Thursday, December 13, 2012

Astro Tips: December New Moon, 2012

As Swami Beyonanda (Steve Bhaerman) always says, “shift happens.”  Here we are, December 2012, the much written about and talked about moment in time--or the end of Maya time--or the moment of ascension. We are always shifting and evolving, but this time the shift seems to ignite our conscious membership in the Universe.  Perhaps we are still young in our understanding of what it means to step into our place in the Universe but all it takes is emotional and mental intention.  We can grow into the full meaning as the years unfold.  We talk so much about the Maya calendar from earlier times, but let us not forget that it is also the astrophysicists who are expanding our knowledge and encouraging our ascension!  The more we learn about outer space, the more awesome it is and the more we have to contemplate about our existence.

Every December the Sun travels through the sign of Sagittarius. Later in the month, during the winter Solstice, the Sun transits the area of the center of our galaxy, 26 degrees of Sagittarius.   Every year during the winter solstice, a portal opens for us to receive energy from the galaxy.  Planet Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius.  Jupiter is big, expansive, enthusiastic, protective and dogmatic.  Jupiter and Sagittarius combined rule the higher mind, philosophy and the law.  Sagittarius is on a quest for truth. It has domain over the heavens and space exploration.  The best thing a Sagittarius human can do is keep on the quest for truth.  If a Sagittarius person decides he or she has a grasp of the truth, then all is lost.  Sagittarius is not meant to stop the quest. The journey continues out into every universe.  When Sagittarius becomes dogmatic, as in religious dogma, the mind tends to become rigid, dark and unconscious.  While the Sun makes its annual journey through Sagittarius it is good for us to think about ascending to other dimensions.  When the Sun passes through the degrees of the Galactic Center we can tune in to the miracle of our short, little lives.  It takes our Sun 250 million years to orbit the center of our galaxy and our Sun has made that big orbit thirteen times (see www.calendarinthesky). Meditate on that.

Okay then. Back here on beautiful planet Earth, politics goes on as usual.  It’s all kind of trippy if you ask me.  Ascending into the 5th dimension (awareness/consciousness beyond space and time) while Obama is President of the United States, and Congress is still fighting like junior high schoolers.  Corporations are still too greedy.  Republicans call Medicare entitlement, but tax breaks for oil companies is just good business for the deserving. For those of you who are still young, here is the scoop: Medicare is a single payer system.  Medicare participants pay for that insurance. It is not an entitlement. It is not free!  Okay back to trippy.  So here we are trying to get the consciousness of planetary citizens to elevate and join up with the Universe. Meanwhile, we sit on the brink of so many problems to solve that the mind reels. If enough people ascend, does that mean we will be able to solve our problems better? Maybe. Meditation leads to a different brain usage….more synthesis of information and creativity.  The shift that is happening does not mean our problems evaporate. Hopefully it means we will be better equipped to handle the mess we have collectively created.  Potentially it means living in many dimensions simultaneously.

Footnote: How cool is it that the 12-12-12 concert for Hurricane Sandy relief coincided with the shifting consciousness of humanity?  Many of the performers were from the mid-60’s when this current shifting all began.  During the dark of the moon (as we waited for the moon to catch up with the Sun and give us a New Moon day), Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, The Who, and The Rolling Stones sang the songs from the transformative days of the 60’s. That has got to mean something!

Meanwhile, revolutionary planet, Uranus, is finishing its retrograde cycle and turning direct during this new moon.  The inventive musicians from the past appear out of a time machine to remind us to wake up!  Uranus rules all things that are unpredictable and out of our control.  Interruptions and disconnections; electronic music and the inter-net; revolution and change (from mild to chaotic to violent).  Each individual has seeds of change erupting internally everyday while a nation like Egypt is the collective stage for strong, violent revolution.

The New Moon on December 13:  Sun and Moon in Sagittarius make only minor aspects, but Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, sits in a powerful YOD formation. What are we to believe?  With a YOD, we are compelled to make adjustments.  Jupiter quincunx Saturn makes us struggle with our belief systems.  Jupiter quincunx Pluto says adjust and change.  Jupiter in Gemini gives us a continual stream of information and we have to adjust to all the new information and make  “sense” of all that information.  This will be hard if you are too rigid in your thinking, so loosen up and lighten up.   Jupiter in this YOD might trigger “big ego syndrome” in some people.  Jupiter in Gemini—humor please.

Neptune at zero degrees of Pisces sits in a challenging position between Mercury and Jupiter (again!).  This is interesting.  On the one hand Neptune invites us to stretch our minds into that 5th dimension.  Use your Neptunian imagination and jump right out of this solar system.  Let Neptune soften your mind and open your heart.  Neptune in this T cross gives us a window to open:  try to look at all information on TV and the inter-net in a new way.  Is it symbolic?  Is it a movie? Is it a lie? Is it real?  Is the truth? What kind of story is being told?  This Neptune with Mercury and Jupiter can cause us to fall under the influence of propaganda and lies.  It can give us prophetic dreams, beautiful cinema (Life of Pi), inspiration and hope for a better world.  Some of us will be too idealistic though…Neptune is irritating Venus.  What we want in this earthly realm may be impossible (or so it seems).  More than anything, Neptune is visual, as in artistic media and especially photography and filmmaking.  During this new moon period make art, go see art, take pictures, and watch movies.  Neptune connecting with Mercury allows us to integrate left and right brain functions more easily.  There are many ways to enter the temple--many ways to experience ascension.

New Moon rituals have magic this month.    

“As I enter the sacred temple of inner knowing,
I purify my being to prepare myself for the initiation
That I have longed to find.
I cleanse my mind and heart
As I strip away
Whatever stands between my spirit and the source of All.
I make myself ready.
And I wait.
And it will come to me.”

December 13, 2012
The Essene Book of Days 2012 by Danaan Parry.

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