Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sun in Taurus: Gaia

Sun in Taurus: Gaia

Years ago we began to see maps depicting Earth changes. I always wondered about those maps. Would the day come when Dallas would be a seacoast? Could New York City really disappear? What kind of imagination was creating these new landlines? Maybe someone was tuning in to 2010. Of course that somebody was Edgar Cayce. Cayce’s prophecy said that a new age would begin around 2000. It would be accompanied by a polar shift and loss of landmass all over the world. Now it is 2010 and we have had enough big Gaia disruptions to fill a year and it’s only the first of May. The recent eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano was a sight to see in pictures and video. Wow. Mother Earth is getting our attention. A couple of earthquakes was not enough. We need a big volcano to speak to us. We need massive flooding in Appalachia. We are being hit over and over again with a message: we aren’t really in charge here. And if we are even minimally in charge, we need to think hard about cause and effect. Now we have the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. If you go digging around in Neptune’s territory, Neptune might get mad. We might have to look at what we have created. I am not meaning to place blame on any corporation or person. Accidents happen. It’s the accident itself that needs our attention. What have we, as a collective, created? We are visitors here. The Earth will hopefully endure no matter what we do, but it would be nice if we could figure out how to be polite guests.

The Sun travels through earthy Taurus while Mars in fire sign Leo makes a cranky aspect to the Sun. By the time we reach the New Moon in Taurus, on May 13, the Sun and Moon will have been in cranky mode with Neptune also. It’s possible that it will take a lot of energy to overcome the damage of this oil spill. We can spend our time blaming a company. We can be really crazy and spend our time blaming environmental saboteurs. Or we can come out of this crazy, crazy dream and try to solve some very real problems. Maybe we cannot continue to behave as if we are the honored guests on planet Earth. Maybe turtles are as important as I am. When the Moon gets Full on May 27, and Neptune has squared the Sun and Moon, we will be immersed in the urgent message about how wounded the oceans are. The oil spill will be an invitation to educate humanity about our living, breathing oceans. Expect lots of educational programs on the seas and their importance to our survival and the survival of all living creatures.

Did you ever hear this expression: I was asleep when I thought I was awake? I cannot remember where I heard this little phrase but it is a fitting handful of words for the astrology of right now. This now continues for several more months. We are just getting started on our journey of awakening. Pluto, ruler of the underworld, is very tense during 2010, and the underworld has erupted. Pluto, ruler of the unconscious, is making square aspects with both Saturn and Uranus. What does this square thing mean? It means urgent! It means conflict and pressure. It means challenge because it is an invitation to aim for solutions and something better. But first we have to become conscious. All this time we thought we were awake. But we were sleeping. We really believed we could always fly when we wanted to fly, eat what we wanted to eat (will you miss gulf shrimp?) , live where we wanted to live, have what we wanted when we wanted it. Pluto and Uranus say wake up. We have been sleeping. We thought we were more important than those turtles sinking in the oil.

We associate the Sun’s passage through Taurus with reverence for the Earth. During May we celebrate Wesak to remember Buddha’s birth and enlightenment. The Full Moon in Scorpio, last month, was the actual time for Wesak but there are celebrations throughout May all over the world to honor the Buddha. Buddha’s enlightenment included his connection with the present and with the beauty and preciousness of everything around him right here on Planet Earth. How appropriate for the sign of Taurus. This is a challenging year. The least we can do during the days of Taurus is to wake up to the preciousness of where we reside. During May we can meditate on the awesomeness of lightening bolts flashing around Eyjafjallajokull. We can hold our own private ceremonies to honor the dead creatures in the Gulf of Mexico. We can send our loving energy to those who are displaced by floods and Hurricanes and Tornados. We can be reverent for our home. Taurus days are a time for planting, a time for mating, a time for earthly pleasures. In addition to the sensual delights that the energy of Taurus brings our way, the planetary alignments are speaking clearly. We are waking up to a living, breathing planet. We live here with a lot of other living, breathing, sentient life.

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