Thursday, March 1, 2018

Astro Tips Full Moon in Virgo March 1, 2018

Full Moon rising on March 1. Moon is full in Virgo. The Sun in Pisces joins Neptune, Venus, Mercury and Chiron....all in Pisces. This gives strong spiritual energy for those seeking it. Neptune touching the Sun can weaken physical energy while inflating the spiritual. Rest and be easy. Don't push. Exercise for full moon in critical, discerning Virgo: "Try to say nothing negative about anybody for three days, for forty-five days, for three months. See what happens to your life." Yoko Ono

Virgo is an Earth Sign. Expect to feel more MENTALLY grounded. Virgo is a mutual earth sign governed by Mercury. Getting grounded requires some energy though. Mars in Sagittarius is making a difficult connection with the Moon and with everything else.  First we have to go through chatty, chatty brain time.  Then we can get clear and more grounded. And the Sun, Neptune, Venus, Mercury and Chiron all in Pisces  also make a difficult connection with Mars. We do want to have nice, sweet thoughts. Mars messes with pretty Pisces thinking though. So we want to escape to the beach where everything will be sweet. Mars messes with that too. We have to stay focused on the here and now and the tasks at hand. However, some people may be planning some vacation time at a beach.  The heavy emphasis of watery Pisces needs a break from too much reality!

If you cannot get to some water right now, take a virtual trip to Hawaii or an island and take in some water and Sun energy. Or create your own Piscean meditation. 

One important topic in astrology is polarity. VIrgo opposes the sign of Pisces. This is polarity. We cannot eliminate Virgo or Pisces. We live with both of them.  Virgo wants everything to be neat and tidy and perfect. Pisces is a mess. However, when we work with the polarity of these two signs, magic happens. We have great acting, exquisite art,  sublime visions, uplifting poetry, heart pounding music, and gut-bursting comedy. And we have the Divine Feminine Beings like Kuan Yin and Tara.  The stories told about these deities model to us how to serve each other with Virgo devotion and Piscean compassion. That's how we bring the polarity together. Whatever path we are on, the precision and devotion of Virgo can join hands with the love, beauty and magic of Neptune.

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