Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Astro Tips. Full Moon in Leo February 3, 2015

Whatever Jupiter touches (in this case, the Moon, our emotional temperature!), it makes it bigger than it usually is.
The moon is full in the sign of Leo on Tuesday, February 3.  Jupiter sits close by the moon, our emotional temperament.  The duo of Moon and Jupiter is emotionally happy and expansive.  Jupiter touches our creative expression and we feel excited and elated.  However, whatever Jupiter touches, it makes it bigger. Jupiter touches our full moon emotional state and we will feel it strongly. If are in a good, expansive mood, Jupiter will help that expansion. If we feel down and out, Jupiter will amplify that mood. Jupiter brings opportunity and optimism today.  Jupiter can also bring a tendency to over-reach.  Jupiter can take us out of bounds.

The Moon/Jupiter connection is in a YOD formation with planets Mars and Pluto. A YOD means finger of God. The deities are pointing their fingers at us and saying, go be BIG. You can have fun, and be creative, optimistic and happy. However, we must pay attention to the potential of overdoing the fun, OR overdoing our expectations of life, OR over-promising what we can deliver to people or projects.  It is important to take a moment and reflect on what is reasonable and practical before putting a down payment on a $10,000 cruise!  Jupiter is connected with our prosperity. Take care not to over spend or to spend the money before it is in your bank account!  Same with our energy!  Take care not to promise more of our energy than we can give.

At the Full Moon Women’s Gathering, held yesterday at Dallas Yoga Center, we got a jump-start on this full moon happiness.  The energy of the gathering was light and joyful. We tried a little belly dancing along with a devotional meditation on Goddess, Isis.  I suggest dancing and any other form of movement that makes you feel good. The living room of your own home can become your dance floor. Anywhere you are can be a creative, fun place during this full moon. 

Of course there are always aggravations.  Mercury is retrograde and that brings confused communications. The combination of Mercury retrograde and Jupiter sitting with a full moon might suggest that we hold off taking action on any ideas that pop into our heads today. Things that are already in motion are different. But if someone calls you today and asks for a loan, think about it for a few days.  Go into discernment mode before taking action.  Also Venus is making an unhappy connection with Saturn. Some people will feel too stressed, overworked, sad or inhibited to jump on the joy wagon.  Venus is also sitting close to planet Neptune. This arrangement can lead to beautiful music or loving compassion. However, its connection with Saturn can mean that this week brings some disappointment for some people. Even if life is not exactly what you want it to be, or if you feel disillusioned in some way, try to appreciate the emotional enthusiasm and optimism of the Full Moon and Jupiter in fire sign Leo.  Leo is full of heart and willingness to extend love and good will to all.

Of course, the Sun in Aquarius opposes the full moon.  Aquarius Sun connects us with community. Aquarius encourages us to think about how to share our gifts with society.  These days around the full moon are great for networking and seeking out kindred spirits.  The combination of Aquarius Sun and Full Moon with Jupiter in Leo will help some people expand in their careers.  Another word for Jupiter is generosity.  Be generous in spirit with those you love and respect and good things will be catalyzed for the good of all.

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