Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Astro Tips for New Moon in Libra, October 12, 2015

Yesterday’s new moon occurred in the sign of Libra.  Every October the Sun passes through the sign of Libra and most people know that Libra is the sign of the scales: balance and justice.  Venus is the ruler of Libra so the sign also rules the domain of relationships.  We say Libras want to be in a relationship. Libras don’t want to upset the apple cart. They want everyone to just get along.  We all want good relationships but we live in a society that encourages us to put our own interests first. We are given permission to be selfish and to fight for what we want in our relationships.

Here is a quote from Philip Shepherd’s book, New Self, New World. I’m hoping this quote will give you something to think about while the Sun travels through the sign of relationship:

            “Anthropologist Wade Davis, … reports that in the language of the Penan
            tribe of Borneo—one of the last nomadic rain-forest societies on earth—
            there are no words to distinguish between he, she or it, but there are six
            words for we, the pronoun that discloses the relationship.  He also noted that
            ‘they measure wealth not by the extent of their possessions but by the
            strength of their relationships.’”  [P 38]

Is your relationship a “WE” experience or a “me” experience?  What is the strength of your relationships? How do you define “strength of relationship”?

This new moon time also offers a trio of energy in the sign of Virgo.  Venus, Mars and Jupiter are sitting at the same table throughout the week.  Maybe sitting is not the right word.  Mars gives great enthusiasm and motion to Venus and Jupiter. It’s a time for love and action, so first of all there is the pursuit of love and romance.  In addition there are successful athletes rejoicing in their accomplishments.  Some people may grab this energy and kick off a new health-wellness program.  Others may focus on a work project and make great strides. For some Virgos, this trio of planets in their Virgo sign gives the opportunity to excel in all endeavors.  The trick is to harness the Mars energy and really know where to direct your enthusiasm and desire.  Enjoy the upbeat days of Venus, Mars and Jupiter as they give us a big dose of optimism, idealism and physical energy.  Not even Saturn sitting in its T cross can smother the hope of this configuration.

Planets Uranus and Pluto are once again starting to irritate each other. We now have a repeat of intense, rapid-fire energy that we’ve had going back for several years.  The Uranus/Pluto interaction is part of the planetary shifting and acceleration that is bringing our world to the brink of collapse and transformation.  I’m not saying it will collapse; just saying it feels like collapse as we see things fall apart and witness new life emerging from the rubble.  Stay awake if you can, and do what you can to help in the process of creating a new world.

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