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Astro Tips Full Moon, April 29, 2018

The Full Moon in May is traditionally referred to as Wesak, the celebration of the birth of the Buddha.  Scorpio is assigned the job of transformation of birth, death and re-birth. If we tune in to this Full Moon we can experience our own little birth, death and re-birth.

“What in your life is calling you,
when all the noise is silenced,
the meetings adjourned,
the lists laid aside,
and the wild iris blooms by itself
in the dark forest,
what still pulls on your soul?”

What to Keep-What to Release

The Full Moon occurs at 9 degrees of Scorpio, the Sun opposing at 9 degrees of Taurus.  The Scorpio-Taurus polarity is highlighted. Taurus, ruled by Venus, is about the Earth plane.  What are my resources? How can I acquire more resources?  Having something gives me value.  There is truth in the Taurus experience.  Grown-ups should provide food, clothing and shelter for themselves if at all possible.  Pluto rules the opposite sign, Scorpio. Pluto pushes us to let go. One way to express the meaning of Pluto is this:  Not my will, but THY will be done.  The word, Thy, can mean Life, the Universe, the Divine, God, Goddess, Nature, Fate, or any other expression that works for you.  Taurus tells us what to keep. Scorpio tells us what to share and what to let go of in order to find meaning in life. Somewhere in that mix we accept we are powerless (that’s the Pluto part) over some aspects of our life.

Challenges are balanced with cosmic help

This Full Moon is rich and complex.  Challenges are balanced with cosmic help!  Saturn, the taskmaster – the planet we associate with frustration, delays and hardship – makes a flowing, easy connection with the Sun in Taurus.  We can get things done, or we can envision how we will get things done in the near future.  Mars and Pluto are holding hands during this time. Normally we would think Mars and Pluto are ready for a fight.  Mars is the battlefield and Pluto intensifies that field. In this case Mars and Pluto are connected to other planets that offer opportunity to take appropriate assertive action, not impulsive war.  Mars and Pluto together in Capricorn suggests restraint to this strong aggressive aspect.  Planet Jupiter, moving through Scorpio, is making a wide conjunction with the Moon. Jupiter amplifies the deep seriousness of Full Moon in Scorpio.  Both the Moon and Jupiter make a beautiful connection with Neptune.  Spiritual inspiration, good will and loving connection with others, and the acceptance of life’s mystery are all indicated by the Moon-Jupiter-Neptune connection.

On the Collective/Global Scene, this easing of obstacles is seen in the new peace agreements between South and North  Korea. 

Confronting fate, destiny and meaning

Now a big exhale as we look at the stress in this complex mix of planetary energies.  The Nodes of the Moon are squaring the Sun and Full Moon. The North and South Node give information about our fate and destiny.  Those who are especially affected by this Full Moon (born in 1943, 1921, 1981, 1999, 2018) might be drawn into exploring their life history and meaning, coming face to face with their fate.  This Full Moon will help some individuals contemplate whether or not they are on the right path. Questions of an authentic life and a meaningful existence are suggested by this Full Moon.  Some of our existence may seem fated by family or cultural events.  Prior to our birth, there is an eclipse. That is the eclipse that really affects our fate and destiny.

President Donald Trump may be confronting some of his own fate, destiny and powerlessness since the North Node in Leo is currently visiting his Pluto Planet at 10 degrees of Leo. The Full Moon Grand Square is putting him in a box

Scorpio Full Moon loves ritual

Imagine you are inside a big square, a big box, or a square room.  This is the Moon/Sun/North Node/South Node GRAND Square of this full moon. Here are some suggestions for things to do inside this room.  Breathe, write some morning pages, light a candle, chant a mantra, meditate, drum, toss the IChing, pull an oracle card, draw out a time line of your human journey.  Embrace your life essay—feelings, thoughts and physical manifestations of the essay (family, work, partners and friends).  How does it feel? Can you find some peace in this room?  Can you get a sense of what to release from your life and what to keep?  Can you relax and accept destiny and fate and still feel life calling you for more . . . calling you more deeply into your mystery?  Connecting with the Full Moon in Scorpio gives us a chance to be reborn again and to welcome new awareness of our journey.

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