Saturday, December 3, 2011

Astro Tips for December 2011

“doors of perception”

The sign, Sagittarius, is about the higher mind and the search for truth. The end of 2011 gives us ample opportunity to expand our thinking and gain new perceptions about our reality. The “doors of perception” are highlighted with the Solar Eclipse (November 25 New Moon in Sagittarius) and the Lunar Eclipse on December 10 (Full Moon in Gemini). Eugene Ionesco (French playwright) said, “It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” This is a time to ask good questions.

The Sagittarius/Gemini polarity

We have learned from quantum theory that the observer shapes what is observed. What we believe and what we assume color the data in front of our eyes. Sagittarius is a fire energy that boldly seeks to step beyond the given box of reality. The opposite sign, Gemini, is about curiosity and perception. Mercury rules Gemini. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. During December these planetary energies are highlighted. A Sagittarius person can sink into the status quo and fatten. Or that same person can open his Gemini eyes and take in expansive information. The challenge is to ask the right questions about your life and to keep your eyes open. Trust your perceptions. Start with your own subjective knowing but stay open to new information and feedback.

Do we believe it when we see it or do we see it when we believe it?

Astrologist Stephanie Austin (who writes every month for Mountain Astrologer) grasped the heart of the Sagittarius/Gemini polarity. In her discussion of the Gemini Lunar Eclipse (in the current December/January issue), Stephanie Austin suggests that we see things when we believe it (rather than believe it when we see it!). Yes. How true. There are historical accounts of indigenous people not being able to see a large sailing vessel because they could not, at first, believe such a thing was possible. This is a lot to think about. When the Sun travels through Sagittarius and the Moon reaches its fullness in Gemini, we have the opportunity to shuffle our beliefs and see things we never thought possible. Maybe there are aliens among us but we cannot imagine or believe this. Hence we cannot see it. Okay maybe that is extreme. Perhaps we are waiting for enough people to believe that we can live differently on our planet and then we will see it. The idea that all things are connected is not a new idea. We are still waiting for enough people to BELIEVE everything is connected so we can see it manifest in front of our eyes. We are waiting for enough people to really believe that we can be good earth citizens. Then we will see it. These are matters that pertain to Sagittarius and Gemini.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius

Mercury is currently retrograde in Sagittarius. When Mercury has a retrograde period in a sign, that sign’s energy is emphasized for a longer period than normal. Examining our beliefs and reaching for a new truth (even if it is subjective) is part of the Mercury in Sagittarius experience. Of course the usual Mercury retrograde issues are with us too. Computer problems, car repairs, and misunderstandings due to communication mix-ups are to be expected with Mercury retrograde. But please remember that retrograde Mercury brings the ability to think deeply and differently. Mercury goes direct on December 13, just after the full moon, but it will continue its passage through Sagittarius until January 7th. Sagittarius thinking can get stuck in its own ego perception or it can open up and expand and reach a new level of comprehension and seeing. If we are tempted to close our doors of perception we will miss out on the expansion and the joy of new believing and seeing.

Saying goodbye to 2011

Every year is intense and unique. 2011 has been special because it has been the culmination of all nine Underworlds alluded to in the Maya calendar. According to many impressive researchers (who are also intuitive-thinkers), billions of years of evolution and creation have culminated in 2011. Have we interpreted the Maya Calendar accurately, or is the Maya Calendar a metaphor to help us understand our evolution and our partnership with the Universe?

Meanwhile we are in a period of irritability. Planets Uranus and Pluto are the archetypal energies demanding that irritability lead to awakening and growth. Impatience and dissatisfaction will continue for years as humankind struggles to let go of old beliefs as well as outworn systems and structures. We are at the end and we are at the beginning. Scientists are learning so much about our history and about our cosmos and universe. Our beliefs are being challenged and refined. Our minds are being blown not by LSD but by discovery. Those who cannot open their minds to beautiful discoveries will be living on a different planet than those who embrace reverence for planet Earth and the entire cosmos. We are all here together but our beliefs and perceptions divide us and this is frustrating and confusing. We will continue on. The journey isn’t over. It’s just entering another cycle of unfolding.

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