Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Astro Tips: New Moon in Cancer

New Moon 28 degrees of Cancer
Moon opposes Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter

The New Moon yesterday, July 20, occurred at 28 degrees of Cancer. The Sun and Moon were opposing Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter.  This New Moon feels like a huge collective event.  Perhaps it is stirring all of us on a cellular level to wake and realize that we simply are not safe. The sign of Cancer has domain over our feelings and over what we need. We need to feel safe. In addition to the pandemic, we have other pressing issues in our society and on our planet. When mothers (Cancer rules the mother and the home) step into the street to protect peaceful protestors from unknown enforcement agents, we are in trouble. Who are these “law enforcers” wrapped up in disguise?  Our nation is on shaky ground. People don’t agree on the truth of what is going on. This makes us feel unsafe as well.

Perhaps this New Moon is an invitation to do even one small thing to be active in this crisis. One letter to Washington. One strong post on social medial. A commitment to support voter’s rights.  Saturn and Pluto travelling together will definitely destroy societal structures and institutions that we have relied on. Jupiter riding in the car with Saturn and Pluto makes it a very big show. I believe everyone wants to see this transformation have positive outcome. New institutions and structures should be better than before, not worse. We should not lose the foundation of our nation. We will not be safe if we do.

When a president silences the Centers for Disease Control, I don’t feel safe. This can only lead to more conspiracy ideas. When a president sends an unknown law enforcement group to a city and they interfere with the city and state, I don’t feel safe. Who are these people with guns? More mystery. More conspiracy thought.  When they put someone in an unmarked car and drive away, that’s not safe.

Small communities in Texas and other states are overwhelmed with medical/pandemic crises. The number of people sick and dying is so hard to deal with.  They don’t have enough resources. Then there is a whole segment of the population that feels SO UNSAFE and POWERLESS that they insist people are dying from heart attacks, not the virus.

If leaders cannot utilize scientific and sociological information to envision a better world, I don’t feel safe.  If our craziness (and greed) continue we will lose the ground beneath our feet and be lost.  We will all sink in the swamp and be gone. Citizens will shut down and become like sheep in order to find some degree of safety.

When a man dressed like a Fed Ex driver knocks on a judge’s door and opens fire when that door opens, where is anyone’s safety?  When a young girl can be snatched up and away for sale in some other country, is anyone safe?  If a black man is killed without reason by law enforcement, no one is safe.  If people are forced to live on minimum wage and have no health coverage, we along with them, are not safe. It can happen to me too. Will COVID-19 become be a preexisting condition that excuses health insurance companies from covering the fall-out of this disease?  That’s not safe!

As we examine the economic foundation of our country, we have to face the face that a subtle slavery is still in effect.  There would be no United States of America if we had not had slavery. Nearly free labor allowed the European settlers to make money, and grow a nation. Now we have minimum wage to help the rich get richer. Ninety eight percent of the country pays money into a treasury and a huge portion of that money goes as social welfare for corporations and the rich.  That is not sustainable in the long run. So it’s not safe.  

People have come from all over the world to live here because of opportunity and because it has been safer than where they were. Now we face a crisis. We are sinking and losing our goodness and our safety. Where will anyone go?

This is what the New Moon in late degree of Cancer means to me. The moon quickly moved on into Leo yesterday.  Fire sign Leo can ignite our hearts. Let the lion roar, not only with demands, but with compassion for all sentient beings. Compassion for the 2%, compassion for the law makers who seem to be asleep at the bench, compassion for the people who believe things that aren’t even true. Well there we have it.

I am signing my name to this, but I honestly don’t know who wrote it.
Linda Sprague

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