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Astro Tips January 4, 2015. Full Moon in Cancer

Judith Kusel:…..”  Frequencies and vibrations are rising and we have to keep up….” From her spiritual channelings and writings on her Facebook page

The New Year begins with a powerful full moon in the sign of Cancer. This big moon is lined up with (i.e. conjunct) the brightest star in the heavens:  Sirius, The Dog Star. The Sun is in Capricorn connecting us to earth.  The Moon is in Cancer, reminding us that we are 50-65% water.  We are bridging our earth/water “humanness” with a spiritual, cosmic beam from Sirius. 

Here are some specifics.  The Capricorn Sun is joining planet Pluto (currently going through the sign of Capricorn).  This is intense, amped up ambition.  We are off and running. I want to plan my whole year and at the same time, clean my entire living space, purge everything I never want to see again, and I want to see the results ASAP.  Of course this is humanly impossible.  All teams will feel like they will win the game. Some people will have “offers from the devil”! The Sun holding hands with Pluto is seductive and compelling.  Many people will feel a bit invincible during this full moon.

While this earthy power surge is going on, the moon becomes full in the soft, watery sign of Cancer. You would think Capricorn Sun and Pluto would overpower this moon. No. The full moon in Cancer is hooked up with Sirius and holds its own magic and power.  Ask for messages from your home planet!  Ask for guidance, inspiration, a clean break with the past, and a gift from your ancestors. Ask for what is in accordance with your highest good and the highest good for all.

The axis/polarity of Capricorn and Cancer connects us with home and family.  It is patrifocal/matrifocal, mother/father; nurturing/building; receptive/projective; sensitivity/defensiveness. Cancer is the need to give birth and nurture and contain and keep safe what we love. The sign of Cancer is about the home, our heritage and our lineage. Capricorn is about the need to be responsible and to venture out and utilize all possible resources that will ensure the survival and continuation of the family and society.  Capricorn does the right thing because it is right to do the right thing. 

Judith Kusel (check out her Facebook page) reminds us that frequencies and vibration are rising.  How are we to keep up?  This full moon period challenges us to stay calm, grounded and balanced.  It’s easy right now to get out of control.  Planet Mars (energetic force that keeps us in survival mode) is connecting with planet Jupiter.  Whatever Jupiter touches, it makes that something bigger. So when Jupiter connects with Mars we are energized and ready for adventure and risk taking.  It is easy to go to extremes and easy to fall off the bell curve!  During this full moon we need to take many moments to slow down, breathe, consider our options, and get present with body and soul. Otherwise, we won’t be able to keep up with the acceleration of mental and spiritual energies.

Also with this Full Moon, the Uranus/Pluto square continues to irritate my existence!  As some of you know, we have been under the influence of a major planetary cycle for over a year now.  That cycle involves planet Uranus (ruler of revolution, upheaval, sudden change, awakening, invention) challenging Pluto (ruler of the underworld where the riches lay buried for the privileged few to dig up).  Pluto is much more than what I just said. Pluto is about secrets, decay and the death of things that are no longer viable.  Uranus is standing by to help bring about some rebirth via inventions and new social mores.  Gender equality is a Uranus awakening matter.  The revolution for freedom and equality is made manifest by the legalization of same-sex unions.  The old secrets (Pluto) about sexuality and love had to be dug up and paraded about.  Finally, people looked at the same gender love matter and decided, so what?  No longer a secret.  Just let it be (an awakening that Uranus supports). 

This Uranus/Pluto cycle began back in 1964-65.  Either you lived through that rock and roll revolution or you are listening to the music of those years.  The changes that were initiated in the 60’s are now under review.  There is rebellion against the changes that came about in the 60’s and there is rebellion to maintain the changes that happened during that decade.  Therein lies the irritation and tension.  There is an awakening regarding equality and fairness. There is an awareness that the plutocracy has still managed to maintain control.  Democracy is still a long way down the road.  Remember, astrology is not about an exact cause and effect. It is more about the reflection of “as above” (Uranus squares Pluto), “so below” (mankind struggles along and fights many battles to attain freedom and conscious awakening).   Perhaps there has always been a lot of disruption on planet earth. It seems though that there is either more disruption or there is no escape from disruption wherever it occurs.  We are one people now.  What happens in Indonesia happens to everyone, everywhere.  What happens to one person, happens to me.

Meanwhile, on the emotional, mental and spiritual planes, life is evolving.  There are thousands of web sites devoted to metaphysical, spiritual information.  There are millions of people clearing their chakras with hot yoga!  There are hundreds of people channeling messages from angels and beings from other dimensions.  There are shamans teaching us the old ways of stepping into other dimension and connecting with the pulsing life force of our planet.  What we pay attention to grows and expands. The full moon in Cancer is lined up with the Star Sirius, The Dog Star (a star heavy with mythology).  The Dogon people live in Mali, West Africa.  Their oral tradition states that they are connected and possibly from the Star, Sirius. The Dogon knew of the existence of Sirius B, the star next of Sirius, before the star was viewed through a telescope in our western society. Sirius B is too dim to be seen with the naked eye.   We are paying more and more attention to esoteric information. Think about those programs on the History channel and that wonderful web site: ancient-origins.  Another way of stating this:  more and more people are aware of esoteric information and that gives a richer picture of our earthly heritage than our everyday textbooks!

The tensions that exist on our planet are not about to abate in the near future.  Uranus and Pluto began a new cycle in 1964-65. This cycle will continue for many years.  Perhaps we have chosen to be here during these days of collective suffering and disruption. We are changing and our world is changing.  Some of us will begin this New Year with an urgent sense of duty, while others will have an urgent sense to live a life of serenity. The full moon in Cancer aligned with Sirius gets us off to a powerful new beginning.

The main lesson from this full moon is to focus on the ground we stand on and to feel the watery vulnerable essence that we truly are.  During this full moon period, some people may feel like they are holding on to a lightening rod. Others may feel that they are being emotionally turned inside out. There will be some who experience the empowerment of the Sun/Pluto duet during this full moon. Others may feel the chaos and upheaval of Uranus. Uranus is like a hurricane. It is an act of God that we did not instigate.  Yet it changes our lives forever. We are living in times that change our lives. We each respond to that phenomenon in our unique soul-printed manner. Hopefully we can love and respect each other regardless of our different paths.  “We are family…I got all my sisters with me.”  (Song by Sister Sledge)

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