Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Astro Tips for January’s Full Moon in Cancer. 2017

Full Moon in the sign of Cancer is Thursday, January 12th.  There is a big bad square in the sky.  Think pressure cooker. Overwhelm. Anxiety.  Think being inside a box and you can’t get out and you are suffocating.  Think jack-in-the-box. Scary.  Some of the planetary players have been doing some of this dance for a while:  Uranus (change, chaos, upheaval) opposing Jupiter (bigness, extravagance) while Pluto (executioner, Lord of the Underworld) sits in between those two and harshly pulls the chains to get our attention.  This has been a period of severe power pushing, bragging and serious fighting to win.  Jupiter has added some flamboyant ego parades. What makes this irritable trio more intense at the moment is the involvement of the Sun and Moon.  The Sun is sitting with Pluto, amplifying hubris.  Moon in Cancer is opposing Pluto.  Expect emotional outbursts and irrational whining. When your anxiety level starts to affect your quality of life, it’s time to turn off the news and take the chill pill.  If the drama is in the personal life, same thing, take the chill pill.  If your work place is full of irritation or family dysfunction is out of control, it’s time to chill.

Fortunately this Full Moon period offers a good dose of chill. Neptune, Venus and Mars are sitting snuggly together in the sign of Pisces.  Watch a movie. Dance. Meditate. Make music. Make love. Go help somebody. Turn off the TV and focus on your surroundings.  Take a scan of your own energy field. Are you nervous? What do you need to do to relax and return to a place of centeredness?  This full moon is perfect for mindfulness meditation.  It’s a fine time to contemplate the value of love and the mystical manifestations of our collective existence. 

Meanwhile, the big planetary tension in the sky pushes us to take a stand and to be prepared to participate in civic matters and collective troubles.  Our society is involved in a great transformation.  Maybe the transformation is a serious make-over. Maybe it is a totally new direction. Astrologically, the transformation has been unfolding for a number of years and it is still in process. Numerology gives us perspective for this particular New Year. 2017 is a number that adds up to 10 and reduces to 1.  We are entering a new nine-year cycle, and we are all responsible for what happens in the next nine years.  What can we do to secure the safety and viability of our planet and our species?

This month there in an dynamic interplay of extreme weather, extreme societal tension, extreme entitlement on the part of plutocrats, surreal human behaviors, traumatic manifestations of brutality against all of nature, and shocking disregard for the search for truth.  So this is what we as a people have created. Surely we have the intelligence and emotional spark to create something magnificent that honors our planet and the unity of all sentient being.

This is where the Pisces trio can help us.  Neptune is illumination and inspiration; Venus is beauty and also relationship; while Mars is the desire to survive and thrive. With this Pisces package of cosmic energy we can join together and dream a New World.

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