Friday, December 20, 2013

Astro Tips for December 20, 2013

Today is December 20th and the Moon has rolled into the sign of Leo.  Leo is an energetic fire sign and today that Moon is making supportive aspects to Mars and Uranus.  Maybe we will get some stuff done today or we will enjoy some good heart felt connection with others throughout the day and evening.  In spite of wanting to be on stage in a spotlight, the Leo character is full of love and loyalty.  Let your heart vibes flow out today—even in the grocery store or at the mall.  Put on your happy, happy and smile.  Staying centered during the holiday season is challenging, especially with our mythological deities fighting all the time (Uranus & Pluto).  Use the upbeat Leo energy to help all of us keep a sense of humor in the midst of a heavy planetary feeling of being weighted down by the ball and chain.

One more tip:  If you are a Libra or you are associated closely with a Libra, please be advised that planet Mars is currently visiting this sign.  Libra’s goal is to be easy going and diplomatic. Today is one of those days for Libra. Tomorrow, however, Libra may erupt with a battle cry.  Mars is desire and the fighting spirit.  Special message for Mr. and Ms Libra:  Mars is squaring off with Pluto (i.e., control freak) and screaming across the room at Uranus (out-of-control freak).  These are unsightly, uncivilized energies for a gentle soul like you! Don’t hide from your dark side. Ask for what you want before you explode.

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