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Astro Tips: Full Moon in Gemini December 3, 2017

December 3, 2017.  Full Moon in Gemini at 11 degrees.

This full moon is not a mere invitation.  It is a high frequency siren piercing through the night. Rumi says in his poetry, Wake up Wake up. Remember that old saying, “I was asleep when I thought I was awake”? Here it is again.

The Sun in Sagittarius forms a wide conjunction with Venus and both oppose the full moon in airy Gemini.  With the Sagittarius/Gemini polarity, the Gemini collects information. Gemini is forever curious and likes to share what it learns. The opposite sign, Sagittarius, is the part that integrates and finds meaning in the information.  With this full moon we might lay out bits of information and attempt to understand and find meaning in the puzzle before us.  Our ability to make sense and find meaning is complicated by planet Neptune. Neptune sits in between the Sun and the Moon, challenging us to choose the high road to Neptune or slide down the low road.

Astrology associates Neptune with all that lies beyond the veil, with things that are hidden and with attributes that are less concerned with the material plane.  A person who chooses compassion over self-interest might be described as someone on the high Neptunian path.  Neptune is also associated with the mystical realm, metaphysical thought, and sublime forms of art (music, poetry, photography and filmmaking for example).  There are many misty clouds surrounding Neptune, giving the suggestion that Neptune hides reality from easy view. What is real?  What is a lie? What is truth?  How can I know myself? Why do I sometimes sabotage myself? Why do others take advantage of me? What is my truth? How did I manage to be so blind sighted? Why am I so sensitive? Where am I fooling myself?

The dark side of Neptune brings lies and deception, confusion, distortion of reality, delusion, manipulation, depression and sensitivity to alcohol and drugs. The solar vitality and the ego are weak under the influence of Neptune. Self-doubt is a problem.

On the other hand, glorious Neptune brings insight into all possibilities for a healthier life, a better tomorrow and a more beautiful world.  Neptune allows us to visualize the next steps for ourselves and for humanity. For every nasty thing that happens right now, there are dozens of beautiful life events unfolding everywhere on planet earth…. new inventions, solid resolutions to serious problems, new treatments for healing that surpass conventional medicine, babies being born who already have some genetic coding for living differently on our planet. Neptune is that small still voice that keeps saying: “We are one, don’t be afraid!”  Everything is connected; the web is holy. (Marcus Aurelius)

This Full Moon in Gemini gives us a chance to find peace in our own truth.

We are living this Neptune challenge to the Sun and Moon right now.   How can we face our illusions?  Can we be open? Can we be unafraid of our hidden agendas? How do we bury our fear of those who are different from us? Can we be at peace with our complexity? Can we allow ourselves to be set free? Confronting the truth in our lives is scary but it is also liberating. This full moon gives us a chance to find peace in our own truth.  Everything that is pretend and not based in integrity will be shown to us if we allow it to be. Insincerity in self and insincerity from others, it will be shown.  If we are hypnotized by life, by another person, by avoidance, it’s time to wake up. 

It’s hard to believe the level of deception and lies in the collective arena. It’s hard to comprehend the degree of suffering and injustice that we are living in. It’s hard to swallow the disregard for all life that expresses through violence and criminal behavior.  But of course, we need to look at our own behavior as well. It’s time to be kind. Resist the urge to be cynical, sarcastic, sneaky and mean. Be charitable and forgiving with self and others.

This full moon is not a mere invitation.  It is a high frequency siren piercing through the night. Wake up. Wake up.  Remember that old saying, “I was asleep when I thought I was awake”? Here it is again.

If I wanted to write about this full moon in Gemini all night long, I would digress into the Maya Calendar and what it means. Maybe I should!  We are sorting out what to let go of and what to take with us on the next evolutionary journey.

The Maya Calendar contained an understanding of the history of planet earth and the evolution of life and human existence.  The end of the Maya calendar in 2012 was not the end of time. According to those who have studied the Maya Calendar in depth,  the end of the calendar was the end of the evolutionary unfolding of all that has occurred on planet Earth since the beginning of the Tree of Life—the beginning of time.  Right now, we are living in the midst of everything that has ever happened.  Everything is happening at one time. It’s all right here in front of us. Even the dinosaur park in Kentucky is a nod towards all of existence being present here at one time (  A dinosaur world park does sound a bit odd if you know who Charles Darwin is. But how many dinosaurs are living in our minds, old stuff we still believe that has been extinct for a long, long time?  We are sorting out what to let go of and what to take with us on the next evolutionary journey. I don’t know how long this process takes and no one knows if Homo sapiens will continue the earthly journey or if they will fade away as other species have done.  Maybe we have fulfilled what we were supposed to do and it’s time for the next species to appear.

On a more practical level, Mercury is retrograde right on Saturn in Sagittarius.  Too much worry is not a good thing.

Mercury went into its retrograde phase on December 3 early in the morning while the moon was on its path to being completely full. Saturn is currently finishing its travels through the sign of Sagittarius. Mercury and Saturn have been sitting together for several days. Now, at 28 degrees, Mercury turns retrograde and Saturn, at 28 degrees, prepares to move on to complete its two and one half years of activity in the sign of Sagittarius.

The hardest part of this Mercury period is the presence of Saturn. We worry too much. The two energies together can be depressing.  Troubles seem more troublesome when these planets connect.  Hard times seem harder. The Tax Reform Bill presented by Congress suggests hard times ahead for many Americans. However, Mercury retrograde might mean that, before the month is over, the whole Bill will be scrutinized and possibly edited in many ways.  However, Mercury conjunct Saturn can also mean that whatever we are trying to build, we stick to the job and get it done! It is a suggestion of prevailing no matter what.

Mercury retrograde does not mean we stop living and breathing.  Carry on!  Old issues or problems might be up for review. Some people will have medical treatments under Mercury retrograde. There is no reason to be fearful.  If something new presents itself, then try to slow down--if possible--and postpone big decisions until after December 22.

Jupiter is on good terms with Neptune. This is a good thing.  The emerging energy on our planet invites us to envision abundance for everyone, not just for ourselves.

Jupiter being on good terms with Neptune (they are in a trine configuration which means ease and opportunity) counters the pessimism of Mercury retrograde with Saturn.  This aspect instills a spiritual quest for truth.  We should rely on our own inner teacher and guide(s).  Psychics do not have all the answers at this time. Neither do priests and preachers. Open that door that says:  Be your own Guru.  Jupiter and Neptune together provide good dreams and visions and sweet meditations.  

As I studied this chart for the December Full Moon in Gemini, I thought about Arnold Patent. He wrote a book titled, You Can Have It All (1984). He says, stop the worrying; there is enough to go around.  That means you and the other person can have it all, can have abundance—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual abundance. There is enough for everyone to have abundance on planet Earth. It is a matter of distribution.  All our species has to give up is fear and greed. The emerging energy on our planet invites us to envision abundance for everyone, not just for ourselves.

This full moon on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis is also about thought and words and beliefs.  What we think and believe has enormous influence on our bodies and on our life experience. As we look at the magnificent supermoon in the sky, let’s be at peace and ask Neptune to dissolve our fears as we greet a new day.

“We don’t create abundance. Abundance is always present. We create limitations.”  Arnold Patent

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