. (Rumi)

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