Monday, April 8, 2013

Astro Tips for April 2013

New Moon is 20 degrees of Aries on April 10th:  New Beginnings

For the first few weeks of April we are graced with a trio of energy: The Sun, Mars and Venus are conjunct in the sign of Aries, the first sign and the first fire sign. 

What is Sun and Mars in Aries good for?

Spring housecleaning
Anything that requires confidence and long hours
Being a bully (so be careful on the giving and receiving side)
Sudden fevers/illnesses
Getting well quickly
Heart problems—try not to break a heart
Passionate involvement with life
Really energetic children (watch them closely)
Anger & irritability
Initiating self-improvement programs
Running in a marathon
Kick boxing
Imagining you are kick-boxing
Feeling good about yourself
LOTS OF ENERGY-getting a lot done

What are Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries good for?

Trouble with the opposite sex
Buying nice jewelry
Generosity of spirit
Sporting events (but avoid fire arms and fireworks)
LOTS OF ENERGY-getting a lot done

This is the energy of the New Moon in Aries: Enthusiastic, and without a thought of defeat, we jump ahead with ideas and creative outpourings.

By the day of the New Moon on April 10th, Mercury lags behind at 24 degrees of Pisces.  Maybe our minds are still musing about the past or maybe some of us are still in the dreamy Pisces clouds, but the Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus are all connected in Aries and we are running through the gates out onto the track.

Aries is passionate, brave, inventive, impulsive and ready to try anything once.  Aries is the unique individual and sometimes Aries is the hero who jumps out of the boat to save someone.  We all have independent, “me-first” Aries, somewhere in our horoscopes.  This New Moon in Aries allows us to witness ourselves as Aries warriors (handsome, pretty and egotistically bothersome at the same time).

The March Full Moon had Sun, Mars and Uranus conjunct.  We felt impatient then and we still feel impatient.  Now however, at this New Moon, Mars has moved away from Uranus, hooked up with Sun and Venus to give us energy to move forward. This is great for being impulsive in fun ways….get in the car and go see wildflowers.  This is bad energy for getting into arguments. Venus always wants to relate and be cooperative; Mars is competitive so the combo brings cooperation with an attitude!

Moon, Sun, Mars, Venus all together in Aries for the New Moon produces abundant creative juice.  Plug it in somewhere and let it create a whole new universe!

Ever notice that there is one day around the Vernal Equinox when you look out and see that the whole world has blossomed again?  It’s spring. We are alive and passionately ready to plant seeds.  We anticipate new challenges.  This is the energy of the New Moon in Aries: Enthusiastic and without a thought of defeat, we jump ahead with ideas and creative outpourings.  There are certainly other planetary aspects to grab our attention and cause us to be perturbed, but I suggest we simply enjoy the gift of spring renewal and let it dissolve all negativity for the moment.

Finally the planets begin to shift. Sun/Venus/Mars step into Taurus and we connect with Mother Earth.

On April 15th, Venus moves on into Taurus and by April 20th, planet Mars will step into the sign of Taurus and bring calmness.  Mars will still be traveling near the Sun (also in Taurus on April 19th).  We continue to have strong, intense, willful energy that can accomplish a great deal.  Taurus is an earth sign, so the Mars/Sun conversation may slow down.  It may get stuck. It may turn stubborn or maybe just careful.  Still it’s a wonderful trio to have--Sun/Venus/Mars in Taurus—because Taurus is strongly creative. We get triple Taurus creativity.  Venus rules Taurus and connects us with Mother Earth.  The Sun entering Taurus makes us want to see the results of our planted seeds.  We give thanks for bountiful growth.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is April 25 at 5 degrees of Scorpio: Taurus is the solid container. Scorpio is the mystery inside.  During this Lunar Eclipse, we can expect the mystery and container to know each other.

Then, on April 25th, the Lunar Eclipse happens with the Moon full at 5 degrees of Scorpio.  Great things will be happening for some folks.  There can be moments of stepping into new life chapters.  The planetary combinations during this eclipse—Sun/Venus/Mars in Taurus opposing Moon and Saturn in Scorpio—can bring form and grounding to everything you have been working on.  Think about what you have been focusing on since the beginning of the year.  This is a time of reaching a new place of comprehension, fulfillment or release.  It could be a period of re-construction or re-adjustment. Taurus and Scorpio are the money arenas of the Zodiac. Do you have something for sale? Are you expecting a windfall?  Here it comes.  Something big may happen with the stock market….let’s hope it is good news. If you have been struggling with a relationship, expect enlightenment. Taurus is the container while Scorpio is the mystery inside.  We can expect the mystery and the container to connect.

We start the month of April with passionate Aries.  We end the month with a passionate Scorpio eclipse.  We are constantly bombarded with news from the Universe and from pundits. It is easy to feel confused and overwhelmed with all the stimuli.  So far in 2013 it feels like the energetic forces are extremely strong.  It is a challenge to respond to all that is offered.  Here are a few poetic lines to bring us back to the rock we live on:

“Wherever you are is home
And the earth is paradise
Wherever you set your feet is holy land.”

            Wilfred Pelletier & Ted Poole

Take a deep breath and exhale.

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