Thursday, May 4, 2017

Astro Tips: Mercury goes Direct!

Mercury ended its retrograde phase yesterday Wednesday, May 3.  What a relief.  This particular retrograde period seemed very tedious and difficult. I moved from Texas to Arkansas in early April while Venus was retrograde.  Then Mercury went retrograde on April 9th.   If it wasn’t one thing, it was something else!  Will we ever get unpacked and organized?  It hasn’t happened yet!  Mercury retrograde was so frustrating I was ready to spit!  Car problems, misplaced items,  and AT&T put my new customer installation payment into the wrong account and almost turned off my internet….yes one thing after another.  Well, we can relax, kind of relax.

Mercury has been transiting through the sign of Aries.  At the end of April, Mercury made an alignment with planet Uranus, ruler of upsets, surprises and revolutions. If this twosome affected your chart, you had days like I had:  unpredictable and aggravating. Hopefully you didn’t lose your lease or have a car wreck.  The nerve wracking, out of control energy of Mercury and Uranus continues until mid-May. 

The energy of Mercury and Uranus doing tricks together demands that we pay attention to what we are doing.  Mercury and Uranus are a little too prone to accidents. I am living in a new area. I have yet to talk on my phone while driving.  Whatever we are doing, we need to give it our attention and not try to multitask as much as usual.

On May 15, Mercury steps into the sign of Taurus. Hopefully this will have a calming effect. Taurus is down to earth and takes one step at a time. Until then, don’t blame yourself if you feel like a nervous maniac.  If you feel powerless over all the upsets in your plans, try to relax and breathe. This too shall pass (I hope).

The next Mercury retrograde period begins in mid-August.  Hopefully I will get all my boxes unpacked before Mercury whacks me again.

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