Friday, December 5, 2014

Astro Tips for December 6th Full Moon in Gemini-2014

The Full Moon in Gemini occurs on Saturday, December 6th.  A full moon always opposes the Sun, in this case, a Sagittarius Sun.  Gemini is gobs and gobs of information.  Gemini is curious and full of details.  Sagittarius wants to know why, or at least wants to understand the big picture.  The Sun, Mercury and Venus trio in Sagittarius lifts our spirits.  The Moon in Gemini encourages communication. Some of that communication is with others and some communication needs to be internal.

These few days under the influence of the full moon, we may have a busy, busy mind trying to figure out the big picture of our lives.  Neptune gets involved with both the Sun and Moon and causes us to have confusing thoughts AND big dreams.  However, this energy is excellent for meditation.  I just attended Kenny Kolter’s Gong Meditation at Dallas Yoga Center.  Strong energy!  Sagittarius is one of the rulers of music—the celestial vibrations of music. Gemini is the details and the dexterity of making music while Sagittarius is the overall effect and meaning.  I came away from the Gong Meditation full of energy, ideas (there’s the Gemini), visions and love.  Keep in mind that this time of year is full of superb music, much of it coming from higher realms of the cosmos.  In December, while the Sun is moving through the constellation of Sagittarius, it lines up with the center of our galaxy.  Perhaps December is special because we are receiving special energy from our Milky Way galaxy.

Neptune involved with the Sun and Moon might bring beautiful dreamtime to some folks.  Others might be challenged to address problems and/or addictions with this configuration.  We want our holiday season to be fun and happy.  We might fall back on old strategies that help us cope with anything that stands in the way of our expectations and ideals.  This year the old strategies are bigger than usual because Neptune helps us go to a place of self-denial (like my behavior isn’t that bad!). Don’t forget, though, that Neptune also brings inspiration and beauty. It just depends on the situation and the individuals involved. This holiday season has the potential to bring spiritual uplifting.  Neptune is the planetary energy that helps us connect with the spiritual dimension.

There is big triangle in the element of fire.  The Sun, Jupiter and Uranus all in the fire signs give us enthusiasm and optimism.  We feel like we can accomplish any dream.  As the Sun continues it journey it eventually reaches the solid ground of Capricorn.  The Winter Solstice, on December 21, encourages us to embody the beautiful energy of life on earth.  The Winter Solstice holds us in the moment as we contemplate the joy and seriousness of our life.  We begin to understand what ideas and dreams can manifest physically.

Enjoy the full moon in Gemini.  Socializing this weekend brings people together for common goals.  Let the tribes connect!

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