Sunday, July 15, 2012

Astro Tips:  Uranus square Pluto on June 24th

On June 24th planets Uranus and Pluto reached an exact 90-degree aspect.  Astrologers have been writing about the energy of this aspect for many months. Uranus squaring Pluto is a cyclic phenomenon.  In the 1960’s Uranus and Pluto came together in a conjunction in the sign of Virgo.  Now 50 plus years later these planets are forming an aspect that symbolizes friction and challenges.  Uranus is about the unexpected, revolution, change, freedom, and adjustment.  Pluto symbolizes slow evolution.  Pluto is the underworld, both literal and figurative. Literally, there is oil in the underworld.  Figuratively, there is an underworld that tries to control the social fabric of our civilization.  Call it Plutonian power if you like.  Those in control want to stay in control.  Pluto is the compulsive heartbeat that resists evolution even though evolution is happening with every tick of the clock.  Uranus is the archetype of mankind awakening.  Uranus is the voice of humanity responding to evolution.  Those who are holding on to Plutonian power do not want to hear the awakening of the masses.  But Pluto forces humans to clean out their closets and to make way for the next manifestation of life.  This could be a new life chapter for some people.  Perhaps a new career, a long awaited move, or a surprising change in one’s relationship status.  On the collective level, this Plutonian change looks like falling dictatorships and the evolution to free elections. In the western world (United States and Europe) the change wheel has focused on the economy.  Pluto rules money.  Uranus opened up the Plutonian vaults and its many secrets and unethical dealings.  Where this will lead us remains to be seen.

This exact aspect between Uranus and Pluto occurred on June 24th, the same day that the Egyptian election results were announced.  There was the election and then the run off election and then the final announcement of the winner.  This is an excellent example of Uranus aspecting Pluto.  The voice of the Egyptian people shook the Plutonian throne of power.  After weeks of revolution and after months of waiting for elections and then weeks of waiting for the results of the run-off election, Egypt has its first President elected by the people.  Mankind awakens and insists on being heard.  Hurrah for humankind!

Linda Sprague

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