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Astro Tips for January 2013

It is still January, and I wish you a Happy New Year! As you celebrate the Full Moon in Leo on January 26th, think about the challenges you face and the dreams you are projecting for 2013.  Astrology teaches us that humanity is involved in a struggle to transform our fundamental paradigms: Uranus and Pluto are in an important square formation throughout the year and into 2014 and 2015.  This is an evolutionary birthing.  We are trying to open our eyes and see life anew.  We are trying to listen to subtle messages blowing in the wind.  Maybe there really is enough for everyone here on planet Earth!  Maybe it is time to re-examine Social Darwinism!  Each of us has a role to play in this evolutionary process.  We are all challenged to release our fears and get on with expressing our unique talents.  Here are some tips for each Zodiac sign for 2013.  Read your Sun sign and if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant) read that entry as well. May we all have a healthy, prosperous and loving year.  With planet Jupiter transiting the sign of Gemini until late June, we have the gift of laughter to keep our spirits light.


The New Year kicked off with a plateful of planetary energy in your sign.  The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto and Venus all clustered in Capricorn at the new moon giving Capricorns a confident take off for 2013.  Pluto is still transiting Capricorn (currently at 10 degrees of the sign).  Capricorns born in late December through January 1st are strongly impacted by Pluto throughout the year.  Pluto means something is dying and something else is being born.  Some Capricorns are finishing up a chapter of their lives and going through the labor pains of giving birth to an entire new life.  This might involve a change of residence (local or far away).  Solid Saturn rules Capricorn, so change is not your favorite thing.  During the full moon period around January 26, try to relax. Venus in Capricorn promises to help you survive the changes that are ahead of you. Nothing will destroy your true values but you must open up and let life lead you to your next adventure.  Pretend you are just rebuilding your house.  You are also rebuilding your inner world.


Mars has been transiting Aquarius since the first of January.  Mars is assertive energy so you, Aquarius, were the first out of the gate for 2013.  Mars in Aquarius is not overly physical or aggressive. It is more intellectual since Aquarius is an air sign. When the Sun and Moon come together for the full moon on January 26, Aquarius natives are primed to move forward with their lives.  As Mars gets close to Neptune at the very end of January, Aquarius folks can tune in to spiritual interests.  This could be volunteer work or a meditation class.  The Pluto/Uranus “biggie” is operating behind the scenes all year.  Pluto in the natural 12th house for Aquarius means that breakdown and breakthrough can occur in the unconscious,  can be facilitated through dreams, or can best be accessed from behind the curtain.  As much as you love community, dear Aquarius, please take time throughout this year to meditate alone and then speak up and share what you receive from the higher planes.


Neptune is transiting your sign, Pisces. If your birthday falls between February 17 and 22, you are strongly influenced by Neptune throughout 2013.  All Pisces are under the spell of Neptune this year. Neptune tends to dissolve what it touches.  The Sun represents your ego identity as well as your solar energy that pumps life through your being.  A Neptune transit means you may feel less energetic than you used to feel. You will be strong again, but first Neptune wants you to forget who you were so a new you can swim out of the sea.  Neptune sitting on your Sun may also indicate that you will be asked to sacrifice some of yourself.  Another person or persons may need your time and energy.  You may decide to get involved in animal rights. You may become a big sister or big brother for a youngster.  You might get more involved in a spiritual organization or in esoteric studies.  Neptune will help you soften and become more sensitive to suffering and/or Neptune will draw you in to some kind artistic expression.  During the early part of February when Mars connects with Neptune, please give extra attention to your immune system and physical health.  Furthermore, Neptune rules addictions.  If addiction has been your nemesis, it’s time for healing.


The Pluto/Uranus square affected you Aries folks in 2012 and continues to grab your attention in 2013.  Aries natives born March 27 through April 1st are particularly affected this year.  Uranus is the awakener. Aries people are waking up and realizing what needs to be overhauled in their lives.  They are stepping up and becoming leaders in all kinds of industries.   They are waking up and realizing that they are very smart and have much to offer their communities.   Take your place, Aries, and help the world re-structure and re-make what is broken.  Not everything needs to be thrown out but there is plenty that needs fixing.  Aries natives are part of the emergency crew destined to revitalize worn out systems.   The Neptune planet is transiting your natural 12th house so be sure to get lots of rest and take time out to listen to your inner guidance.  You can be a channel for good with Uranus transiting your sign and Neptune stimulating your higher self.  Neptune can also take us down the path of illusion so watch the addictions if you have that inclination.


Saturn is transiting Scorpio and opposing your Sun sign during 2013.  Partnerships are highlighted for you.  Saturn going through your natural 7th house means your significant other is affecting your life more than usual.  Your partner/mate needs you and the relationship will deepen.   For some Taurus people a relationship may need a big overhaul.  Don’t hesitate to seek out the right counseling or healing support.  Throughout the year, Uranus sits in your 12th house where it helps you gain intuitive insight and spiritual awakening. Pluto squares Uranus from your 9th house of “the higher mind.”  You are re-doing your entire belief system (or at least a big chunk of is).  How you thought it was going to be is dying and you are downloading an entire new program from Uranus in your 12th. Don’t fight it, Taurus.  You are more comfortable when you feel safe in sameness and routine.  Now you get to practice feeling good even when life is a roller coaster taking you on a wild ride.


Jupiter continues its transit through your sign, Gemini, until late June.  Jupiter often brings opportunity.  Hopefully 2013 started with financial opportunity.  Your house of money was stimulated.  Hopefully that meant money coming in, not going out!  Since the middle of 2012 you have needed to put yourself out in the world in order to be seen and heard.  Meanwhile, with Neptune affecting your career department, you are aligning with your vocational dreams.   If it is time for new energy, look to friendship, organizations, and community involvement to help jump-start your life battery.  Early February gives you a chance to connect with your life purpose and dreams. Jupiter helps you stay optimistic while you express yourself with grace and wit.  Saturn makes your everyday work life tedious and stressful. Pay attention to your health. Days of hard work need to be balanced with exercise and rest. 


Pluto opposes your sign, Cancer.  Like Capricorn, you are shaken up by the Plutonian forces of destruction and re-birth.  Pluto doesn’t just demolish; it cleans the ground for a new structure.  The New Year began with a concentration of planets in your relationship sector.  There is bound to be some rebuilding in your closest relationships.  The Full Moon late in January puts the spotlight on joint assets and how to establish shared goals.  When Pluto opposes the Sun (as it is doing now), a person is guided to re-build the ego structure and the manner of outer expression.  At the same time, Uranus is stirring up your career area.  Some Cancerians have innovative methods to share with the world.  Jupiter is behind the scenes but getting ready to pump you up in late June (when Jupiter enters the sign of Cancer).  This is a busy and exciting year.  What do you want to build? Cancer is a creative sign so let yourself imagine the most creative outpouring of your soul.


The year started with Mars opposing your Leo Sun.  If you had problems with other people or an institution, perhaps things will resolve by the time of the Full Moon on January 26.  At least you started the year with a feeling of strength, but don’t let disagreements or problems set the tone for the year. Let go.  A more important focus for you is your everyday health and self-care routines.  Pluto is affecting your natural 6th house (the place of health, work and service).   If you are not happy with your body weight or your physical abilities, it is time to re-do how you approach your health and self care.   A change of diet, a new exercise program, and new attitudes toward how you work are possibilities.  Renewal of your energy and overall health is the ticket to feeling good about you.  Jupiter in Gemini helps give you a happy attitude as well as new friends.  The Uranus/Pluto arrangement in your chart might tempt you to travel somewhere for your health, like a spa or a sacred healing spot.  If you can afford some unusual travel destination, go for it!


The New Year gave you the promise of tangible results for last year’s work.  The big collection of earthy Capricorn planets affected your earthy Virgo in a helpful way.   January is full of work but you are goal oriented and expecting some important feedback for your efforts. Furthermore Jupiter is touching down in your natural 10th house of career.  You keep expanding and finding opportunity on every corner.  The Pluto/Uranus overhaul for you seems to stir up your house of children.  If you are young and single, you might want to be careful.  This year continues the danger of unexpected parenthood.  If you are older and already have children, this energy might affect a child or how you relate to a child.  Something about your parenting or something about the child needs to change. This area of the horoscope is also about love.  You are learning to love in a profound way.  Neptune is hanging around your “significant other department.”  Neptune can bring more refined, loving energy into your life.  However, if you find yourself drawn to mysterious addictive types, please step back and give yourself space to breathe and re-group.


Dear sweet Libras, you want nothing more than a nice, peaceful life.  Alas, in 2013, Pluto is affecting you like a volcano.  Libras born in late September and the first few days of October are seriously impacted by Pluto’s current residence in the roots of the horoscope.  All Libras may have started the New Year by vowing to overcome past problems. You may have uncovered family secrets. You may be in the process of moving your residence.  More than anything,  Pluto is tearing your security into rags.  Who you thought you were and where you thought you came from is shifting, shaking and reforming.  Your inner world is anything but peaceful this year.  Planet Uranus is visiting your relationship department.  The combination of Pluto and Uranus in your horoscope suggests surprises and upheavals.  This is hard for Libras who are genuinely relational and who want harmony above all else.  My sympathies.  Jupiter expands your thinking. Your beliefs are being amended.  Your entire life history is up for review. Come summertime Jupiter moves to your career arena.  You will feel more confident as the year progresses. 


Planet Saturn is the big news for Scorpio in 2013.  Saturn stepped into Scorpio in October 2012.  Scorpios born from October 31 to November 12th are in Saturn’s classroom.  The good news is if you take the class seriously, you will get a good grade.  Sometimes a Saturn transit brings a happy culmination of years of work.  Scorpios have Saturn’s support!  The January Full Moon in Leo shines brightly in the career sector of the horoscope.  Let this Full Moon set the stage for your public performance for 2013.   When summer comes we will have a big grand trine in the water element:  Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces.  It might get easy to bring your dreams and aspirations into concrete reality by the end of the year.  The Saturn/Jupiter/Neptune trio supports Scorpio’s intuitive abilities and healing gifts.  The Pluto/Uranus heavy duo stirs up your need to re-do how you work.  It might be time to add teaching to your skill set.  You will need freedom in your workday and you will need a flexible attitude.  Scorpio is a fixed sign.  Google “flexible” and give it a try.


The collection of Capricorn planets at the beginning of 2013 affected your financial department, Sagittarius.  The Uranus/Pluto rumble influences finances, speculation and risk taking.  Perhaps you are trying to re-do how you make money.  You are driven to experience your self-worth and self-esteem in tangible ways.  Neptune is beginning to confuse your sense of identity.  Your way of understanding yourself is changing slowly but surely.  When Neptune puts a fog around you, it’s a good idea to ask your higher self to guide you along your journey.  Your earthly ego may crater and a new ego will emerge, but your core being can remain intact.  Jupiter is a blessing for you in 2013.  It is traveling through your relationship sector bringing support and opportunity from other people.  Be grateful.  You are entering a beneficial cycle.  If you have something valuable to offer, this is the time to ask for opportunity and recognition.  There are no “overnight sensations” however. Saturn sits behind the scenes quietly requiring serious work before your receive any prizes.  If you can muster enough focus for your projects, this can be a very successful year.

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