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Mercury Stationary Direct May 11, 2010

Mercury Stationary Direct May 11, 2010

Mercury’s retrograde phase ends Tuesday, May 11. Whenever Mercury goes retrograde or direct, we refer to the planet as stationary. That means Mercury will be moving very slowly for another week or so. If you brain cells feel like they have been sitting out in the cabbage patch or under a flower pot (!), rest assured you will start thinking again. It might take a few days. If you want to be really technical, Mercury’s retrograde period through Taurus will end on May 28. On that day Mercury returns to the degree in Taurus where it went retrograde April 17. Perhaps Mercury retrograde has an unconscious component. This time, in Taurus, we have been unconsciously sorting through what is important to us. As the days of May unfold you may find yourself starting to take action on what is important. It could be letting go of something you no longer need. It could be planning something that is the next step for your life purpose.

This has been an eventful retrograde period. The Icelandic volcano erupted and delayed travelers. The oil spill in the Gulf region is forcing humanity to re-examine a civilization based on buried black gold. The near collapse of the stock market seemed to have been caused by an individual’s computer error (a typical Mercury retrograde happening but in this case producing a near financial catastrophe). Finally, information about the financial situation in many European countries has surfaced for global dissemination. Greece is being saved by the European Union; however, unless Greece and its citizens re-examine how they are managing their resources, little will change. Part of the problem in Greece apparently is simply how few people actually pay taxes. Can nations exist without contributions from their citizens? Is Greece a small microcosm of the large global problem? Mercury retrograde in Taurus has exposed the awful truth: the people who live on Planet Earth are in big debt. We have to re-think how we do this journey. The financial news from Europe tells us again that we are all connected. What affects one affects all.

The Mercury in Taurus theme continues a little longer. This Thursday, May 13, the New Moon joins the Sun at 23 degrees of Taurus. Matters of money, stock markets, debt and value systems will continue to be spotlighted. Congress will have no choice but to find some way to regulate the financial arena. There may be disagreements about how to do this, but the pressure is on to find ways to insure our national financial security. We are all a part of this collective problem. How do we re-think how we are utilizing what resources we have? Will we get a chance to find new systems for managing our global economy? Or will change be forced upon us because we have already created something that is unstoppable? Hopefully Mercury in Taurus heading in a straight direction (as well as the New Moon falling in Taurus) will give the people and leaders of the world common sense, insight, tenacity and strength to address our acute global problems.

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