Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, February 2013

What’s up with Mercury retrograde in Pisces?

Mercury begins its first retrograde phase of 2013 at 20 degrees of Pisces on February 23rd.   Neptune rules Pisces and is currently transiting Pisces (Neptune’s  home).  Neptune is the fog and the deep blue sea. We can get lost in both.  I expect this retrograde period to be a little tough.  Neptune tends to dissolve what it touches.  Mercury is the mind and communication.  Neptune will make it hard to stay on track mentally.  Expect to misplace objects.  Hold onto your keys! Any planet in Pisces is compromised in its ability to focus.  We might start preparing now.  Get organized. Have the “to-do” list prominently displayed.

Let your mind be open and flexible   

We know from experience that Mercury retrograde brings up electronic/ computer problems as well as mechanical problems.  Problems may be a little harder to diagnose with Mercury in Pisces since Pisces is a feeling, intuitive sign.  During this Mercury period (February 20 to March 17) problem solving is best approached with a relaxed mind that is open and flexible.

Time does not exist!

And that brings us to the most important aspect of Mercury retrograde.  It is always an opportunity to think out of the box; to slow down the mind; to let our thoughts drift; to stare into the fire; to gaze at the sky; and to step out of culturally ordained time.  Mercury retrograde in Pisces gives you three weeks to soften the mind and to think with authenticity and originality.

Re-boot your life

Mercury retrograde will still require left-brain attention to appointment times and all scheduling details.  Be sure you show up to the party on the right day!  Avoid signing important documents unless they have been reviewed by more than one set of eyes and brain cells.  Buy a new car if your jalopy falls apart.  Avoid buying new toys or merchandise on a whim since you might end up needing to return the items.

Mercury retrograde is full of “RE” words:  recheck you data; re-read the document before you send it; re-think what you want to say when you get mad; re-run any medical test that is scary or threatening; re-dream what you think you want in your life.  Finish projects that got put on the shelf.  Think about re-booting not just your laptop but also you body and mind.  Re-start that exercise and mindful eating program. Re-ignite the love in your partnership.  

Mercury in Pisces is otherworldly…Go Away! I’m busy transcribing from the cosmos!

Keep in mind that many of us have stepped into a new experiential realm.  It is easier now to walk through vibrational doorways and visit other dimensions.  Our earth plane is just one realm of experience.  With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, we might easily slip into other places in the Universe! That’s exciting.  This is a good time to practice our “psychic” skills or to “download” new information that upgrades our spiritual understanding.  Yes, we might find ourselves spacing out into the non-tangible dimensions.  Some of us might be communicating with animals (or getting messages from them).  Maybe I will hang out a sign that says:  “Go away.  I’m busy transcribing from the cosmos.”  Sounds like a good few weeks for a sabbatical from work.  That would be terrific for Mercury retrograde in Pisces; however, there is still that to-do list that never goes away.  Perhaps the best way to manage this retrograde period is to honor the sign of Pisces with your mind:  carve out some time to meditate, read spiritual writings, read or write poetry, attend artistic functions and spiritual gatherings, take up your paintbrush and give it a go, sign up for a flower arranging class, get a Tarot reading or have a Reiki session, go to a musical event that inspires you and touches your heart, and go to the lake and listen to the birds and the wind.  Pisces is an imaginative energy.  Take time to honor Pisces and I predict you will not misplace your keys.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces February 23rd to March 17th.  

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