Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Astro Tip: Mars goes Direct!!

Mars Stationary Direct
June 29, 2016

Today, Wednesday, June 29, is a day many folks have been waiting for.  Mars begins to move again!!  Planet Mars entered its retrograde phase in April (at 9 degrees of Sagittarius). Now that period is over and Mars moves on at 23 degrees of Scorpio. Mars rules the sign of Aries and also Scorpio.  Individuals who are connected with Mars have got to be relieved.  The combination of Mars being in Scorpio and Mars being close to earth is significant. Symbolically it means exposure, involvement & expression with the energy of Mars.  Attributes like anger, impatience, irritation, “short-fuse” and violence are in our faces. Explosions get our attention in the news nearly every day. It will take a while for the Mars energy to chill out.  If you have felt  pent up for weeks, how can you express your discontent?  It’s time to embrace the positive qualities of Mars:  leadership, sports & athletics, positive assertion, courage, passion and desire. If anger continues to be a problem, seek out counseling or an anger management program. 

In January of this year Mars entered the sign of Scorpio, then it moved into Sagittarius, then it went retrograde in Sagittarius, then back into Scorpio again. Finally this retrograde phase is beginning to shift. Mars will travel through Scorpio and then Sagittarius (again).  Think about it!  Mars has been rolling around a small area of the heavens all year.  Usually Mars spends about 6 weeks in a sign. We get a chance to experience the energetic motivation of Mars in many different costumes. Then, every two years, Mars slows down in its orbit and we experience a long cycle of the planet hanging around a particular neighborhood. The neighborhood of Scorpio and Sagittarius is kind of hot and volatile.  By October Mars will settle into a more normal pattern, starting with its time in the sign of Capricorn. Sane, steady, Capricorn!  Who can wait? Meanwhile, enjoy the stimulation of Mars as it touches our impulses and gives us a more spontaneous involvement with life.

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