Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Moon Solar Eclipse 19 degrees of Taurus

On May 9th there is a New Moon solar eclipse in Taurus.  In addition to the Sun and Moon, we have Mars, the South Node, Mercury, asteroid Pallas and dwarf planet Sedna, all clustered in the sign of Taurus.  Taurus is a fixed, earth sign.  Some astrologers propose that the Earth itself is the ruler of Taurus. 

We associate Taurus with the Bull, the male consort of the Great Goddess.  In mythology, the Bull is the male principle that supports the cycle of birth and growth to make sure life continues.  We think of the Bull as strong, steady, sustaining in its power, slow to act, stubborn, and rooted in one place.  Taurus prefers to be secure.  The challenge for Taurus is to know or intuit when to let go.  Taurus struggles with issues around possessions, like “when to save and when to spend”  (for example). 

Planet Venus rules Taurus.  Images of the bull’s horns are connected with the Moon, the feminine principle. Ancient images show a waxing moon with the horns of the bull.  The energy of Taurus is linked historically and mythologically with the feminine principle.  The mother principle is associated with security and fertility. The mother will not let you down.  Contained in Taurus are both the feminine principle of giving birth and the masculine image of sustaining and protecting life.

Taurus is about integrating the masculine and feminine principles

This eclipse brings up issues pertaining to the integration of the masculine and feminine principles at this time in our lives.  It is the old cycle of creation, life and death.  This eclipse pattern goes back in recent time to May 1994.  Did you give birth to something then? What were you creating?  Does it need to be re-created now?  Do you need to let it go completely?  Eclipses have cycles based on 19 years.  For one thing, this eclipse in Taurus is an invitation to upload, re-boot or even finalize your creation.  Maybe you need to sustain your life and hold on to what you are doing.  On the other hand, you may feel that it is time to let is go and begin a new cycle of creation.  The challenge is to be still like the bull, to feel the message of the moon and then to take action. Let go if it is time to let go, or generate new life into the project.

On the collective level this eclipse is another opportunity to look around and examine where the masculine and feminine energies are integrating to produce a more sustainable life.  The eclipse will also show us where the masculine and feminine continue to disconnect and be at odds.

Pallas Athene, asteroid:  Athene popped out of Zeus’s head

The Astroid, Pallas Athene, is exactly conjunct this eclipse.  Remember your mythology?  Athene was born from the head of Zeus.  She is a woman with great intelligence.  She comes forth fully developed ready to apply her wisdom and intellect to all of life’s great problems.  She is feminine with a strong left brain!  Athene is the feminine example of how we can integrate the masculine and feminine energies to create a new kind of thinking. 

Women appointed to the Supreme Court are good examples of the Athene archetype.  Female Justices hopefully bring a more whole brain approach to justice.

 Dwarf planet Sedna:  Sedna was betrayed by the masculine

Dwarf planet Sedna sits close to the Taurus solar eclipse.  Sedna orbites beyond Pluto.  She is a portal to outer cosmic places.  However, Sedna is also a feminine earth principle.  In Inuit mythology, Sedna is betrayed by the masculine.  Both her husband and her father let her down.  When her father refuses to save her from the icy ocean, she surrenders and becomes the mother of life in the waters and the goddess of all animals.  Sedna teaches us to connect with the sacredness of Earth.  She reminds us that the value of Earth is not reduced to a monetary sign. Julia Butterfly Hill lived at the top of a 1500-year-old California Redwood tree (for 738 days) to protest logging.  She was listening to Sedna.  People go to witness the sea turtles laying eggs in the sand; they are listening to Sedna.  Whispering with your pet?  You are listening to Sedna.

Mercury and the South Node are woven into the eclipse

 Mercury and the South Node, also involved in the eclipse, help you look back and re-think your life.  Some people say we are always in the process of re-writing our personal history. The South Node highlights our past patterns, so they are up for examination with this eclipse.  Do we keep doing the same insane thing, or ?  This does not just apply to behavior.  We can also keep thinking the same insane thing and get nowhere as individuals and as a society.

The polarity of Taurus and Scorpio

Astrology is based in part on the principle of polarity.  The polar opposite sign of Taurus is Scorpio.  Two weeks ago there was an eclipse in Scorpio.  The energy of both signs is highlighted for these eclipses.  Taurus creates, maintains and holds on.  Scorpio has to let go when it is time to let go!  However, Scorpio is a fixed sign so it not easy to let go.  We all have Taurus and Scorpio somewhere in our horoscopes.  During these eclipse days, think about what you have been creating. Are you worn out with some aspects of your life?  Maybe Athene can help you fire up your whole brain and bring some good problem solving to your dilemma.

People born under the signs of Taurus and Scorpio are deeply affected by the eclipse on May 9th.  Taurus is about the thing and possessing that thing.  Scorpio is about the process of life and what we do with the thing.  Eventually “the thing” has to change.  That could be a life style, a relationship, a career, a belief, a habit, a worn out car, a computer…the list continues.  Taurus is about money and possessions.  Scorpio is the energy of transformation.  What needs to stay?  What needs to go?  It’s time to MOVE ON.  It’s time to spend some of your savings (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual savings!) in order to create a new life.  Don’t worry if you cannot change your life tomorrow.  Later this year, another eclipse in Scorpio will help move the process along.

Meditation during this eclipse period has got to be a good thing to do.  The Sabian symbol for the Taurus eclipse is a beauty:  “Wisps of winglike clouds streaming across the sky; the awareness of spiritual forces at work.”

The portals are open!  Take a look!


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