Monday, February 22, 2016

Full Moon in Virgo. February 22, 2016

Full Moon in Virgo wants to bring answers and order out of chaos and complexity.

February 21.  It’s raining tonight so we cannot see the big full moon in Virgo.  It will reach perfect fullness at 3 degrees of Virgo on Monday, February 22, around noontime.  Virgo brings up our need to make a “to-do” list so we can get things done and feel good about ourself.   Virgo is the sign that wants to bring answers and order out of chaos and complexity.  Also, this full moon in Virgo is in the company of the Sun, Neptune and Mars.  Remember,  the Sun is always opposing the Moon when the Moon is full. So this time the Sun sits in the sign of Pisces on the same chair with Neptune while the Full Moon in Virgo shines from the other side of the room.  Mars is in-between the three of them.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. So the Sun in Pisces likes being with Neptune. Neptune rules the fog and the mist and all is sublime. Neptune dissolves and confuses what it touches.  While it sits with the Sun (representative of the self), Neptune dissolves the ego a bit. Softening the ego’s boundaries makes us more receptive to spiritual vibrations as well as aesthetic and compassionate feelings.  We are drawn to beauty and kindness. Or, we might be drawn to escaping the horrors of this world, because Neptune offers relief from strain and stress.  This could look like vegging in front of the TV, going to a movie, reading, drinking, eating, day- dreaming, or sleeping.  The Full Moon in Virgo tries to keep us focused on the “to-do” list but it is hard when we are breathing in all that Neptunian spaciness. 

Fortunately planet Mars is involved with this Full Moon in Virgo. 

Mars in late Scorpio is in a T-cross and that puts pressure on the Moon to maintain its boundaries in spite of Neptune. Mars is also putting pressure on the Sun and Neptune in Pisces.  Mars gives us energy to get things done and not fall under the spell of Neptunian ether. Maybe your “to-do” will include some activities that are nourishing, enriching or creative rather than forceful.  Mars also sets a tone for irritation and arguing.  People want to be in their Sun/Neptune escape place, so any harsh action from Mars or the wrong words at the wrong time can make us angry or cranky.  With Neptune involved it’s hard to defend yourself from any attack.  Also it’s hard to sort out exactly what is going on.  It might be better to go back to the “to-do” list and let Virgo help us find some order to our lives.  Neptune and the Sun in Pisces are known for compassion, not sock-sorting. We need a balance at the moment.  On the one hand it’s good to relax into the Sun/Neptune space of inspiration and beauty. On the other side, it’s also good to use the Virgo full moon to think about bringing order out of chaos and also to pay more attention to self-care.  Mars will encourage both types of behavior. And Mars might do one more thing. The Sun and Neptune together is sometimes a package of illusion and self- sabotage.  For some of us Mars will give us a situation or put pressure on us to break through our illusions.  This full moon can be a wake up call in some area of your life.

Remember, when the moon is full, it gives us light in the darkness—not just in the backyard, but also light into areas that are more subliminal.

The full moon shines a light into our psyche.  We can resist that light or we can relax and let the softening come and let it bring some truth into our life. I feel sleepy just writing this.  Sun/Neptune/Moon/Rain on the roof.  Still, Mars is sitting there and I believe it is stimulating us to figure things out, to stand up for ourslef, to NOT go to sleep, to fight for what is right for us, to sort through the illusions, the chaos and the complexity.  The full moon encourages you to organize our personal life….to tell the truth about yourself, if you can find it in the Neptune cloud.

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