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New Moon in Cancer July 19, 2012

Uranus/Pluto/Mars form a T Cross:  Irritation and Shock

The New Moon occurs in the wee hours at 26 degrees of Cancer, just a few days before the Sun slips into Leo.  The big news regarding this New Moon period is about Uranus, Pluto and Mars forming a T cross.  Mars (desire, action, assertion, aggression, anger) is opposing Uranus (unexpected events, shock, uprisings, rebellion, uniqueness, freedom and invention).  Anytime Mars and Uranus comes together in aspect we have the possibility of sudden upsets, angry drivers, and irritated people.  In a T cross the planet sitting in between the opposition (in this case that planet is Pluto) makes a square (translate difficult aspect) to each planet. When Mars squares Pluto we get anger in addition to the Mars/Uranus anger. This could be new anger or anger that has been buried for a while and needs to erupt in order to transform some situation.  Uranus and Pluto are forming a square that corresponds to major societal changes.  The addition of Mars to both planets suggests an increase in uprisings and outbursts.  We could experience this in our own homes and we will probably see outbursts reported in the news.  For the next few days (and up to a week) anger and upsets might be bigger than usual, if that is possible. We already see so much that is shocking.  

On the individual level the outcomes could be positive in the short or long run.  Personal matters that have been suppressed will certainly come to the surface. Mars/Uranus/Pluto should bring precious stuff from the underworld.  Think about when you dig for a quartz crystal. When you pull it out of the ground it is covered in dirt that must be cleaned away.  Mars/Uranus/Pluto will help you dig up your crystal, but then you have to clean and polish it to find the beauty.  This week we should do our best NOT to get discouraged.  With Pluto in the middle of a T cross it is good to remember this wisdom about Pluto:  Not my will but THY will be done. It doesn’t matter if THY will is the Universe or God, just remember not everything is under your control.  Pluto is the archetypal energy that teaches us we are not in charge of everything.

Saturn squares the Sun and Moon:  Practice Patience and Maturity

The Sun and Moon are making a square aspect to Saturn during the new Moon. This says try to be mature and patient no matter what is going on around you.  Venus is connecting gracefully with Mars and Saturn. Whatever is happening in your world, look at it as INFORMATION.  Venus and Jupiter are in the sign of Gemini, information!  Viewing the news and the angry driver as information will help. 

Minor aspects stimulate change and creative adjustments

The chart for this new moon is dynamic and challenging.  There are at least ten minor aspects that denote change and creative adjustment to new situations.  The good news is some important discoveries or inventions (that we learn about much later) could occur this week because of unusual upsets or creative adjustments to experiments, systems or designs.  Some of the discoveries could be within us.   We may be surprised to discover new strengths, hidden needs, and forgotten awareness.

Mercury retrograde in Leo July 14 to August 7:  The mind should be nowhere in particular (Takuan)

Zen Buddist Takuan (1573-1645) sums up Mercury retrograde for me. If you are comfortable operating from the right side of your brain, if you are happy being intuitive and not afraid of making mistakes, then Mercury retrograde is just fine.  Of course it is not fun when the computer freezes up or when the printer messes up or the auto breaks down or we forget an important appointment or we go to the west side of town and our significant is waiting on the east side of town.  The list could go on. These things happen during Mercury retrograde. However, if you need a new printer go ahead and buy one.  The reason we are told to be careful when Mercury is retrograde is simple:  it is harder to focus on the fine print.  We might miss some important detail because our brain is not interested in details at this time. We want to go with the flow and be anywhere but where we are. Anyhow, you get the point. When Mercury is retrograde be attentive to details when you need to be. But also realize that these weeks with Mercury traveling backwards in Leo are great for creative work/expression and perfect for letting the mind wander and be nowhere in particular.

Do expect to hear from long lost friends wondering why you have been so out of touch.

Uranus retrograde July 13 to December14, 2012:  Who Am I and What am I doing here?

One of the archetypal meanings of Uranus is freedom. So many people speak about wanting to be free. Free for what? To do what? To be what? When Uranus is retrograde we have the impulse to probe into our need for freedom.  What will we do with our freedom?  Uranus is currently transiting Aries, the sign of the individual, the pioneer, the initiator, and the courageous warrior.  Uranus in Aries, at its highest expression, is the spiritual warrior.  A spiritual warrior may be a physician working for Doctors Without Borders or perhaps a researcher studying the mystery of our DNA.  A spiritual warrior may chant every day for serenity and kindness on planet Earth.  A spiritual warrior may dance to express the complex range of human emotion.  A spiritual warrior may be a big wig or a little wig, that doesn’t matter.  While Uranus is retrograde we can continue our research into our individuation.  What are we doing? Where are we going? What do we want to do with our freedom, assuming we attain it?  And what do we have to share with our community? What kind of spiritual warrior are you going to be?

“As the tree shares its gifts of fruit
So I, too, share the gifts of me.
For in me is the facilitator
Of a more loving world.
In me is the catalyst
For a greater social awareness.
In me is the power of the Word,
And I share that gift with all.”

The Essene Book of Days 2012
July 17th, page 226
By Danaan Parry,

Linda Sprague

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