Sunday, February 9, 2020

Astro Tips Full Moon February 9, 2020

Full Moon is 20 degrees of Leo, with Sun in Aquarius (20 degrees)

The Full Moon today, February 9, 2020, is in the sign of Leo. Leo encourages us to individuate and to enjoy being the center of attention. Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius, requires that we unite with our peers and cooperate for the good of all. This is the polarity of Leo and Aquarius.  For most of us mortals, we live in a balance of self and others.  We enjoy being the centerpiece and we enjoy being in communion with others.

Today the full moon makes an aspect to Neptune that indicates we are all somewhat emotionally sensitive.  Some people will go overboard with sensitivity and even experience some paranoia or victim type feelings.  The lesson is about balance.  We don’t have to reject our feelings, but rather have some perspective. Perhaps a talk with a good friend will help sort things out.

Donald Trump has a Leo ascendant with planet Mars in Leo sitting on that spot (this is in his natal horoscope).  The full moon is only a few degrees away from his Mars and ascendant.  The full moon in Leo sitting on his Mars in Leo can cause agitation, sensitivity and anger. Furthermore today Mars is in the sign of Sagittarius (25 degrees) opposing Trump’s Sun in Gemini. This aspect has been happening this past week. It encourages anger and retaliation. It suggests that he is convinced that he is right to be at odds with his foes. The full moon today amplifies his emotional sensitivity to the events of the past few weeks.  Perhaps he is feeling victimized. For sure with the Moon quincunx Neptune and affecting his Mars, there is lack of clarity.   His behavior in the past few years has not shown us a person who seeks emotional balance. This full moon suggests that President Trump will continue his retaliations in the days ahead.

I guess that means the rest of us must strive for clarity and balance to make up for the lack of it on the collective level. The president does hold the kettle of negativity and hot water that is brewing everywhere we turn. He is the big archetype for the narcissism that is epidemic in our society.  Healing begins with each individual.  Today, I strive to balance my burning Leo need to be the center of attention with my heart felt Aquarian yearning to be of service to humanity.  How’s that for a little full moon mantra?

Linda Sprague

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